The Nadine Dorries Cries ‘Stalker’ Flowchart

Posted by Tim Ireland at October 25, 2010

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Dear Journalists,

I know it is tempting to carry out interviews as follows and get things done by lunchtime…

“Were you really stalked by [name]?”

“YES! Don’t make me sue you! I know people!”

“OK, thanks for your time.”

… but please remember that the person you are talking to in this case is a liar*, and you’ll really want a little more to go on than her word.

So, to help you in your quest to determine the substance of Nadine’s claims, I have created the following flowchart that contains key questions that someone (other than me) might like to ask Nadine Dorries at some stage:

The Nadine Dorries Cries ‘Stalker’ Flowchart (click for enlarged version)


Good luck in your quest. Oh, and watch your step. Nadine Dorries is an extraordinarily vindictive person with a long track record of attacking her critics and/or perceived enemies with entirely false accusations, some of which may be as dangerous as they are damaging.


Tim Ireland

[*I would say ‘self-confessed liar’ but Nadine Dorries appears to be a little bit confused on this point at the moment: she has gone from saying to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards that her blog is 70% fiction, to saying that what she really meant all along was 30% fiction, to saying that every word on her blog is absolutely true.]


  1. @JimmyHSands says

    Just a hint, no-one is likely to be able to give a reference number off the top of their head. They should be able however to identify the officer and station dealing with it.

    Perhaps I'm being too optimistic, but I do get a sense that vindication is slowly inching your way. Good luck.

    • Tim_Ireland says

      "They should be able however to identify the officer and station dealing with it"

      Dorries refused to provide even this information when challenged recently. She refused to provide evidence to back up her claims that I stalked her on the grounds that I stalked her. Of course, had I really stalked her, I would know the officer(s) and station(s) who were dealing with the matter, as they would have contacted me long before now for a quiet chat if nothing else.

      • @JimmyHSands says

        Obviously she refused as the complaints don't exist, any more than the writs she was supposed to have issued through Blaney last year. I suspect there are few by now who don't realise she's a fantasist. I would guess even the trolls don't believe her, they're just pushing your buttons. All I'm saying is she can plausibly claim not to be able to remember the reference number, but hardly the officer or station.

        • Tim_Ireland says

          Yes, but by now she's had damn near a whole day to dig them out, and should have them to hand, ready to call my bluff. :o)

  2. Carl says

    I've found that people who are victims of crime can easily find both their police log number and their crime reference number, particularly if they're used to dealing with the media and the police.
    To not be able to find either is… erm… rather unusual in my experience.

    Carl – (yer actual Crime Reporter… )

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