Stalking: what if Nadine Dorries can’t even prove she ever made a complaint?

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Let me start by explaining the context of Nadine Dorries’ claims about stalking while (*gasp*) backing my position with evidence:

Nadine Dorries made significant expenses claims on the basis that a property within her constituency was her second home, but the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards was aware of entries on Nadine’s blog that gave the impression this constituency property was her main home.

To explain this discrepancy, Nadine Dorries told the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards that the published accounts from her blog, including those portraying her main home as being in the constituency, were “70% fiction”. She explained the political thinking behind this decision quite clearly (more):

I often posted comments on my blog relating to [name of town] in my constituency. Since I first rented in the constituency, I made a song and dance about being at the property. I have mentioned it on my blog a number of times. This was done to comfort my Association. The previous MP only visited the constituency occasionally—sometimes only as often as once every six weeks—and they were keen that I reversed that impression. His lack of time in the constituency contributed to his de-selection. – Letter to the Commissioner from Ms Nadine Dorries MP, 25 January 2010

Nadine Dorries put it to the Commissioner that she sought to ‘reassure’ her association and her constituents by only appearing to live inside the constituency. This was duly accepted by the Commissioner and included in the report.

The outcry that followed the publication of her “%70 fiction” claim took Nadine Dorries entirely by surprise. After saying that she really meant ‘30% fiction’ all along, she then went on to say that everything she published was entirely true, and only minor dates and place names had been changed, on the specific advice of police (more). The relevant report does not show any mention of this to the Commissioner at any time during the 15 month investigation.

Dorries further claimed that this advice was given by police in response to their awareness of a stalking threat against her, and named me as the main threat (if not the only reason why this alleged advice was issued).

This is a claim that Nadine Dorries has been spreading via her not-a-blog and Twitter account, and I have good reason to believe she has also transmitted this claim and variations of it to several media outlets (though none have run with the detail naming me; even her blogging friends Iain Dale and Paul Staines refuse the carry the weight of her claims, and normally they’ll print any old thing that makes Teh Left look bad).

To support her claim that she was advised by police to publish misleading accounts about time spent in her constituency because of a potential threat to her person from me, Nadine Dorries continues to maintain that I stalk her, and that I have stalked other MPs before her.

I will deal with the latter charge first:

Nadine Dorries claimed quite specifically that I had in the past harassed Conservative MP Anne Milton to the point that police had to get involved*. She also claims that I similarly stalked Conservative MP Patrick Mercer. I know that Dorries cannot possibly substantiate her claim, because I have NEVER been approached by police about anything like this, and it is standard protocol for police to contact any named person who is accused/suspected of this kind of behaviour.

It should also be pointed out that Anne Milton and Patrick Mercer are right now, rather than stepping forward to verify Dorries’ account, doing all they can to avoid comment.

And I really shouldn’t have to do this, as the onus is on Dorries to support what she claims with evidence, but unlike many people, I can readily prove that I have a clean record.

Surprise #1: I went through a CRB check last year**:

CRB check

Of course, if we’re to allow all possibilities and maybe even engage our imaginations to some small extent, there remains a period after CRB clearance where fresh complaints may have been filed against me (i.e. where I have suddenly turned to evil deeds leading to complaints, investigations or even prosecutions). So while this document contradicts any claim or implication that I am known to police for having stalked or otherwise criminally harassed Anne Milton or Patrick Mercer or anyone else prior to mid-2009, I may have been at it hammer and tongs since then.

Nadine Dorries does claim to have made numerous complaints to police about me, and while she has been avoiding mention of specific events/dates throughout, we do know that she claimed to have forwarded emails from me to the London Metropolitan Police on or about if not before 17 February 2010 (her exact words; “have fwd all emails etc to the Met Police who are reviewing with the harassment unit”).

Again, I shouldn’t have to do this, as the onus is on Nadine Dorries to produce the relevant evidence such as log/incident reference numbers (issued when a complaint is made) and/or the relevant crime reference numbers (issued when an investigation begins), but…

Surprise #2: I have already done a subject access request and it brought back NO record of ANY complaint about me being filed with ANYONE in the London Metropolitan Police***:

subject access met

Surprise #3: I got a similar result when checking the Police National Computer:

subject access national

It is clear that Nadine Dorries cannot produce a crime reference number to back up her claim that I was under investigation by police for stalking/harassing her. She shouldn’t be asking for what she already has, and it’s been two weeks since she promised this data that most people can get inside of an hour:


Because this MP appears to think that she should be discussing her allegations of minor crime directly with the local Chief Constable, it does not take a great stretch of the imagination to picture Nadine Dorries making a complaint and being so impossibly self-important as to assume an investigation, so for a long time, to my mind there remained the possibility that Nadine Dorries was merely very confused about what had gone on and perhaps even genuinely frightened by some of the action(s) she attributed to me.


While my more recent subject access request to Bedfordshire Police may yet reveal a note from the log book of the officer who attended when Dorries called police to the Flitwick hustings (more), apart from this event (i.e. the event at which she claimed a police investigation was already in progress), I suspect Dorries cannot produce any evidence that she ever made any kind of complaint about me, when she claims to have multiple complaints.

There is a police force contracted to the House of Commons, but every officer is an officer of London Metropolitan Police, their job focuses on the entire community using the House (i.e. including the public, it is NOT a private police force for MPs, as Dorries seems to think), and I have confirmed that while they pass on serious complaints to plain-clothed officers they themselves issue log/incident numbers on the spot when a serious complaint (e.g. of harassment/stalking) is made through them.

