Glen Jenvey is experiencing some difficulty

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Thursday, March 5th, 2009
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I’ve been very patient with our Mr Jenvey. I have gone to great lengths to better appreciate and even adopt his position on (i.e. that they are in league with terrorists), but Mr Jenvey still persists with a Carnival of Irrelevant Evidence; an endless barrage of historical data, none of which is relevant to the matter at hand, and none of which provides an answer to the following question that he has gone to considerable effort to avoid again and again and again (and again):

Did you register to comment on using the profile names ‘saddam01’ and/or ‘r.tims’?

Glen Jenvey has, in two responses, denied involvement with the ‘abuislam’ account. Again. He has also claimed that an unknown party has scanned a computer that he owns, ‘proving’ that this computer has not been used to post to (ever ever ever), but this is only an alleged scan of a single machine (in a world where many people own or have access to at least two), and it does nothing to answer my question regarding specific profile registrations.

Also, after more than a day’s worth of email correspondence, Mr Jenvey still hasn’t decided if the audio featured in this post is authentic or not (when my initial request was for a statement regarding its authenticity).

Patrick Mercer’s people are kindly looking into the matter, but not a word has reached me from Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles or his staff.

I’m out ploughing the lower forty for most of the day, but my current thinking is that I should release more audio to help Mr Jenvey in his endeavour to make a ruling on its authenticity and maybe chase the alleged cousin/’Mike’ for comment.

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