Justin McKeating [NOT] is a sock-puppeting git [April Fool!]

Posted by Tim Ireland at April 1, 2009

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[UPDATE (1 April) – Oh, of course this was a joke. Happy April Fools’ day everyone!]

To be honest, this is not an easy post to write but I’m glad to finally get it off my chest, and I don’t really have any choice now that Justin has gone way, way too far with his sock-puppeting.

Yeah, you heard me… though it won’t come as quite so big a surprise to some people, I’m sure.

What started out last night as a friendly game of ‘sober blogger vs. drunk blogger’ ended with Justin making an inexplicable false accusation about me surfing porn and masturbating (!) while were arguing.

This followed his getting far too drunk and turning on me over Iain Dale’s stunt that followed Glen Jenvey’s paedo-smear.

Iain Dale gave an excuse for his actions that was extraordinarily pissweak, and then hilariously insisted that I accept his excuse *and* keep it confidential. I shared that excuse with Justin McKeating last night, which was a BIG mistake, because Justin was so pissed by that time that he took Iain’s side and attacked me in a dedicated post.

I asked Justin to delete the post, but he refused.

Then Justin McKeating had the temerity to accuse *me* of sock-puppetry while he himself was sock-puppeting on his own website (which is quite possibly the saddest thing you can do, and is itself pretty damn close to masturbation).

He produced as ‘evidence’ of my surfing porn a link in one of my comments on his website that he himself changed soon after I submitted it.

[Appeal to witnesses: please come forward if you watched the exchange last night and saw the URL change.]

Several other comments soon turned up backing Justin’s version of events (before and after he suddenly flipped moderation on), but these were so obviously sock-puppets that I had to say something.

And here’s the bombshell… this is not a first for Justin by any means. He’s been at it for years.

Many if not all of the major posts about sock-puppeting on this site have been aimed at least in part at Justin, in the dim hope that the thick-headed badger-faced twunt would get the message, but no. Instead, he would usually turn up and say “Right on, Tim!” etc. under comments or on his own site, and then go right on doing it.

This has really been weighing on my mind (and getting on my tits!), but I haven’t said anything before now, because:

1. We are political allies, and we have had an agreed policy of never criticising each other

2. I was genuinely worried that the lying manipulative two-faced blog-cheat Iain Dale would use it as ‘proof’ that he and his allies are innocent of all sock-puppetry on his website and others.

“How long has Justin be doing this?” I hear you ask.

Since before I was even accepting comments on this blog is the answer. Even before ‘Chicken Yoghurt’ existed. Oh, and well before the notorious blog-cheats Iain Dale and Paul Staines turned up and mastered the art of sock-puppetry themselves.

Fittingly enough, Justin used to run a website called ‘Bar Room Philosophy’.

[How’s the hangover this morning, sport? So sorry that it’s the least of your problems, but you brought this on yourself.]

Infuriatingly, the wanker used query strings in his URLs on BRP, so very few actual threads have been stored in the Web Archive, but here’s a glimpse of a rare comprehensively-archived page from 2003 that should also explain why I didn’t call him on it when I first caught him at it; we had anti-war protest to get on with, and I was not going to start slagging off allies over a few lousy sock-puppets (especially when I was so busy building/producing/pitching weblogs for others that I didn’t have time to finally sort comments for my own damn site).

‘Bar Room Philosophy’ came and went, but Justin returned in 2005 at ‘Chicken Yoghurt’ to fight the good fight in the general election that halved Blair’s majority.

Well, I say ‘fight the good fight’, but I was constantly forced to delete sock-puppeting comments on Bloggerheads *and* Backing Blair, especially as polling day came and went.

I’m holding back on evidence from my own website until Justin emerges (I don’t want The Privacy Princess bitching needlessly about my publishing old IP addresses) but here’s an example I remember on Justin’s own website that really takes the biscuit; it’s under a post accusing Tony Blair of astro-turfing!

