Guido’s busted flush

Posted by Tim Ireland at July 18, 2008

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Unity – Say goodbye to the Sith…: As I expected all along, Guido’s ‘crusade’ against the Smith Institute has turned out, on publication of the Charity Commission’s Inquiry Report, to be pretty much a busted flush. Overall, the Smith Institute has been criticised for failing to take sufficent steps to ensure that it maintained a clear public image of political neutrality and balance in the face of what has been, on Guido’s part, a quite blatant and sustained campaign of smears and innuendos, many of which have proved to lack any substance or foundation. So far as Guido’s role in instigating the investigation is concerned, the most telling piece of commentary in the report is the Commission’s account of his response to the Commission’s section 8 direction, which required him to deliver additional evidence that he claimed, at the time, to have in his possession… In short, when pushed to back-up his claim to have additional evidence to support his complaint, Guido produced nothing of substance that wasn’t already in the public domain.

Typical of Paul ‘Guido’ Staines. When asked to put up or shut up, he fails to put up… and then fails to shut up.

I’ve more to add on this, but if I’m to add it, it’ll have to wait until Monday. I’m off for two days as of 10 minutes from … (checks watch)… *now*… and it’s not polite to open fire on another blogger if you don’t plan on being there when they might wish to respond.

UPDATE (2pm, 21 July) – As it turns out, Unity blogged plenty more about this of his own accord, and Staines popped up late on Friday to assure us that everything was above board and all would be explained or become clear ‘on Monday’. We’re still waiting…

UPDATE (22 July) – Still waiting for Staines. Meanwhile Phil Hendren wishes to bring a similar report to your attention start a fight (because this kind of thing really impresses the chicks).


  1. Letters From A Tory says

    Even if Guido didn't quite hit the mark, it's still unacceptable for a charity such as the Smith Institute to behave in such an overtly political way. My employer (also a charity) made it perfectly clear from day one that we need to stay away from this kind of nonsense.

  2. Manic says

    OK, here's a simple question for you; why did Staines see nothing wrong with using a then-trustee of a similar charity (Policy Exchange) to front his video attacking the Smith Institute?

  3. Professor Paul says

    Despite the Charity Commission finding no evidence of wrong doing in the Smith Institute affair, & despite Paul Staines being unable to provide any other information to justify the claims made by himself & the gossip columnist Iain Dale, I notice that Dale thinks posting the original ridiculous video online is a good idea.Just makes him look a pratt. Again.I wonder if Dale & Staines are into sadism, bestiality & necrophilia.Well, they do seem to be quite keen on flogging a dead horse.

  4. Professor Paul says

    Poor old Dizzy.Whenever I read his stuff I'm always reminded of a hyaena sniffing round for leftovers after the big beasts have had their share.

  5. Manic says

    I'm more a fan of his insisting that this or that isn't up to Professional Debate Club Standard (he read a book on this once, you know), when his every response to a solid challenge is "yawn" or "f**k you".But yes, he does dine on scraps from the big table, as you note. If it weren't for the repeated calls to my home, he would have been filed under 'wannabe' in the quiz with the rest of the hangers-on: Dale actually BCCs him on our private correspondence, so Dizzy can later have a go at me 'of his own accord' (perhaps even by shouting "Conspiracy theorist!" at me). It's pathetic.

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