Nadine Dorries, Media Intelligence Partners and your money

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I’m a busy guy (I’m currently trying to explain SEO in a way that a child can understand… long story), but happily this one’s a slam dunk, and little-to-no-effort is required to explain it:

1. Right to Know: 1st April – 30th June 2008 (A-E) (PDF)

Member of Parliament: Nadine Dorries
Constituency: Mid Bedfordshire

OFFICE COSTS (Incidental Expenses Provision)
Media Intelligence Partners = £2938

2. List of services provided by Media Intelligence Partners:

‘Media strategy’, ‘Media relations’, ‘Crisis management’, ‘Media Training’, ‘Public relations and political consultancy’, ‘Identity management’ and ‘Analysis and research’.

3. The Green Book (rules for) Parliamentary Salaries, Allowances and Pensions (PDF)

Incidental Expenses Provision (IEP)
5.13.2. Work commissioned and bought in services

Expenditure not allowable:
# Advice for individual Members on self promotion, or PR for individuals or political parties.

Dorries’ only possible escape route is very similar to Anne Milton’s intended escape route as it turns out, but it’s a narrow gap in a very big fence… and if this expenditure is linked back to the abortion ‘debate’ (which included many notable media appearances and exchanges involving Dorries, if you recall), then David Cameron will have to dive to avoid the shrapnel.

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