Iain Dale hates me *this* much

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There’s likely to be a longer version of this post on the way, but Iain is still playing silly “I’m ignoring you!” games while allowing his comment contributors to slag me off (again), so I figure he needs a wake-up call about how serious this matter is.

(For the record – this turned up and made itself fully apparent from about here, not long after after Iain made Justin McKeating out to be an insincere, untrustworthy stooge, presumably because Iain was at his precious best and couldn’t hack a little criticism):

You may recall Glen Jenvey’s recent attempts to convince the internets that I’m a serial paedophile and ‘sex beast’.

At one stage, Conservative MP Patrick Mercer was still publicly aligned with Jenvey, and it was vital to get word directly to Mercer, as (I suspected at the time and later found to be true) his researchers were not passing any information on, even after Jenvey started making false claims that I was a convicted paedophile.

I explained all of this to Iain and pointed out that he was in a unique position to help, and settle some bad blood between us (more).

All he needed to do was contact Patrick Mercer and make sure that Mercer was aware of what was going on.

Well, the short version is that Iain Dale broke his promise to contact Patrick Mercer, and then lied about it.

He did this while knowing full well that I was under the impression that Patrick Mercer now knew about Jenvey and his antics, when in fact he didn’t.

(Just one thing I have Iain to thank for: I went through a long, sleepless night thinking that I had to again deal with an MP who was aware of paedo-smears and willing to stand by and let it happen… just like Anne Milton did. Mercer and I were both a bit surprised when I found his mobile number and called him myself.)

So… be warned that if you are falsely accused of being a paedophile and Iain Dale doesn’t like you or your politics, then Iain will stand by doing as little as is humanly possible, even when he’s in a unique position to help.

I’ve watched him do it twice now, and I have the email records to prove it.

On this latest occasion, he added the extra insult of lying to me about having done something I had specifically asked him to do… and if Iain wants to counter any of this, he can either hire a lawyer or do it here under comments. I am not going to engage in a conversation with him on his weblog about this, because whenever he is put on the spot and he’s the host of a conversation, he cheats. Every bloody time.

If Iain says anything about this anywhere else, you may as well regard it to be heavily spun version of what may be the truth or a bald-faced lie, as he’s clearly not willing to discuss it when he can’t hide behind anonymous abuse and delete comments when the debate’s not going his way.

[Psst! Heaven knows what Iain thinks of Patrick Mercer, but not making sure that he was aware of this put Mercer at risk of being aligned with Jenvey when the paedo-smear stunt blew up in his face.]

UPDATE (10:30am) – I gave Iain Dale a clear preview of the guts of this post before it went live, and I’ve just seen his response to that on Twitter:

“Looks like Tim Ireland is about to try to start Blogwars 3. Don’t worry. I won’t be playing.” – (source)

Yeah, I called myself a paedophile and then forced Iain to do sweet bugger all about it (again!), just to get at him. What a pillock.

[Explain yourself under comments or piss off, Iain. I’m sick to death of the way you cheat your readers and the appalling way in which you treat people you don’t like. More people need to know what a manipulative, lying, uncaring bastard you are, and if you want to call that ‘Blogwars 3’ and pretend you’re not playing while your mates lay into me (again!) then so be it. After all, that’s your trademark; why get your hands dirty when you can simply stand back and let others do it for you? I’m sure a quick Twitter or two will get attention from the right people. Or you could simply share our private emails with your key go-getters, just as you have in the past.]

UPDATE (29 Mar, 6pm) – Iain Dale refuses to discuss this in public and still insists that his excuse remain confidential. Having seen it, I can’t blame him, but now he’s accusing me of harassment and making out that he’s on the verge of a police complaint.

The most likely purpose of this is to undermine me and make out that my wanting to discuss this at a venue where he can’t cheat with comment bullies and arbitrary deletions is an unreasonable thing to expect. I doubt he has any intention of following through, as he’s cried “Wolf!” on this front many times in the past, and he isn’t actually stupid enough to waste police time.

Judging by past events, he’s probably waiting for me to publish the relevant email so he can have a nice, distracting hissy fit about that… even though Iain has been caught trying to secretly share our private correspondence with others in the past.

My current intention is to publish, but I’m giving Iain some more time to come around and deign my humble weblog worthy of his presence, not least because I have a *genuine* harassment complaint to progress with and Iain’s got in the way of that once already.

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