Carol Thatcher: weblogs, frogs and golliwogs

Posted by Tim Ireland at February 6, 2009

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The Times – Carol Thatcher’s golliwog remarks ‘made eyes roll in the green room’: Thatcher, who had been drinking, her spokeswoman admitted, is alleged to have referred to “the golliwog frog”, thought to be a reference to the French player Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, who has a white French mother and a black Congolese father. As some rolled their eyes and others challenged Thatcher about her use of the word, she is said to have responded, “well, he’s half-golliwog”, prompting Brand to leave the room in disgust.

1. Carol Thatcher just ran out of wiggle-room. I don’t care what was on her damn jam jars while she was clearly failing to grow up, she needs to be pulled up on this to some extent (while stopping short, one would hope, of burning the poor dear at the stake).

2. Derek Draper’s dishonest attack on Iain Dale has blinded a few people to Dale’s bad habit of vouching for people on the basis of what he assumes/asserts took place at an event that he himself did not witness. Compare his certainty that Carol Thatcher did not use/mean the word ‘golliwog’ in a bad way to his certainty that police questioning Damian Green did use/mean the word ‘grooming’ word in a bad way. Dale is a Tory propagandist, and people should stop expecting objectivity from his corner.


  1. mikkimoose says

    Lots of people have said that various Labour fixers and spin doctors are very nasty. It's hard to know what to believe when it's so partisan.But witnessing Draper's unprecedented efforts to twist and mislead in the name of petty partisan point-scoring, thereby alienating pretty much everyone on teh interweb, it's clearly true, at least of Draper.This thread is a classic:…No surprise that Draper still went ahead with his attack. The cack-handed sock puppeting by his buddy in the comments is also amusing.

  2. Tom says

    "Lots of people have said that various Labour fixers and spin doctors are very nasty. "This can be taken as read. What surprises me is how incompetent they are, and how little they can accurately predict the results of their actions in a multiply-connected internet world. After all, if your army's elite troops never won a single battle against the enemy but had a fine record of friendly fire casualties on your own side, you might think about a shake up of training and leadership.The TPA are still bastards, though.

  3. jailhouselawyer says

    It may well be that Mr Dale is just ignorant. Perhaps you should Google "objectivity" for a definition from an online dictionary and then post the link to Mr Dale?

  4. ian says

    I heard him defending Carol Thatcher on Radio 4 on Wednesday morning. I turned on the radio about half way through and thought "who is this idiot defending that racist?". I can't say I was terribly surprised that it was Dale.And while we're sending dictionaries, perhaps one could be sent to Thatcher's spokeswoman with the word Fulsome highlighted (see Times article)

  5. GusA says

    With Harry and Ross and Clarkson we have a right gaggle of racist, bigoted people right at the centre of our Moron Culture. That they are joined by the spawn of satan in this ridiculous woman is no surprise. What IS a surprise is that we allow our money to go towards paying these supremely mediocre people vastly inflated salaries for spouting such bile.

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