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Posted by Tim Ireland at March 23, 2009

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Some teenagers have a drink or two or some girl gets into a fight or some nasty things are said about a quiz contestant and suddenly what’s said or seen on websites is worth ‘researching’ and reporting.

I find evidence that newspapers have been taking the word of a fraud/fantasist for months if not years, and have most likely been publishing/broadcasting misleading if not entirely untrue claims as a result… and suddenly what’s said on websites isn’t even worth looking into.

I bet if the tabloids especially got a grip on this that they’d describe Jenvey as an ‘internet fantasist’ or some such thing… as if it weren’t all that lovely newspaper money driving him, but the evils of the internets… like he was some nasty overgrown beastie that escaped from my junkyard and not theirs.

On that note, a big hearty “Cheers!” to ‘amateur’ publishers across the world, who have, by and large, been most helpful about this; many webmasters who didn’t know me from Adam took the trouble to look me up and alert me to attempts to repeat this smear throughout the weekend. Compare this to the ‘pros’ hosted by Wired.com, who’ve left one comment in place for so long that it’s generated its own Google News Alert:

(Cheers, Wired; that’s one for the scrapbook.)

Pardon me if I sound bitter about mainstream media here, but the fact is that Jenvey has been using his mentions in mainstream media to boost/maintain/rescue his credibility for years. This (and the money, of course) further enables and encourages Jenvey’s self-important fantasies.

There’s also the small matter of fabrication(s) reported as fact by a number of publishers/broadcasters and, no, I am not just talking about tabloids here.

Correcting such errors and letting people know that Mr Jenvey is no longer a man to be trusted isn’t my job.

No, it’s not even the job that I don’t get paid to do.

It’s the job that *they* get paid to do, but so far no bugger is doing it.

Anyway, I just wanted to say something before I went ahead and did their job for them anyway.

Cheers all.

PS – On repeats of the smear; yes, the same IP address is/was involved. There appears to be some level of automation at work and I’ve also found further examples that make the attempt to implicate the Daily Mail even clearer. Police and the provider have been informed and introduced to one another.


  1. mikkimoose says

    It’s all very well to imply there’s some kind of conspiracy against you (or not so much you as what you say), and that Wired are a part of it, but in doing so you’re distorting the facts as much as the MSM you malign.Google are to blame for reporting comments as news. The comment was made on Friday, it has disappeared on Monday. Seems more than adequate to me, I guess the relevant staff weren’t in over the weekend. Whereas obviously for a private blog there’s much less likely to be a different between the weekend and weekdays.BTW, not sure if you’ve mentioned it to him, but the same comment is on Bryan Appleyard’s blog, and has been there for five days, whereas Appleyard HAS been posting in the meantime.

  2. mikkimoose says

    also, are you sure they are automated? He appears to have dug up lots of old blog posts on the same topic, but it strikes me he's more the 'sit for hours in front of the PC doing the same thing' than the 'write a script' type. There's alsothe issue of captchas on most of these sites.

  3. mikkimoose says

    Google are also culpable in continuing to host this site:http://tracevictimsofbritishsexhoildays.blogspot….after six days

  4. Manic says

    Steady on, mikkimoose; I'm not implying anything but a lack of due care and attention in some quarters. And perhaps a wee bit of selfishness… like in the idea that simply not using Jenvey again is enough.Unless you don't accept that regular internet-bashing goes on, in which case I'm happy to discuss where I might be wrong about that.And I've already said my piece on Google and their lack of care and attention on the Blogger.com front. Plenty of times.Sites that are treated as news sources should be more stringent about comment abuse. They should invest responsibly in moderation rather than faking it most of the time (as most tabloids do) or leaving an open shop unattended at weekends.I'll email Appleyard. I see two obvious spams under that same post that date back to Nov 08, which is a clear sign of dusty corners.There's *some* automation at work. Not saying more right now.

  5. Ummah says

    Flippin heck man! Thats bad that is!Tim keep up the fantastic work you are doing we are all behind you!So i guess i can go on and create some bogus posts about Glen Jenvey on some forum then create a blog then spam it so it gets quite a bit of backlinks and Wired will pick it up right?Wow!

  6. Manic says

    No, but you can leave a comment on the Wired.com website that will eventually be seen as a contribution of sorts to an article and so will generate a news alert based on a name or any other part of its content.

  7. mikkimoose says

    To be fair to Wired they are a technology site rather than a news site, and are rather less likely to be subject of lots of people posting 'lynch the child abuser' comments than say The Sun or Daily Mail.And they may not even be aware that their comments are treated by Google as news.I strongly suspect that if they knew, they'd rather they weren't, given that the semi-literate ramblings of the general public are seldom likely to reflect well on their brand. Again, this ultimately is Google's responsibility.

  8. Manic says

    Well, they sure as hell know about it now.

  9. Ummah says

    Sorry Tim what I meant was that trying to illustrate that if One wanted to put someone down it would be as easy as that?!Wasnt suggesting that anyone of course does something like that!

  10. Manic says

    I didn't think you were, I just wanted to be more specific about the actual process.

  11. irritant says

    IMHO the fuckwit who knocked out that Wired article deserves to be googlebombed with a similar retort.

  12. Manic says

    The fuckwit who knocked out that article and couldn't be arsed to monitor the conversation he started? The only thread host not to have emailed me personally before or after being alerted to messages like this? That guy, you mean? Can't imagine what you possibly have against a person like that, no matter what his views might be.:o)That said, I have bigger problems at the moment and I can't be wasting time on individual webmasters who have a more casual approach to comment maintenance.

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