Nadine Dorries is never wrong

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The twitterlyverse was quietly minding its own business yesterday when Nadine Dorries suddenly exploded with fury ‘bemusement’ so great, it could not be contained in a single tweet:

(Hint for n00bs: read from bottom to top)

It soon became clear that what Nadine was talking about was Kerry McCarthy RTing a link to an article by an entirely different person on an entirely different weblog.

1. This is not the first time Nadine has been confused by re-tweets. All these months on Twitter, and Nadine still doesn’t recognise an RT when she sees one

2. The blog article about her is not a personal attack by Kerry McCarthy; it clearly states at the top of the article (and on every other page) that the writing comes to you from “The Blog of Bryony Victoria King”

3. The blogged article about her is not a personal attack, but I can understand how Nadine might see it that way, because everything she ever says is true and reliable, and any contradiction of that is a slur on her good name.

4. Nadine is especially sensitive about any interruptions to her “I was born a poor black child” narrative now that she’s preparing to take part in a bold TV experiment that places her in a council estate for a week.

5. But where does she get off bringing that McCarthy’s mother into it? Regardless of who she thinks wrote the entirely relevant passage about her daughters, there’s simply no call for it. It stinks of the same kind of ‘tit for tat’ outburst (again, focused on McCarthy) that led to her smearing a fellow MP as a sex pest.

Several users of Twitter sought to challenge or question Nadine on the outburst; Nadine Dorries, true to form, blocked them rather than face this. Instead, she sought to explain away the confusion with an accusation of retro-moderation:

Kerry McCarthy does not have a history of quietly editing inconvenient blog content out of existence, but Nadine Dorries does. If I were McCarthy I’d be particularly irked by Dorries judging me by her own crappy values, but the core problem here is that Nadine Dorries has responded to an imagined personal attack by engaging in an actual personal attack (something she does often).

She is so focused on Kerry McCarthy that she doesn’t know what blog she’s on, and is so convinced that what she claims is true that when she visits that MP’s actual blog only to find the article ‘missing’, she makes a wild accusation against the woman she is so certain is attacking her.

Over 12 hours have passed since these false accusations were made. Someone friendly to Dorries must have explained it by now, but there’s no sign of her, or any correction… not that any of us should be holding our breath waiting for any kind of admission of error or (Dog forbid!) an apology from someone as well-meaning, honest and infallible as Nadine Dorries.

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