Jeremy Reynalds forgot to declare an interest

Posted by Tim Ireland at February 9, 2009

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Jeremy Reynalds is an interesting man whose mind works in interesting ways.

Take, for example, his reaction to the Abu Ghraib scandal; which *so* obviously raised questions about homosexuals in the military and the way CBS conduct themselves.

So when he is presented with evidence that Glen Jenvey posed as an extremist on, we should not be surprised that he asks questions about the way conduct themselves, and we should count ourselves lucky that he’s not speculating about their sexuality:

Jeremy Reynalds – Large Islamic Website Still Carries Material Advocating Destruction of Israel Ummah forum administrators posted a vocal defense of their site (, headlined “Ummah forum detest today’s misleading article in ‘The Sun,'” and alleged that Abuislam is really Jenvey, claiming confirmation from his IP and email addresses. In an e-mailed statement, Jenvey denied being Abu Islam, adding that some inflammatory posts formerly on the site have now been either removed or manipulated to the forum administrators’ advantage. He said, “Over the years I have monitored both and and their chat rooms. I know they hate me enough to try and discredit me.” (via)

That’s not much of a denial, and I reject it for two main reasons:

1) That alone/initially declared a direct link between ‘abuislam’ and Glen Jenvey is a false premise; declared a link between ‘abuislam’ and a post by ‘Richard Tims’. The link between ‘Richard Tims’ and Glen Jenvey was later revealed at Bloggerheads, and involved otherwise-innocuous spam submitted some 6+ months previous to multiple websites, including the website of a close ally of Jenvey’s.

2) If Jenvey is claiming or suggesting that he’s the victim of a set-up, he’ll have to do better than establish possible motive. As Richard Bartholomew points out here; “Rather more is required than simply asserting (or even proving) that is run by bad people.” (more)

But the main point I wish to raise in this post involves declarations of interest.

Right toward the end of the article, there’s a passage where Jeremy Reynalds refers to “Jenvey and former colleague Johnathan Galt”, but there is no mention at all of any past or present relationship Jeremy Reynalds might have with Glen Jenvey. In fact, that sentence could be read to mean that it is Jenvey and Galt who are former colleagues (i.e. connected professionally to each other and not to Reynalds).

There are many ways that Glen Jenvey and Jeremy Reynalds (and Jonathan Galt) have intersected online, but in an effort to convince Mr Reynalds to take a closer look at the evidence linking ‘Richard Tims’ to Glen Jenvey, I have decided to use the following single example, that also includes a heck of a lot of spam:

Over the weekend, D-Notice kindly got the ball rolling on a Wikipedia investigation into the PCCLIES sock puppet, which led me to browse through Wikipedia edits made under Glen Jenvey’s old profile.

When doing so, I noticed that Glen Jenvey had link-spammed Wikipedia to promote Jeremy Reynalds’ (now out of print) book War of the Web: Fighting the Online Jihad, here on this page about Islam.

Oh, and here on this page about Islamic terrorism, here on this page about the Tamil Tigers, here on this page about Al Qaeda, here on this page about Abu Hamza, here on this page about Hizb ut-Tahrir, here on this page about Osama Bin Laden, here on this page about ‘espionage’, , here on this page about the PLO, here on this page about Terrorism, here on this page about Cyberterrorism, here on this page about the September 11 attacks, and, quite hilariously, here on this page about ‘bestsellers’.

[Note – Jenvey made several attempts to spam some entries, most persistently on the entry for Al Qaeda. Many of these spam entries include crimes against the apostrophe that have since become Jenvey’s trademark, and though the relevant ‘talk’ page was deleted a long time ago, it’s a fair bet that this activity led to him being banned or flagged as a spammer, and subsequently starting one or more replacement accounts to edit his own entry, promote his websites at, &, plug the literary works of Jeremy Reynalds, and/or ‘set the record straight’ on his relationship with the FBI. There’s one hell of a vapour trail waiting to be uncovered, by the looks of things. If I find myself with a spare hour or two I may go browsing again later.]

I will remind readers again that this is only one visible way in which Glen Jenvey and Jeremy Reynalds have intersected online.

If there is a past, present, personal and/or professional link between Jeremy Reynalds and Glen Jenvey, then Reynalds should have declared it in his article… even if only to claim that Jenvey is merely one of his biggest fans.

After all, Reynalds is a CEO and he has a master’s degree in communication; he should know what a conflict of interest is.

PS – Link-spamming the entry for the 7 July 2005 London bombings was a class act… but I’m sure Jenvey was thinking of the victims in his own special way when he did it.


  1. Ummah says

    Good Work Tim once again ! Sheer Brilliance!

