Jenvey: another long and boring post about sock puppets

Posted by Tim Ireland at January 30, 2009

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Read Richard Bartholomew and this comment thread on the subject of Lionheart’s serial retro-moderation and other sudden changes of heart.

Richard Bartholomew reports that Lionheart is back, and defending Glen Jenvey.

All of the comments presently under that latest Lionheart post about Jenvey are, in my view, most probably from Jenvey.

Most if not all are unmistakably written by the same person.

And reading them may amuse you, the readers of this obscure blog.

Data below the fold.

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7 comments:-Anonymous said…Glen jenvey has agreeded for his hard drive on his computer to be read by a expert from the PCC and any other Newspaper.which will show he made no postings on will al-qaeda members offer the same?30-Jan-2009 00:35:00-Anonymous said…Shame on the PCC and the Guardian newspaper supporting a man and islamic web site that call’s for suicide bombings on British troops.The PPC and Guardian are reporting rubbish against a single man who has helped fight terrorism.The ownwer of / is rewritting the website and taking down postings and adding others which were not on the site.Mr jenvey should sue the PCC and Guardian and i’m contacting the police over the beheading death threats aimed at a British reporter and Mr Jenvey. Shame on the PCC dealing with terrorist’s this is a insult to the victims of 7/7.Jim Carter Oxford30-Jan-2009 01:17:00 -Anonymous said…PCC letters are posted all over the internet by a known al-qaida supporting site.they have lost trust in the eye’s of the British public in the way they are supporting hate crimes against Glen Jenvey.It seem’s to me they were caught out by the sun and changed postings to try and blame a terrorism expert. the story was given to the sun by a news agency and no money was given to Mr Jenvey.Abu Hamza supporters over the year’s have sent death threat’s to Jenvey.who had a heart attack due to stress and ill health, if he was to die because of this hate campaign by the PCC.We would lose a true hero PCC WOULD HAVE BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS AND ALL GRANT’S SHOULD BE CUT OFF FROM THE PCC WHO ARE LOOKING AFTER AL-QAEDA TERROR SUPPORTERS.tHE ONLY THING JENVEY DID WAS PROTECT jEWISH PEOPLE.THE PCC ARE NAZI’SRev, john morgan USA30-Jan-2009 01:41:00 -Anonymous said…Sajid And PCC lies do the PCC know Sajid from ummah terror site want’s to bomb the government and military?i noticed posting have been added and taken away from the site when i checked google?these are the same thugs who attacked the police in London a few days ago.The PCC have taken sides with moslen terrorist’s.30-Jan-2009 01:57:00 -Anonymous said…Islamic hate crime i think their ummah wrote the threats on british jews and changed account god prtect Glen and may the PCC stop supporting Hate crimes, I agree the police should look into the beheading postings against the reporter.mrs butler Leeds30-Jan-2009 02:26:00 -Anonymous said…I Blame the Labour government who supports all these terrorist groups being based in the say they are going to behead Mr Jenvy show’s the police and mi5 have deal’s with al-qaeda groups in the UK.tHE pcc being linked to a person who supports suicide bombings show’s they take the side on muslims before good people.SHAME ON THE PCC a unfair organisation who side with thugs.30-Jan-2009 03:18:00 -Anonymous said…The Guardian newspaper seemed that they were tipped off by the PCC and wrote pure hate towards Mr jennvey.for a paper to pick on one guy while the PCC investage it seem’s the Guardian were having a slow news day, or working with the PCC for more funding.edward london.30-Jan-2009 03:22:00

There’s so much to love, but the top one is my very favourite; an anonymous person brings us exclusive updates about the latest offer from a man we’ve not heard from in weeks.-UPDATE (2:40pm) – Lionheart has just removed 6 of the 7 comments referenced above.Now you see why I save copies of stuff and don’t feel at all odd or paranoid about it, especially when dealing with a serial retro-moderator.Below is a comment Lionheart published at the same time as removing these 6 earlier comments.Lionheart is obviously aware of this post at Bloggerheads and on the lookout for other posts like it. I mention this mainly to point out that Richard Bartholomew and others have clearly flagged one of the main similarities of the since-deleted pro-Jenvey comments; cold-blooded crimes of the apostrophe.Now take a close look at Lionheart’s post-deletion comment and see if you notice anything:

Lionheart said…Its amazing the lengths Moslems will go to, to try and discredit the facts that are written.Im learning how this game is played.We are at war and we know who our enemies are!!!Deus VultLionheart30-Jan-2009 14:27:00

Damn and blast it all. I was using apostrophes to track my prey, but now theyve all disappeared I dont know what Ill do.


  1. Ummah says

    LOL! I spoke to Sajid earlier on Ummah Cops came around to see him, his turning a lot of people in Glen Jenvey, Lionheart, these people from Al-Hur Al Ayn etc. They are all under investigation. There is a thread over at Ummah about it! Looks like its gonna turn nasty and go the courts!

  2. Manic says

    The PCC would appear to be the least of their worries, then. Please ask Sajid to get in touch, as I'd like to confirm if there's a formal police investigation underway.

