Glen Jenvey is T.O.A.S.T.

Posted by Tim Ireland at March 16, 2009

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Glen Jenvey has confirmed that the audio featured in this post is genuine.

Obviously not intentionally, but I couldn’t have done it without him.

LOTS more below the fold. It’s really quite awesome, but today is not a good day to crowd the front page:

[ ———– fold ———–]

Glen Jenvey claimed over the weekend that he could no longer answer questions about the ‘abuislam’ matter because he plans to sue the Guardian; not over their reporting Jenvey’s connection to ‘abuislam’ necessarily, but more over their hyperlink to some irrelevant text posted as a comment to my website (that nonsense about a daughter he doesn’t have).He certainly can’t be planning on suing the Guardian over their reporting of the ‘abuislam’ posts, as his only defence on this front is in two useless parts:- Jenvey claims that is a hotbed of extremism/terrorism (and therefore anything they say and even anything you see with your own eyes cannot be trusted)- Jenvey claims that an unnamed expert has scanned his computer and can ‘prove’ that it was “never used to post to” under any name (and presumably this matters because it is the only computer in the whole wide world)Additionally, he plans to sue the Guardian and not me – at least, not until later – because the Guardian has money and (he says) he has heard that I do not have any money.Also, charmingly, he now claims to know here I live, and has asked that I not publish anything more about him, lest he contact the police.The last two threats strike me as being somewhat contradictory in nature, and the whole thing smacks of desperation. In fact, it follows a series of belligerent emails in which he has tried to bully/coax me into calling him.I won’t be sharing those emails with you out of respect for Mr Jenvey’s right to privacy.I also won’t be sharing with you Mr Jenvey’s residential address or anything that might lead you to it, also out of respect for Mr Jenvey’s right to privacy, and just on the off-chance that there’s a Muslim extremist out there who doesn’t understand that Glen Jenvey is one of our greatest liabilities in the struggle against that particular brand of extremism.[Psst! Much more on that latter point in a later post. So very much more.]But I do know his residential address.I’ve known it since I did some digging into the history of some of his domain names (the ones he registered before he discovered what a WHOIS is and what it can reveal).It was confirmed when I did some digging into reports of Jenvey assaulting a man who turned out to be a senior policeman:


[INNERESTING INNERMISSION – Jenvey was described as an “unemployed actor” when he made the mistake of clocking this chap (in late 1997), who just happened to be a civilian computer and internets expert who worked for the police. A decade later, Jenvey presents himself as a civilian computer and internets expert who works closely with the police. I’d like the opinion of a psychologist or some kind of head doctor on that, if at all possible. Please also note how Jenvey maintained a plea of ‘not guilty’ right down to the wire and keep it in mind any time you hear him denying just about anything. Oh, and also note that Mr Jenvey cannot be said to have always stayed on the right side of the law.]Pardon the distractions. I’ll get back to Glen Jenvey and his residential address in just a moment. Promise.First, here’s one of the audio files I was planning on releasing today to help Mr Jenvey arrive at a conclusion about the authenticity of previously-released audio files. Those previously-released files have been out for two weeks now, and Glen Jenvey has issued a few unrelated denials since then, but has not responded at all to my initial (and repeated) request for a statement about their authenticity.I didn’t bother putting subtitles on this latest file, because I want to give readers/listeners a fair shot at spotting what I missed the first time around, as it’s really quite fun hearing it and realising what it is:

Glen Jenvey and the Hotmail address for Special Branch from Tim Ireland on Vimeo.

Did you spot it?I can’t quite believe I missed it myself, and I’ve spotlighted it a wee bit here, so I’m guessing you did. But just in case you didn’t…Jenvey is sharing with the interviewer a dummy email account that he has set up to show how he sends his evidence to the police (who, he claims here and elsewhere, “cannot use the internet” leading to his helpfully/hopefully setting them up with the equivalent of a ‘specialbranch @ hotmail’ account).The interviewer reads out the email address; so12[at] reads out the password; ‘england’That’s all anyone needs to login to a Live/Hotmail email account… which is exactly what I did.

As I expected, this was a dummy account created only for show (and I wouldn’t have logged in myself if I thought or even suspected otherwise).But the profile helpfully shows when the account was created (25 February 2008) and, on another page, reveals the one single solitary snippet of user-specific information used when creating the account… a postcode.A postcode that matches the postcode of Glen Jenvey’s residential address.The audio is 100% authentic, which means:- Glen Jenvey lied when he denied ever using the name Richard Tims or posing as Richard Tims- Glen Jenvey claims that he has an intelligence-sharing relationship (via ‘Mike’) with the former British Ambassador to Afghanistan, Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles- Glen Jenvey claims to pose as a reporter when acting as a freelance spy (which is sure to please reporters and professional spooks alike)- Lots more besides, all of which is going to come out as soon as I listen to the audio again and pick out allll the juicy bits.Glen Jenvey and his associates have until 9am tomorrow to issue a statement before I name the mysterious ‘Mike’ and unleash merry hell on their schemes.Now that the audio is confirmed as authentic, I will also be pressing for a statement from Patrick Mercer and Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles (see earlier post for details).And, depending on what I discover within the next 18 hours or so, I suspect it’ll be me calling the police, and not our Mr Jenvey.In fact, I may even start with the senior officer that Glen helpfully names in this interview.


