But let’s not make a fuss

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PA – [Rebekah ‘red mist’ Wade and] Ross Kemp given ‘quickie’ divorce: In a written question-and-answer style divorce document before the court Ms Wade, 40, is asked: “State briefly your reasons for saying that the respondent has committed the adultery alleged.” She answers: “I found certain evidence indicating adultery. The respondent then admitted the adultery.” Asked on what date it first became known to her that he had committed the adultery alleged, Ms Wade said it was in October 2006. In another question she was asked: “Do you find it intolerable to live with the respondent?” She answered: “Yes.”

Another quiet mention here.

Meanwhile, Jade Goody gets front-paged for an outburst with a neighbour FFS, and we’re all to watch.

I must say; it’s turned out nice for some.

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