  3. Ummah says

    Manic, drop him a message over at Ummah Forum or send him a Private message if you are registered there. I'll tell him to expect a contact from you

  4. Ummah says

    LOL! Some of those Comments are hilarious!Lets play "Spot the mistakes"Post #1"agreeded"Post #2"The PPC""ownwer""call's"Post #3"who had a heart attack due to stress and ill health, if he was to die because of this hate campaign by the PCC"Post #4"moslen terrorist's.""want's"Post #5"my god prtect"Post #6"show's"Post #7PCC investage it seem'sYup all the posts are the sameNotice how the excessive use of 's is used in All but one post.Gosh this is one for the Collection book!

  5. Manic says

    Have spoken to Sajid. No formal investigation is underway yet, but the wheels are in motion, now that he has made a complaint.I expect I would have done doing the same thing in his position, and probably before now.I'll confirm what I can, when I can, but I'd like to discourage any loose chatter about it while the police are on the scene, so to speak.

  6. Ummah says

    Hope you can approve this – just some info refuting the lionhearts articlePosted by the admin:=================================For being setup by Abuhamza thats just all false and lies more propaganda. Yes there was a Supporters of Shariah "Folder" in the Domain – but back many years ago used to act as a "hosting company" Where we would set people up with hosting accounts and they would be free to upload their stuff on there. This SOS website once we found out about it we removed it since it violated our TOS, so we removed it straight away! The only Content we controlled was "main page" "forums" and the now defunct chatroom, other subfolders were files of people who wanted webhosting. As for myself i dont own, Waha Media LTD does, just google it up ummah and waha media or whatever. Im just a moderator on there infact one of the main moderator being responsible for the backend stuff and dealing with this sort of crap that goes on. I have my own source we just get contracted out to manage websites and what not! and as for me being al Al-Qaeda Sympathizer..well yeh thats just laughable..go through my 30,000 posts and see if in anywhere do i endorse terrorism or talk about how much i love A-Q and what not? If i was really a sympethiser then im sure i'd be banged up by now…people can lie and slander all they like its just more propaganda these ilks like to spread..just cos we have exposed them they are trying to make up any old rubbish..if anyone wants to snoop around the backend of ummah then id be happy to let see if they can "find any solid evidence of extremism"

  7. Manic says

    Didn't think for a moment that Lionheart had a case worth answering, but I'm happy to publish the response.

  8. Bartholomew says

    Lionheart has now deleted all but the first of those comments and instead put up some new ones, albeit all in the same vein as before. Weird.

  9. mikkimoose says

    Jenvey's defence as communicated so poorly by Lionheart seems to be:1. The evidence that 'abuislam' is Jenvey comes from Ummah.2A. Ummah is biased against Jenvey and has fabricated that evidence aiming to frame Jenvey.OR2B. Ummah falsely claimed that 'abuislam' was 'rtims' because Ummah wanted to find a journalist who had posted on the site, and as 'rtims' was one, that would make the whole story fabricated by a journalist – the fact that r.tims turned out to be Glen Jenvey was not something ummah were aware of.The problem with 2B is that r.tims turns out, by independent evidence, to be Glen Jenvey, who provided the story to SWNS. This is too much of a coincidence to be credible.So then we have to believe that ummah had already noticed that r.tims was Glen Jenvey, and having seen that name in The Sun article, decided to falsely claim that r.tims was ummah, sealing the deal.This isn't credible either. R.tims' single post here:…is completely dull, and it's completely implausible that anyone would have bothered to research who was behind it, and even if they did, it's actually quite difficult to find out that R.tims is Glen Jenvey.So the only conclusion is that Ummah does indeed have evidence that R.Tims is abuislam, because it's just too unlikely for two out of 31,000 members of ummah to be juxtaposted in such a way otherwise, and far beyond reasonable doubt given that r.tims is Glen Jenvey and Glen Jenvey is the source of the story.Conclusion, the chance that ummah could have fabricated the link between r.tims and abuislam is close to zero.The only other defence, that r.tims is not Glen Jenvey is a non-starter, because the r.tims post was there long before abuislam ever turned up, so that's simply not workable, as the post only turns out to be useful after abuislam posts and Glen Jenvey sells his story to The Sun.Conclusion: Glen Jenvey is definitely a fraudster who fakes stories for profit and/or in order to discredit Muslims.BTW, ignore the other stuff by Lionheart about ummah supporting suicide bombings or whatever. It's not relevant, and should be ignored, not rebutted. What we have here is Glen Jenvey faking stories for personal gain. End of story. Ignore the other stuff.

  10. Bartholomew says

    Plus Jenvey has "form", having previously run a fake jihadi website.

  11. mikkimoose says

    The difference I think is that Jenvey's fake jihadi website was not the story itself – rather he intended to catch others with it.Maybe that was the intention this time too, but having failed to do so, he made his fake the story.

  12. Bartholomew says

    I agree – but it's interesting background, though.

  13. Ummah says

    Looks Like Glen Jenvey is back with his usual "Advice" LOL…Terror expert Glen Jenvey said: "There is a whole support network from outside prison walls for terrorists locked away in British prisons."They are sent religious texts, given links to extremist websites and handed all the tools they need to spread their fanatic ideology.

  14. Cairene Shoe Fancier says

    Having read through the whole sorry saga of the Hur al-Ayn in the comments of your earlier post, I googled them. It would seem that they’ve since pinched Brian Haw’s myspace page. “Capability demonstration”, indeed… t3h l33t h4xx0r 5kiLlz, y0.

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