Nadine Dorries tells lies, digs hole, etc.

Posted by Tim Ireland at November 1, 2010

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This article by David Allen Green that is very much about Nadine Dorries and what she told the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards has resulted in a string of remarkably similar comments underneath that article from an unknown number of people pretending to be more than one person, with strikingly similar views on it being less about the corruption and lying and All About Teh Stalking. Two examples:

01 November 2010 at 16:18
Slightly over the top don’t you think? I notice you don’t mention the stalker/nutter Tim Irealnd who gatecrashed our public meeting to film her? Or the fact that she was altering name, dates etc on the advice of the Police to protect her family and staff from people like him. She was cleared of an investigation into her expenses and didnt have top pay a penny back.Not the case with Labour MPs. That was the real story.

A voter
01 November 2010 at 16:27
Tim Irealnd is a man well known to the Police. he can ‘debunk’ all he likes. He even posted a video on you tube of his being caught filming her whilst pretending to be someone else and lying to the meeting organisers.If she was my wife, I would want her to cover up where she was. he is seriously weird.

I “gatecrashed their public meeting” and was caught filming her… on my own camera in a planned live broadcast. There are some days when satirising it becomes near to impossible.

This evening, Jim Hamilton kindly took the time to explain the situation as it stands to one of Dorries’ remaining supporters on Twitter. I didn’t have time to get a fresh summary together today, and this does nicely (thank you, Jim):

Jim Hamilton

On Monday 1st November 2010, said:

OK, where to begin. First, you are majoring on how Mrs #Dorries was “cleared” by the HoC standards and privileges ctte. Based on Mrs Dorries submission that 70% of her blog was, in effect, lies. This was a written submission to the House authorities, and Mrs Dorries had every opportunity to change her position before the investigation ran its’ course. She waited until this evidence (and be under no illusions, it is evidence) was accepted and the investigation closed to casually say that the evidence was in fact incorrect. The only two conclusions possible from this are (a) She lied to the commons to achieve a fraud on the public purse or (b) she routinely lied to her constituents. Assuming, for the sake of the argument that (b) is the case; first, this is morally reprehensible to me as her constituent – largely through her cavalier attitude to this breach of the covenant. Her position that she only changed some details to protect herself from “stalkers” is interesting. She has been unable to provide evidence of this serious offence having been comitted. I spent 6 years working at a reasonably senior level in the Criminal Justice system and can say a few things about Mrs Dorries claims. 1. If you report a credible suspect for “stalking” they will be interviewed by the Police, either under arrest or by voluntary attendance at the Police Station – the named blogger has had neither happen to him. You will also be issued with a Crime reference number, you will not have to ask for this, it will be provided freely. Mrs Dorries, despite being given the opportunity to provide this has failed to avail herself of the opportunity – why would this be? There is no risk to her in the slightest. If any interaction with the police has taken place – and there is absolutely no evidence that it has – one can only deduce that they have decided that there is no case to answer and that Mrs Dorries (admittedly vocal) critics are operating entirely within the law, and their rights as citizens of this country.

In short, Mrs Dorries has accused people of crimes, publicly and without evidence to back the assertion – nor even a logical argument to provide the benefit of the doubt, she has revelled in the way she has either misled parliament or her constituents.

The conclusion? – She needs to be deselected by the Conservative party, a by-election needs to be called and if (as is likely) a Conservative is returned to the seat, so be it – but let it be an honourable, decent, hard working constituency MP – rather like her neighbour in NE Beds, Alistair Burt.

This is not a party political issue – no matter what I and others think of the parties of government, it is a matter of public probity and decency.

Sorry, couldn’t say all that in 140 characters

That’s about the size of it. On Friday (Oct 29) Nadine Dorries promised to provide dates of complaints and relevant reference numbers. She claims an investigation followed one of many complaints involving four different stalkers. For every proper complaint she made, she should be able to identify a log/incident number, the file for which would reveal the date of the relevant complaint(s). For every investigation, there should be a crime reference number. Today, no supporting data has emerged.

Dorries has yet to produce any evidence that police gave her anything like the advice she claims to have received from them – i.e. to mislead her constituents about her whereabouts – which is the purpose of this story she offers the press (which greatly contradicts the story she gave the Commissioner). She has yet to produce evidence to support her now months-old claim that a police investigation was in progress, and the language she is using at the moment appears to suggest that she cannot even provide evidence of making any complaint, which would make the matter even more of a disaster for her.

