Here’s what happens when Conservatives cry ‘stalker’

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This exchange is typical of Iain Dale; he sees the word ‘fake’ and/or ‘opportunist’, and screams ‘insult’, but he’ll throw the most awful accusations about himself and later defend it as ‘banter’ or ‘opinion’. One of his favourites is an accusation of ‘obsession’ or ‘stalking’ that he throws about like candy:

[BTW, recently Iain Dale attended a public event posing as an expert. As the Twitter feed behind him displayed messages pointing out that the man speaking as an expert wasn’t actually an expert, he relied on the accusation of stalking (again) to explain it away.]

Iain Dale also likes to make quite specific accusations based on some pretty one-sided accounts:

[Iain recently claimed that he had deleted all content like this from his website in an effort to be ‘left alone’. He was lying, of course, and I’m going to keep pressing him on those and other lies for as long as he continues to broadcast them. That’s what Iain Dale calls a ‘threat’ by the way.]

Now, Iain Dale and Nadine Dorries are very close friends, they both love to throw the word ‘stalker’ around, and it should be pretty clear by now to all but the most doe-eyed chump that Iain will side with Nadine over pretty much anything (even if that support is limited to a refusal to discuss it or allow any mention of it on his site). Iain Dale has even accused me of being critical of Nadine Dorries just to get at him (as if anyone needs an excuse to be critical of Nadine Dorries).

In Anne Milton’s case, Iain’s position is slightly different, but even less credible; Iain Dale has mostly (if not entirely) relied on the input of some anonymous comment contributors on his site who have been repeating allegations originally made by two activists working under Anne Milton (Mike Chambers and Dennis Paul), both of whom were caught (by me) smearing other people anonymously (once by claiming that their target was a paedophile). Iain Dale was perfectly happy to see that matter brushed under the carpet then, and uses an accusation of stalking to explain his inaction at the time now (he repeatedly implies I imagined the event, or made it up). Even if (BIG if) these anonymous comments on Iain’s site aren’t made by the same people, he is willingly relying on the same accusations made by these people to avoid the same bloody issue.

Meanwhile, as he continues to insist that making a website about Anne Milton and/or his friend Nadine Dorries amounts to ‘stalking’, Iain Dale heartily backs the efforts of Tory Bear (aka Harry Cole) when he creates a site targeting Kerry McCarthy, based on little more than some generic anti-Labour/expenses bitching and an objection to being blocked on Twitter.

Does Iain Dale honestly wish to contend that I campaigned against Nadine Dorries or Anne Milton based on less?

There is some inconsistency here that undermines this man’s opinion of what does and does not qualify as stalking; the line appears to be especially elastic when personal politics are involved.

But Iain Dale is also a talking head on television, and while he may not be appearing in the Daily Mail again in a hurry, he also appears in print and controls his own little magazine that is junk-mailed to thousands of MPs, councillors, etc. every month… so he needs to be a little bit more careful about the words he chucks around, especially when they end up getting used like this:

To make it perfectly clear what you are looking at, this is one of the ringleaders in a gang of anonymous sock-puppeting thugs (they call themselves the ‘Cheerleaders’), recruiting/indoctrinating a newcomer with an outright lie and in doing so encouraging them to engage in some form of online attack against their target.

Mostly, these online attacks involve the repeated broadcast of any sensitive data they can get their hands on, and what these people are primarily armed with is my ex-directory home address (provided, it would appear, by Dominic Wightman).

Previously, the worst attack of this kind on me was the publication of my unlisted phone number by the blogger Phil Hendren. It doesn’t happen often, because most bloggers frown on this kind of bullying… but time and again, Iain Dale and his Tory mates have shown that they will tolerate the hell out of it when it suits them, and forbid any discussion of the matter from their websites while allowing their previous opinions accusations to stand.

The Cheerleaders (latest/background) normally target people they regard to be extremists, so I don’t think I ‘m wrong to suspect that this comment refers to me, given that it repeats the (current) core accusation they use to justify threats of violence that followed their repeated misuse of my personal data.

Their accusations that I am a ‘stalker of women’ came (I suspect) privately and (I can prove) publicly from claims made by conman Dominic Wightman (aka Dominic Whiteman, aka Richard Walker) who was also caught (by me) smearing other people anonymously.

The claims made by Dominic Wightman and these ‘Cheerleaders’ are outright lies formed in part from repurposed material from the websites of Iain Dale and his fellow Tory blogger and close friend Phil Hendren (of ‘Dizzy Thinks’). Both of these gentlemen refuse to remove or even discuss material that they host on their respective websites that (a) involve quite specific and false claims about me that (b) they know not to be true.

They refuse to discuss any of this (citing specific accusations of ‘stalking’, no less) beyond defending their published accusations as mere opinion, knowing it is being repeated elsewhere, unchallenged, as fact.

Take a look at this again:

This person being recruited by ‘Shooter’ clearly thinks that they’re working on the side of angels. They’re liable to get up to pretty much anything if ‘Shooter’ manages to convince them that innocent women’s lives are at stake.

It’s at this point I wish to remind you that Glen Jenvey believed that I was a convicted paedophile when he repeatedly published the accusations that Google still refuse to remove. His claim that Dominic Wightman fed him this lie (along with my home address) grows in resonance by the day, and I’m concerned about what might happen when people are recruited like this by the ‘Cheerleaders’ (for reasons I shouldn’t have to explain).

I don’t think Iain Dale or Phil Hendren can justify what ‘Shooter’ is passing around, but I can prove that the ‘Cheerleaders’ and/through Dominic Wightman rest their stalker accusations on false/unsupported claims published by these two ‘leading’ bloggers.

Why they persist in broadcasting these claims I’ll leave up to you.

(Be warned that if you attempt any public discussion of this yourself, you risk attack by Iain Dale and his little gang of thugs and hangers on, or Dominic Wightman and his little gang of thugs and hangers on.)

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