The Nadine Dorries Cries ‘Stalker’ Flowchart

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Dear Journalists,

I know it is tempting to carry out interviews as follows and get things done by lunchtime…

“Were you really stalked by [name]?”

“YES! Don’t make me sue you! I know people!”

“OK, thanks for your time.”

… but please remember that the person you are talking to in this case is a liar*, and you’ll really want a little more to go on than her word.

So, to help you in your quest to determine the substance of Nadine’s claims, I have created the following flowchart that contains key questions that someone (other than me) might like to ask Nadine Dorries at some stage:

The Nadine Dorries Cries ‘Stalker’ Flowchart (click for enlarged version)


Good luck in your quest. Oh, and watch your step. Nadine Dorries is an extraordinarily vindictive person with a long track record of attacking her critics and/or perceived enemies with entirely false accusations, some of which may be as dangerous as they are damaging.


Tim Ireland

[*I would say ‘self-confessed liar’ but Nadine Dorries appears to be a little bit confused on this point at the moment: she has gone from saying to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards that her blog is 70% fiction, to saying that what she really meant all along was 30% fiction, to saying that every word on her blog is absolutely true.]

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