Conservative Central Office: how not to be seen

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OK, here’s how it works around here:

Everybody who visits my site will enjoy the usual level of privacy they would expect from any other site. BUT if you are the type of person who owes me an answer and pretends not to be aware of certain facts so you might hide behind the illusion of plausible deniability, then I am quite likely going to track your visit(s) to the posts on my site that you pretend you haven’t seen, then I am quite likely going to call you on that, even if it means embarrassing you in the process. In fact, if you really piss me off, I am probably going to go out of my way to embarrass you (not least because you deserve a spotlight all to yourself so we can finally see you and hear what you have to say for yourself).

Yesterday, the staff of Conservative Party Chairman Baroness Warsi refused to acknowledge that Nadine Dorries had lied about a criminal investigation that never took place (that she claims took place in response to a report she never made).

In doing so, they attempted to leave me, and my complaint, in limbo. In this way, they could pretend to be unaware of the full facts (as Iain Dale and Nadine Dorries have repeatedly done) and thereby avoid any position that might compel them to take action… or at least a position.

The bad news for them is I gave them a very specific URL in the email I sent, which allowed me to identify/isolate their IP address (…

… and verify that staff at Conservative Central Office had seen and read my post and all the details they would like to deny seeing yesterday at 2:02pm, 2:31pm, 2:53pm, 3:45pm and 4:43pm, and again today at 10:48am. Some visitors even took the time to read other Dorries-related posts, including some on the Nadine Dorries Project.

Baroness Warsi may later be able to claim that she was unaware of all of this, but she will no longer be able to pretend it was the fault of a single, under-enthusiastic staff member (as Patrick Mercer did).

So now the good people at CCHQ have seen the detail, and can’t deny seeing the detail, just what in the hell are they going to do about it? My guess is ‘still nothing’ until some negative publicity kicks in.

Speaking of which, I was curious enough to look up edits to Wikipedia made by people using this Conservative Central Office IP address, and the removal of this little nugget (in red) amused me:

I’m sure there’s more to find. Have a browse for yourself.

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