  1. Unity says

    "I'd like the opinion of a psychologist or some kind of head doctor on that, if at all possible." said.

  2. Piers says

    Tim,Have you ever thought of starting up as a private investigator?

  3. Manic says

    That's a good idea. I could hang around forums looking for evidence of wrongdoing and forward it to the pol*… never mind.

  4. Cairene Shoe Fancier says

    I can't offer you a head doctor's opinion, but I can't help but be reminded of this:

  5. Ummah says

    Flippin hell!Tim If Blashphemy wasn't prohibited in Islam I would call you "God"

  6. Manic says

    I'm tempted to grant you free will, just so that compliment carries more weight.:o)Ta.(CSF: Great link. Tanks.)

  7. Ummah says

    Excellent so can we now conclude that Glen Jenvey = abuislam?

  8. Guy Gooberman says

    You're on fire rudeboy!

  9. Manic says

    We can conclude only that Jenvey's denials are worthless.This does not make everything he says a lie.(And it is possible that Jenvey is telling the truth so far as it was his mystery partner 'Mike' behind the abuislam posts and the linked 'Richard Tims' spam. Not likely, given the consistent illiteracy, but possible.)

  10. Sim-O says

    9am! Oh, I hate cliff-hangers.

  11. mikkimoose says

    Mr. Jenvey is none too careful.For some reason he decided to start using one of his old Wikipedia accounts again.As a result, a new sockpuppet investigation was opened and both puppets: banned due to IP evidence linking the two, evidence which of course could be supplied to the police if need be.BTW, somebody changed his hotmail account password

  12. Manic says

    "BTW, somebody changed his hotmail account password"Sorry, I should've mentioned; that was me.I've been watching CSI, and they have this thing where they 'secure a scene' (right before making a bad pun, donning sunglasses and pouting).Thanks for the heads-up on Wikipedia.

  13. Manic says

    To all: I've just had to withdraw a comment that included *far* too much personal data relating to Glen Jenvey. Our Mr Jenvey is already inclined to play the victim, so please don't help him.A quick apology to Ummah: I lost a short comment of yours when deleting a duplicate of mine. Yes, names at 9am.

  14. mikkimoose says

    The personal data was voluntarily posted by Jenvey himself on numerous Yahoo Groups (posting whois history that has since been privatised is something I avoided) and other public websites. I merely linked to this posts.[snip][snip]And FWIW, you have consistently dug up and posted Paul Staines' personal data on your website. Jenvey might not be as sharp as Staines, but he's certainly no more honest.

  15. Manic says

    I have posted, as part of a wider post, a past residential address for Paul Staines. Not his current one. Pretty big difference.And Jenevy is throwing the mother of all wobblies as it is. He doesn't need our help.Please don't post address details or information about finding it until further notice, mikkimoose.1. We don't need it.2. I don't need it.Cheers

  16. mikkimoose says

    I thought you would be used to such behaviour, having dealt with Phil Hendren in the past.I don't remember you holding back from those various characters because they were going ape.Is Jenvey somehow different?[snip]

  17. Manic says

    In a word, yes.I apologise for the heavy snip, but it's late, and I have an article to finish, with no time to answer your question properly and no wish to leave it hanging overnight.After publishing my home phone number (and then calling me at home and shouting at me) Phil Hendren offered me his number, saying I was free to post it so we would be 'even'. I didn't take him up on his kind invitation.There have been other cases where residental addresses have appeared on this site, usually in large packets of evidence, but the safest thing to do at the time was to let it go and not draw attention to its status as current/residential. Which is one very good reason why I'm not listing examples, but they do exist.If you want to have a chat about this later, fine. But not now. And no address details for our Mr Jenvey on this site, or any mention of where/how to find same. Please.

  18. mikkimoose says

    As you wish.You can respond to my comment (which was to say, in rather more words, firstly, that old, non-indexed articles damaging to the subject are much more private than information the subject has himself made public, and secondly that in the present case the individual has KNOWINGLY posted his own address in order for people to correspond with him, and as far as I'm aware that wasn't the case previously) at your leisure.

  19. Manic says

    No, I can't. But thanks for bringing it up again.The article may not be the same type of data, but it's relevant and its use is warranted. If you want to prove me wrong on the latter, you'll have to wait and see what happens if Jenvey actually makes good on his legal threats. I really don't want to discuss it any further, at least not this a.m.Jenvey has repeatedly (if inconsistently) said that he doesn't want to be contacted by me, feels threatened by me, etc.That's enough reason for me to decided that I personally don't want to risk publishing anything about his exact address, regardless of what may or may not compare to it in terms of private data. There other reasons exclusive to Mr Jenvey, but it would not be polite or prudent to spell them out.

  20. mikkimoose says

    Just wondered why you've blurred Jenvey's home town? It is standard practice by every news organisation to report the home town of convicted criminals and is not considered an invasion of privacy. It's hardly going to work to knock on every door in a town to search for such a person.

  21. Manic says

    Because at the stage I published it, Jenvey was still in a position where he could (in some quarters) convincingly play the victim of stalking and/or accuse me of posting residential details for the benefit of passing extremists.Less so now, obviously, but I'd still rather not for reasons I'll be happy to explain further down the line.

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