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NAD-LIBS work just like Mad-Libs, only they focus on the adventures of everyone’s favourite Conservative MP, Nadine Dorries. (It’s hard to think of a more fitting tribute, given her tendency to imagine or invent stuff that happens to her, often at random, if not according to her specific publicity needs at the time.)


Because the game is designed to be played in real life (with real people), NAD-LIBS work best when there his high Nad-awareness (as there is this week, following Nadine’s attack on a constituent who had the temerity to complain about her conduct that has the disabled community and their supporters up in arms).

This week there is such a high level of Nad-awareness that I’ve written not one, but two extra NAD-LIBS, bringing the current collection up to 4 sheets of recyclable* mirth.

Here are the story-sheets that are available so far. Simply click on the version you would like to play, print it onto an A4 sheet of dead tree, grab a writing implement, and then find someone to play with:

NAD-LIBS: Sheet# 1 – Nadine Dorries wins the day [DOWNLOAD]

NAD-LIBS: Sheet# 2 – Nadine Dorries claims sexual harassment [DOWNLOAD]

NAD-LIBS: Sheet# 3 – Nadine Dorries comes a cropper [DOWNLOAD]

NAD-LIBS: Sheet# 4 – Nadine Dorries apologises [DOWNLOAD]

The BIG HINTS for playing this game successfully include:
a) never try to play online, because it rarely works as well as it does ‘live’
b) choose an audience that’s at least dimly aware of our dimmest MP
c) alternatively, just find some children (or some people who think like children)
d) let your audience know when you are halfway through the sheet, and nearing the end (this builds tension)
e) do not show or share any of the story to your audience until it is finished
f) when repeating any of the results online, please make sure you specifically point out that you are publishing the output of a NAD-LIBS game, or not-very-good lawyer Donal Blaney might serve you with a ‘writ’ or some other form of quasi-legal document written in official blue crayon.

REMEMBER: This game only comes to life when you print out a sheet or two and play it with friends. You are only expected to play it alone at home (possibly while sitting in a dark cupboard) if you are a disabled person sponging off the taxpayer.

[*Hint: if you fill the sheet(s) in with pencil, you can play the game once, have a few laughs, erase the old words and play the game all over again.]

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