Currently she is reduced to making nonsensical claims in the name of the local Chief Constable, making major unmarked edits to the wildly inaccurate if not entirely false claims she publishes on that ‘blog’ of hers, and shouting ‘puerile’ at an article composed mainly of the findings of a report by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards.

UPDATE (02 Nov) – A chunk of the opening sentence was missing, and has now been reinstated. Dorries is up and about and mouthing off, but still unable to produce any evidence backing any of what she claims.


  1. truthisoutthere says

    I don't understand why Nadine is not registered to vote at her home in Mid Beds. Has she moved out of the constituency or hasn't she ever lived there?

    • Justin says

      Presumably she won't be able to claim expenses for a home in the constituency she no longer lives at?

    • truthwillnotout says

      If you read Dorries blogs going back to 2005 you will begin to realize that this MP has indeed written at least 70% fiction. As for being an active MP there have been more stories about friend'sdaughter'family dog's. She has really slipped up on her "somewhere Other home" and I do NOT believe for one moment that it was to protect her family. Neighbours saw her but she says they couldn't possibly have seen her.

      I don't want to harp on Tim Ireland but the man has a valid point why is she NOT prodducing hard eveidence of this so called stalking.
      Both her daughters worked in her office: one still does how do we know she is telling the truth when she says Mr Ireland is phoning "all the time" Telling Lyon's she wrote 70% fiction and 30% truth and as SOON as she was cleared made a mockery of the system and Mr Lyon's too, by being very happy to be cleared BUT she actually meant 30% fiction and 70% truth. Can anyone believe anything this MP says?

      It reflects VERY badly on him that he continues to give her so much freedom with the PressTV etc.
      Disgusted from Liverpool.

  2. 5cc says

    You forgot that she also called the piece ‘misleading’ – and declined to say what exactly was misleading in favour of making childish insults about David Allen Green’s award winning blog.

    Well, at least she’s consistently lame and evasive.

  3. Jac says

    Dear Tim Ireland

    I would like to thank Nadine Dorries and all her commenting avatars on the New Statesman and Twitter for bringing my attention to your excellent blog: now duly bookmarked. If you had been mentioned once or twice, I would probably have forgotten you, she has made you memorable.

    I tried to thank her on Twitter, but she is managing the comments for a positive spin so anything adverse or that could be interpreted as lacking in devotion is deleted.

    Anyone in Beds with Nadine Dorries has my sympathy.

    Looking forward to reading your blog regularly.

    Best wishes


  4. chickyog says

    For someone who thinks people are 'obsessive' about Dorries, this @darkblondangel character certainly seems to be putting the hours in.

  5. Neuroskeptic says

    How the hell can you gatecrash a *public* meeting?

  6. therealsim_o says

    How the hell can these people carry on defending her? It's all there for everyone to see, for example when you filmed at Flitwick.
    You weren't *caught* because you weren't hiding, you didn't gatecrash, you were invited and it was a public meeting.

    In the face of all this evidence of lies and distortions and manipulations, how can people still take the side of the person that refuses to substantiate *anything* they assert?

  7. icicle says

    Have you ever thought of taking her to court for libel/deflammation/telling malicious lies aimed at making you appear to be a stalker? I guess this would be very expensive but I'd put a tenner in!

    • Tim_Ireland says

      I've definitely thought about it, but would only do it if she left me with no choice.

  8. Carl says

    I don't think I can ever remember an MP being so directly vitriolic about a member of the public… in print. Other MPs, organisations, a PM or two, a prominent businessman or three… but a regular punter who has the audacity to ask pertinent questions…

    Of course, I'm forgetting Brown moaning about "that bigoted woman… " (although I still think it was "that big-titted woman", but I digress)

  9. won'tadmitever says

    I was present in the flesh when she told a huge untruth. I approached her and she became hysterical. This I notice now, as at Flitwick she does when in a "corner" she "looses control" needs to escape quick. She looked me right in the eye and said I MUST HAVE BEEN MISTAKEN.
    Well I assure you I know what I heard, other people looked dumb struck at her attitude. I have 100% sympathy for Tim Ireland having experienced this.

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