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Posted by Tim Ireland at September 26, 2010

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I’ve been unavoidably detained (and not for the reasons some might have you think), but I need to get a quick post up on the matter of Andy Rayment finally replying to me, mainly to point out that it was me who shared this correspondence with Bedfordshire on Sunday, so while I’m less than happy that anyone would be this unprofessional, it’s not libel in this particular instance, and it’s not even slander unless he’s been repeating it in public (as Dorries has been):

Bedfordshire on Sunday: John Balls Diary (Sep 26)

BLOGGER Tim Ireland, best known for his spat with Mid-Bedfordshire MP Nadine Dorries at a pre-election gathering in Flitwick, has been complaining about her to Mid-Beds Conservative chairman Andy Rayment.

The Tory chief has a clear opinion on Mr Ireland’s email replying: “I do not waste my time communicating with nutters so do not expect me to respond to any of your communications, electronic or otherwise.” That’s telling him.

To provide the full and proper context, I’ve included the email that prompted this reply below. You can read an earlier letter to Andy Rayment here.

From: Tim Ireland []
Sent: 23 September 2010 10:53
Subject: FAO: Andy Rayment, Re: Dorries’ claims of ‘stalking’ (URGENT)

Dear Andy,

It has been well over 6 months since I wrote to you about the conduct of Nadine Dorries, and I have not yet received a reply.

(It has also been over 150 days since I filed a DPA/FOI request with the parliamentary office of Nadine Dorries, and I have not yet received a reply. Is this acceptable conduct for an MP in your view?)

Dorries is hiding behind an entirely false accusation that I stalked her, and I suspect from your ongoing silence that you believe her and take a similar position of silence dictated by a policy resting on this same false accusation.

If you believe I stalked Nadine Dorries, then where is the evidence you have seen? Would you care to specify what it is?

Be warned that when she is pressed for evidence, Dorries cites ‘vile’ and ‘abusive’ emails that she cannot produce, and talks of police investigations that never took place, then retreats to claims of police reports that amount to nothing more than nuisance complaints, if they were ever made at all, so you may be basing your judgement on nothing but lies.

Dorries refuses to name the officers involved in the complaints she claims to have made on the basis that I stalked her, when police procedure dictates that I would already know the names of the relevant officer(s) involved if I had done anything like what she describes, because they would have been in touch long before now.

Further, Dorries claims to have “forwarded relevant emails to police”, but every email to her office (bar one alerting her to an anonymous site attacking her and providing the relevant IP detail should she wish to pursue the matter) and every call/email to the Mid Beds Association related strictly to her false accusations of stalking. Without the accusations, there would only be one email to speak of! What did she base her original accusation of stalking on? The single email that sought to help her? The fact that I had dared to criticise her in public? How does the latter, or even my objection of false and entirely untested allegations of stalking being used against me, compare in any way to actual stalking or the stabbing of Stephen Timms?

Further, Dorries knows that a man named Charlie Flowers has been publishing my home address alongside false claims that I stalked her and others, and issued a death threat against her. When confronted with the news that he claimed to do this on her behalf, with her knowledge (!) she chose to give a misleading answer that implied she had reported Flowers to police when she had done no such thing. By failing to report or even discredit this man, which would have taken seconds of her time, Dorries put herself in a position where she was knowingly relying on the actions of cyber-vigilantes, and this is completely unacceptable and entirely indefensible, regardless of what she believes about my stalking her.

When will you be acknowledging this situation? What steps, if any, do you intend to take to remedy it?

Tim Ireland

From: Admin
Date: Thu, Sep 23, 2010 at 1:57 PM
Subject: FW: Andy Rayment, Re: Dorries’ claims of ‘stalking’ (URGENT)
To: Tim Ireland

Sent: 23 September 2010 12:33
To: Admin
Subject: Re: Andy Rayment, Re: Dorries’ claims of ‘stalking’ (URGENT)

I do not waste my time communicating with nutters so do not expect me to respond to any of your communications, electronic or otherwise

Sent from my iPhone

I really don’t think it’s too much for someone in Rayment’s position to look at the evidence, or even maintain a little decorum. If you’d like to have a word to someone about his conduct, you can send a polite but stern letter to the Conservative Party if you like, but I can assure you that it will do little more than make you feel better.

UPDATE – And here’s an unapologetic Dorries claiming my correspondence amounts to a ‘bombardment’.

I ask you; does this seem like the attitude you would expect from someone who genuinely thought they were dealing with someone who was unstable, and likely to do them or someone else a damage? Dorries has been playing the victim to explain away outright lies, but this gloating reveals what she’s all about.

UPDATE – Thank you, humphreycushion and Dick Mandrake.


  1. @JimmyHSands says

    You can't win this Tim. The more upset you get, the happier it makes them and every complaint feeds the "nutter" narrative. You take this ridiculous woman far too seriously. And if a website that doesn't allow comments annoys you, I find sidewiki a wonderful way of letting off steam.

    • Tim_Ireland says

      I could afford to ignore it if it weren't for the campaign of harassment this woman is knowingly feeding.

      • @JimmyHSands says

        They're sadists. They feed less on Mad Nads' semi-literate witterings than on your reaction to it. The more you complain the happier it makes them. Besides do you seriously imagine someone like that would ever have the good grace to apologise?

  2. 5cc says

    One irony of this letter is that is Rayment actually thought there was any danger you were actually a 'nutter', he'd never have sent it. It's actually proof that the whole 'nutter' thing is a playground namecalling charade. I suspect even the Conservative Party would balk at senting mentally ill people letters calling them 'nutters'.

    But then again, I've always been naively trusting of people.

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