So the Tories are pro-SOCPA now?

Posted by Tim Ireland at January 29, 2009

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The Herald – Action urged on Parliament Square protest camp: The protest camp in Parliament Square is a “national embarrassment” that is “permanently disfiguring” London, senior Tories said today. Shadow Commons leader Alan Duncan and Sir Patrick Cormack urged the Government to ban the “grotty” and “squalid” row of tents from outside the Palace of Westminster.

Perhaps their good leader or the nearest underling could make their position on sections 132-138 of SOCPA clear. Just so there’s no confusion about what they want and when they want it.


  1. Crink says

    Surely if they really believed this, there'd be only one appropriate course of action?They should give him a grant in order to produce a grander, more impressive protest in keeping with the monumental scale of Parliament Square.

  2. David Boothroyd says

    As I've pointed out a few times in a few places, the real impetus for the Government legislating against protests in Parliament Square in 2005 came not from its own initiative, but from backbench MPs across party – many of whom were Conservatives. Those who have offices at 1 Parliament Street are particularly concerned at the noise. The suggestion of legislation came from a committee chaired by Sir Nicholas Winterton, Conservative Member for Macclesfield.The fact that the provision was enacted was in many ways a success for the Parliamentary process – an outcome desired by individual Parliamentarians was brought into law after they persuaded the Government it was a serious enough concern. The Government itself was essentially uninterested in the subject to begin with.PS On an objective basis what is Brian Haw achieving by remaining at Parliament Square? I suggest the answer is "nothing at all".

  3. Manic says

    Don't forget the extent to which Charles Clarke took advantage of these new powers, David. I sensed more than a little enthusiasm, myself:

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