– Can Nadine Dorries produce any log/incident numbers that will establish the date and nature of any complaint made though any police officer stationed in the House of Commons?

– Can Nadine Dorries produce any log/incident numbers that will establish the date and nature of any complaint made to any officer/department/station within London Metropolitan Police?

– Can Nadine Dorries produce any log/incident numbers that will establish the date and nature of any complaint made to Bedfordshire Police?

There is no sign of anyone anywhere in the police system raising concerns about my being a threat to Nadine Dorries or anyone else. Where does this claim of hers come from, where police have been so concerned about what I might do to her that they advise her as early as May 2009 if not earlier to make misleading statements on her blog for her own safety?

If Dorries cannot even prove that she made a complaint, what can this be other than the crudest of inventions?

Before you attempt any answer to that question, let’s also consider that when she was telling this same sob story back in May 2010, she claimed that it was this same police advice coupled with the stabbing of Stephen Timms that finally convinced her to close her blog and Twitter account down, but it was later established that she closed her blog and Twitter account down a week before that event (more).

What can this be other than a deliberate attempt to invent false detail designed to associate me with violent crime?

Dorries also made claims of “explicit” emails/messages from me that she refuses to produce (even under the Data Protection Act) and more recently made claims about “inappropriate comments” in “aggressive” phone calls where no phone calls were made (more).

In the latter instance, she dragged a small interest-group into her fictions and made entirely false claims on their behalf.

Previously, I’ve held on to the hope that Nadine Dorries was so hilariously self-important that she made some complaint(s), then filled in the blanks with occasional bouts of hysteria and delusion.

Increasingly, I’ve become concerned that she may have lied about quite nearly every bit of it, deliberately attempting to portray me as a violent criminal for no other reason than to scare critics off and have me serve as an alibi for her lies and corruption.

What Nadine Dorries published on her blog as fact then later described as “fiction” was designed, by her own account, to “reassure” her constituents by giving a false impression that she lived primarily at the constituency property. There would be no call for this as a pattern of deceit even if security were an issue, but there is NO evidence to support the idea that it ever was. Further, most of the blog entries that are problematic for Dorries were written before I ever met her or even became dimly aware of her. She claims the police advised her to lie on these occasions to specifically protect herself from my attention!

The (presently) linear nature of time itself conspires against her, she made no mention of any of this to the Commissioner, there is no evidence of police ever being concerned about me as risk to anyone, and – most damaging of all – Dorries appears to be unable to establish that she ever made a complaint.

At some stage Nadine Dorries may have spoken to a Crime Prevention Officer in Mid Bedfordshire or the House of Commons, and that person is likely to have given her generic advice about avoiding unwanted attention online, but this would be a long way from what Dorries described.

On what basis does she claim that police regard me to be a danger to her and other MPs?

Why does she persist in this deceit, even when police have (by now) advised her that she hasn’t provided anything worthy of investigation? If she’s not careful, it will begin to look like he is trying to mobilise the anti-social elements that have been publishing my home address alongside the dangerous accusations that I stalk women and send death threats to MPs.

(Psst! If you’re new here, I should explain that I’ve been the subject of a genuine campaign of harassment and Nadine Dorries is now dangerously close to looking like a willing party to harassment while claiming to be a victim of it.)

It is an irresponsible, dangerous and selfish fiction that Dorries engages in when she make claims in the name of police about my being a danger to her or anyone else.

The official Conservative Party position is that it is a matter between me and Dorries, and it is probably going to stay that way for as long as they can keep it down to a dull roar. Meanwhile, I am expected to take civil action to combat an MP telling what I can prove to be a lie about a police investigation that never took place. That alone is a disgrace. Dorries didn’t lie about a church social; she lied about a criminal investigation… and she’s a bloody lawmaker!

And if she cannot produce the log/incident numbers she should already have to hand, it is going to start looking like she invented the whole damn thing.

See also: Exposing Nadine Dorries and the little gang of Conservatives who cried ‘stalker’ (get coffee!)

(*Police did in 2006 have cause to interview a Conservative activist working very closely with Anne Milton. His name; Mike Chambers. Milton has so far refused to comment on the internal investigation that Chambers claims took place before Milton and the Conservatives went on to endorse him as a candidate for local council.)

(**I had this CRB check done so I could work with children. That may be news to you. It’s something I’d love to be able to blog about, if it weren’t for the ongoing genuine harassment situation that I have to deal with. If you recall it involved a concerted attempt to portray me as a convicted paedophile, then you might begin to understand the extent to which it has disrupted my life. I won’t pretend I’m acting purely on police advice, but I am running a blog that is 70% silence at the moment. Meanwhile, I am accused of ‘obsessing’ over Dorries and associated issues because often the only thing I can blog about is the slow progress in the battle against the lies and distortions of hers that contribute so much to an ongoing campaign of harassment against me.)

(***It is possible that a complaint about me overlaps/overlapped with an ongoing investigation into a mysterious other party in a matter so serious it warrants suspending the usual protocols for dealing with claims of harassment. But this is about as likely as a 21-week-old foetus punching its way out of an incision in the uterus.)

(MINI-UPDATE – I again typed “75% fiction” instead of the correct figure of “70% fiction”. Post corrected accordingly. ‘Mid Bedfordshire Police’ has similarly been corrected to ‘Bedfordshire Police’ where appropriate; Bedfordshire Police police Mid Bedfordshire. And FlitWick.)

(MINI-UPDATE – ‘Tom Paine’ or whoever you are, the email address you submit with your comments is not genuine. I have no way to reach you if I wish to discuss the body of your comment. It’s a requirement I have for any substantial comment.)

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