Housekeeping (an urgent appeal)

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Hi folks.

I expect to bring you some important updates today (Thursday 20 Jan), if not soon after that. I don’t want to say or even hint what the update concerns, as I do not wish to imply that the following is in any way connected:


(or if using Twitter)

(*Basically, because I do not want people dashing about gathering header data any longer than is necessary. I’m sure you understand.)

OK, ‘shouting’ over. All done. Are you all ready? Good. Housekeeping:

If you have received an email or have been made aware of any kind of electronic message from/about a person who claims to have knowledge of material retrieved from my rubbish bin, I would greatly appreciate (a) hearing about it, and (b) receiving the full headers of the relevant notifying email so I might collate a package of evidence for presentation to the police as soon as it possible.

– If you are using Outlook Express / Windows Mail:

Right-click on the message while viewing the Inbox/folder it sits in and you should be able to choose the option ‘send as an attachment’. Address it to me, and type ‘housekeeping’ in the subject field. You can also put a message in the text area saying ‘howdy’ etc. before sending, but there is no need if you are pressed for time; it’s the attachment I’m interested in. This will send me the whole email, headers and all, and I will (hopefully) be able to retrieve the relevant IP data from the sender. Please send to: bloggerheads DOT com AT gmail DOT com

– If you are using Gmail:

While viewing/reading the email itself, look to the top right hand corner of the email and you will see the word ‘Reply’. Do not click this. Click the downward-pointing arrow to its immediate right and choose ‘Show original’ from the pull-down menu. On the page full of code that opens in a new tab or window, hit ‘Ctrl+A’ (Select All) then Ctrl+C (Copy), then open an email to the address below, type ‘housekeeping’ in the subject field and finally, in the body of the email (where you normally type the text/message), hit Ctrl+V (Paste). This will send me the full headers of the email as text and I will (hopefully) be able to retrieve the relevant IP data from the sender. Please send to: bloggerheads DOT com AT gmail DOT com


Police may (I stress may) wish to contact some recipients, and may require access to the original, or a statement from you verifying that you are the source of this data. The original is worth hanging on to. Please keep it somewhere safe.

If you have been contacted via a Twitter message, please advise me of the relevant username via email – bloggerheads DOT com AT gmail DOT com – and we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

If people are shy about coming forward, I will point out that on its own it may not look like much to some people, but I have good reason to believe that recipients of the email I am concerned about are holding evidence of a criminal act. You may view things differently based on what little you can see (or maybe even have views about me or my politics that make you wonder why you should bother) but by withholding the information I speak of, you risk the appearance of complicity.

I do not exaggerate for the sake of generating any false impression or accusation here. This post contains no intimation of who this is about, so there is no point. I have no desire to conduct any trial by media, or release the relevant information to the public; the intention is to collate a package of evidence and send it on the police. ASAP.

If you are the type of person who would rather insist that you contact the police directly (or even insist that they contact you) then I am sorry, but you would really need to be an exceptional case before I would agree to handing out the relevant contact details of very busy people and/or asking police to fetch individual scraps of evidence the themselves, especially when time is of the essence and it is in everyone’s interests to nip this one in the bud. You could email me and ask if you like, but do not sit on this data. Sitting on this data would be a mistake.

So, to summarise, if you know what I am talking about because you have received an email/message like the one I describe, everything most people need to know to do something about it is above. If you have received it in email form and experience any difficulty in sending me a copy of the message complete with headers** then please contact me and I will endeavour to guide you through the process to the best of my abilities and with as little fuss as possible in the time available to me.

Cheers all. Back soon with that update I spoke of as soon as is possible.

(**I assume in this post that almost every owner of a Mac will know how to do this. Thus the seemingly Windows-centric view.)

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