I clearly recall having to delete an exact duplicate of this comment from my own website, because the IP address used to submit it matched Justin’s at the time, and my post didn’t even mention Celia Barlow. I’ll be asking Clive if any deletion logs exist for that example, but I have puh-lenty more; some from my site, and lot and lots and lots and lots and lots from Iain Dale’s.

At one stage, Justin was totally out of control and making ridiculous fake comments in *support* of Iain Dale and trying to make them look like obvious sock-puppets.

Not only is in unfair to frame another webmaster like that (even a blog-cheat like Iain Dale), it’s downright confusing to have to think the sentence; ‘Justin McKeating is pretending to be Iain Dale pretending to be an anonymous supporter’ (and that’s one of the more straightforward examples!)

So, enough is enough. I should have called time on this ages ago, but we’re finally here now, so let’s get this over with:

Justin McKeating is a sock-puppeting git… and I have proof.

Comments shall remain closed until such time that Justin alerts me via private email that he is (a) awake, (b) sober, and (c) ready to answer for his *years* of sock-puppetry.

And if he denies it, I have a pile of evidence ready to show the world.

[Your sock-puppeting ends here, Justin. Ditto for our friendship. But you still have one chance and one chance only to explain yourself at Bloggerheads, and then you are BANNED.]

UPDATE (10:40am) – Justin is still ‘asleep’. This’ll wake him up:


  1. balders says

    FFS! Leave me out of this. If you two can't display the maturity – drunk or sober – to take this offline and sort it out in an honest and amicable manner, then don't expect me to hand either of you any ammunition.Grow up!

  2. Manic says

    !!!They're *my* log files, Clive. I own them. We'll talk privately.[OI!! Wake up, Justin!!]

  3. Pete Connolly says

    Is this some first of April thing? Can we expect a 'fooled you' revelation after noon?[mod: this comment was held over until after midday on April Fools' Day]

  4. Justin says

    TimI'm sorry you felt you had to do this – I thought we'd agreed to put all that crap behind us and move on. Why don't I get a second chance?I'm very sorry for what went on on Chicken Yoghurt last night. I fully respect whatever you decide to do. I'm going to take Chicken Yoghurt down for a while and have a good, long think.Take care, mate.Just

  5. Manic says

    Good to see you've *finally* (almost) come around.Now let's talk about all those anonymous edits to Wikipedia you've been making, targeting everyone from Iain Dale to David Miliband.

  6. Justin says

    Ah. rumbled.Anyway, same time next year?

  7. Professor Paul says

    Is the date of these posts of any significance?[mod: this comment was held over until after midday on April Fools' Day]

  8. Tom says

    You're both Andrew Gilligan, and I clame my five pounds.[mod: this comment was held over until after midday on April Fools' Day]

  9. Manic says

    Justin:Almost definitely.:O)(hugs in a manly fashion)Should we leave poor Iain out of it this time, or go for the hat trick?https://www.bloggerheads.com/archives/2008/04/marc

  10. Professor Paul says

    I've already been asked about the existence of a new whale & microchipping chavs in Norwich as well, so I was rather expecting something.

  11. Justin says

    I love you man *wipes away tear*.Nah, give the poor sod the day off.

  12. Manic says

    I agree. let's lull him into a false sense of securi… I mean, let's give him the day off.Hey, look who's above it all, and rests his joke on the 'fact' that having 90,000 readers and being on telly makes him worthy of Orwell's legacy:http://iaindale.blogspot.com/2009/04/why-i-cant-a…Note he ultimately uses Draper as the 'loser' of the joke, and not you. I spy grudging respect.

  13. Justin says

    "I spy grudging respect."You reckon? I think because I'm an ironic – hahahahaha – 'giant of political commentary' – hahahahaha – I wasn't big enough to be the main butt of his wit.

  14. 5cc says

    I thought *Dale's* comment was an April fool. Seriously.And you had me for a while with this one. Just a while, mind.Good show, fellas.

  15. 5cc says

    I meant the justifcation for not withdrwaing from the Orwell Prize, obviously.Or something.

  16. Sim-O says

    Very good chaps.I knew it something was going on, but not what was going on.Not gonna be able to trust either of you for a while, now. ;-)

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