April Fools’ Day: spot the difference

Posted by Tim Ireland at April 1, 2009

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The foundation on which Iain’s joke rested…

He’s really a very good writer, because he had 90,000* visitors a month (he claims) and he’s on the telly a bit. And at least he’s not as impolite and as grossly overweight as Derek Draper. Oh, and these are the qualities that make him deserving of comparison to George Orwell:
Iain Dale – Why I Can’t Accept the Orwell Prize”

The foundation on which our joke rested…

We’re not lying comment cheats like Iain Dale and his followers, and we’re quite confident that (almost**) everybody knows that:
Justin McKeating – CLASH OF THE TITANS: Bloggerheads vs Chicken Yoghurt, Drunk vs Sober
Justin McKeating – Tim Ireland and Iain Dale: time to knock it on the head
Tim Ireland – Justin McKeating is a sock-puppeting git
Justin McKeating – Me and Tim Ireland: time to come clean

(*Psst! Iain! Not every visit is a vote for you.)

(**Well, I say ‘almost’, but Iain’s most faithful readers don’t really count, because they receive – and trust – the carefully edited version of reality. Also, Iain repeatedly publishes false accusations of sock-puppeting about people when they can’t deny it because he’s banned them for complaining about abusive sock-puppeting on his site.)


  1. Professor Paul says

    Iain's was OBVIOUSLY a joke as there is no way he would pass up the chance of a bit of self promotion!

  2. Manic says

    … even after making carefully reassuring noises about being unworthy of the award.That's our Iain.

  3. Andreas Paterson says

    It was an absolutely fantastic prank Tim, kudos to both you and Justin.

  4. Manic says

    Really? I preferred Iain's:"I have principles! Just kidding."Hilarious.

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