  2. mikkimoose says

    Ooh me me, I found a sock puppet.…The giveaway:[ abu hamza omar bakri video's]The cursed apostrophe strikes again.Also interesting:…Added this video:…with the rather incriminating front screen:"terrorism is"Looks like glenjenvey (although I didn't notice any misplaced apostrophes)Check his 'website' link listed in his profile:…All of the videos have the banner '' or his fellow bigot ''A 'terror expert' who claims 'terrorism is Islam', quite aside from any of his other cheating and lying, clearly has no business being taken seriously by anyone, let alone quoted in the media.The list of subscribers is interesting:…And as for Jeremy Reynalds declaring his interest, he's on first name terms with Jenvey, he confirms that the youtube account is Jenvey's."So you can see the result of the duo's work for yourself, Glen has uploaded a number of video clips demonstrating some of the horrifying videos he and the professor discovered. They are available at toryblue (Jenvey) spammed Reynald's book here:…and here:…Spammed his own name here:…(badly capitalized as usual)book spam again:…etc. ad nauseamTo bring it back to full circle, who created the Wikipedia article on Jenvey? Why, the user 'Ali mashari'.… Seen that name before? Yep, it's the same as Jenvey's Youtube account. Check out his contributions, they're of the same ilk as glenjenvey and toryblue. Mr. Apostrophe gets abused again:…Jenvey is evidently keen not to reveal his IP address, perhaps he has slipped up somewhere?This user edited Jenvey's page:…but seems to be able to spell. Perhaps it is lionheart, or Reynalds??Perhaps you'd like to investigate why Dominic Whiteman doesn't seem to be all that nice about Jenvey:…?

  3. Manic says

    That's somne fine puppet-hunting, mm.This is one hell of a claim; MI5 could have prevented 7/7 if only they had listed to Jenvey earlier (claims Jenvey)……Think I'll hunt some puppets myself for a bit now, and see if I can't spot him slipping up and revealing an IP address. I'm in a perfect mood for a hunt right now for reasons that will be explained at a later date.

  4. Manic says

    1. Quite a confident entry from PCCLIES at this time last night:…2. You wouldn't believe how many people find it amusing to put the name of a friend, teacher or boss in place of Osama bin Laden's in the Wikipedia entry for 'Al Qaeda'. If it weren't for my belt, my sides would have split several instances ago.Back to the slog…

  5. Bartholomew says

    I've been following "ASSIST Ministries", which publishes Reynalds' articles, for long time now, and at one time I used it quite a bit as a resource for blog entries about faith healers and lesser-known Christian Right pundits. When I first came across Reynalds (in 2005) I took him at face value – after all, just because someone hangs a bit to the right it doesn't mean that efforts to track down Islamic extremist websites are therefore invalid. If he wants to maintain any credibility now, though, he needs to ask Jenvey about all the points that have been raised on this blog – and report the answers.

  6. mikkimoose says

    Hmm, the investigation at Wikipedia seems to have been closed due to the accounts being old. Or something. I am not sure if this is correct.

  7. Manic says

    It says 'Conclusions', plural. Perhaps we can expect more.

  8. Ummah says

    Interesting Link Posted by PCC Lies / JenveyI will get the mods to check out every username that has been featured in his "dossier" and see whether Jenvey is one of them!

  9. Manic says

    Now there's a good idea. Do let me know what they come back with over at Ummah.comOnce the PCC investigation has wound up, I think it might also be worth looking into Jenvey's past claims as published by tabloids and telly.Most of his claims about past successes conveniently involve organisations that tend not to make public statements about their work (FBI, MI5, etc.). It's possible that he was at this game and happier than a pig in muck during the worst excesses of T.W.A.T.People seem to forget that we even went to war on the word of a shoddy conman:

  10. Cairene Shoe Fancier says

    PCCLIES has been editing Glen Jenvey's Wikipedia article. Again.Someone's registered, which now has a robots.txt that breaks Wayback Machine lookups. They also appear to have learnt the secrets of the almighty WHOIS lookup, and how to circumvent it, chapter 1….

  11. Ummah says
  12. mikkimoose says

    I have just removed references to Jenvey from Wikipedia, as they are likely all bollocks (e.g., he was on the list of 'US spies')

  13. Ummah says

    Good work mikki!

  14. Ummah says

    Now Jenvey is going to the PCC ROFL

  15. Manic says

    If it weren't for PCCLIES being so familiar with Jenvey's more private attacks on/involving the PCC, I'd be convinced that this was someone's idea of a joke:…On that note, take a look at this extraordinary entry……… which neatly ties into the thrust of Reynalds' more recent article (mirror linked above), helpfully skewered here by Richard Bartholomew:

  16. mikkimoose says

    Jenvey really doesn't seem too bright. That's why I've removed all of his fantastical claims from Wikipedia (working as a spy for the US, Sri Lanka, etc.). This wasn't even The Guardian's story, it was one that he sold to The Sun!He appears to be alleging that The Guardian set the whole thing up so that he'd take the bait, sell the story to The Sun, and then Jenvey could be exposed by bloggers, then picked up by Private Eye, and then given a third-of-column on page 26 of The Guardian. Great conspiracy theory, such a fertile mind.Such a creative genius, I guess the other stories such as 'Terrorists to attack UK tomorrow', 'Jenvey gets a job for the Tamil Tigers', and 'Glen Jenvey's exclusive interview with Osama Bin Laden, live from his cave' have come about in the same manner.Jeremy Reynalds cannot be too bright either, defending the fantasist Jenvey only damages his own cause.As has been noted, it really doesn't matter if Ummah is run by terrorists, moderate Muslims, or the Teletubbies – Jenvey is a fraud who sold (at least one) story he fabricated for money. End of.

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