Feigned outrage (and a few incovenient facts hiding behind it)

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Why are the Tories trying to convince everyone that there’s meat in the shit-sandwich they should be eating?

Rheotrical question, obviously.

Justin McKeating – V for Vacuity
Anton Vowl – Well yes, when you look at it that way…
Unity – The Purloined Policy… <--- long but potentially quite important Paulie – David Davies – refusing to co-operate?

Iain Dale has not been able to show any substance behind his feigned outrage here and here. Challenges to his declaration that “…to most people nowadays, the word ‘grooming’ has only one connotation and it’s related to paedophilia” have been ignored or dismissed.

You may also ‘enjoy’ Richard Littlejohn as he defies the British police state from within his gated community in Miami and waves Dr David Kelly’s corpse around like a weapon.

(On the latter point, Littlejohn describes Kelly as being hounded to death “for telling the truth about Iraq’s non-existent nuclear weapons”… but this the same man who, when at the Sun, dismissed a million people with doubts about WMD claims as selfish, naive peaceniks.)

UPDATE – They are so outraged, they can barely stop themselves… from smirking?! (via)

(Psst! First face I noticed in the footage was that of notorious sock-puppeteer Grant Shapps. I’m amazed that Cameron still has this clown in his cabinet.)

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