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Online Journalism Blog – Facebook, Dunblane and a 2 page apology from the Express – a lesson in online journalism ethics

(Contains a good call on this rubbish, BTW. I’m appalled at how lazy this is.)

UPDATE (25 Mar) – Graham Linehan (and Matt Nida) – Apology noted. Now what?: There are plenty of good, responsible journalists out there who are looking at the Express saga with the same resigned disgust that most of us felt when we first came upon the story. They need to be part of this conversation too. If not, the conversation will be held elsewhere, out of their earshot and beyond their influence. That won’t be good for journalism, and it won’t be good for society. But whether they turn up or not, the conversation will happen. It has to.

And how is it going to look after their negotiating such a sweet clean-up-their-own-mess deal if they don’t, won’t or can’t clean up their own mess?

Press Gazette – Rogue publisher’ Richard Desmond in fallout with PCC

The above question applies equally to the Jenvey mess; I have dozens of visitors from every major news organisation in the country reading my site this week… but I’m still in a position where I have to go out peddling a responsible course of action.

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