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Posted by Tim Ireland at January 10, 2011

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Nadine Dorries is in the news again, this time over a relationship with a married man. I’ve no stomach for going over the detail at present, but highlights include the now-standard Dorries tactic of smearing her detractors (in this case, the wife of the married man) and making claims in her defence that appear impossible without the use of a time machine.

There was also this, which caught my eye:

“I don’t lie. I never, ever lie. And I would defy anyone to go back over my blog and point out a single lie to me.” – Nadine Dorries (source)

Challenge accepted.

Nadine Dorries presented some highly dubious evidence to the House in a recent abortion debate, and when I dared to look into her claims about an organisation called Forsaken, she published this on her ‘blog’:

“Already, Forsaken have had the infamous Bloggerheads, Tim Ireland, on the phone this morning. Probing, asking questions about their status, amking the usual inappropriate comments etc. Usual Tim Ireland, agressive ‘I have a right to know all about you’ style.” – Nadine Dorries (source)

Forsaken have confirmed that I did not call/phone them at any time. They have also confirmed that there was nothing improper or inappropriate about any of my emails to them. To give Dorries the benefit of the doubt, her claim may have begun as an error, but once the truth was established and she failed to update, correct or retract her claim, it quickly evolved into a lie, and it remains a lie for as long as it is published without correction or retraction.

There are many other examples of untruths and deceits in this single incident and her wider campaign to smear myself and others as stalkers (major update on this to come soon), but if I’m to be limited to one example, I’d want to choose one she cannot dismiss under the mysterious ‘perception’ exception she alludes to:

“I don’t lie. I never, ever lie. And I would defy anyone to go back over my blog and point out a single lie to me. However, the thing about fact and fiction… is perception.” – Nadine Dorries (source)

She claims she never lies on her blog, and I’ve just shown you an example where she maintains what is clearly a lie on her blog. Will she take any measures to correct it? Unlikely.

Back on deck soon with that major update. Cheers all.


  1. chickyog says

    Hang on, what happened to 70% fiction and 30% fact on her blog? Or 30% fiction and 70% fact as she later backtracked in an interview. Which ever percentage of fiction you accept that's still a big slice of lies.

  2. gwenhwyfaer says

    It's axiomatic that someone who claims that they never lie is lying. It's also a good indicator that they have neither conscience nor self-awareness. But then, we knew that, right? :)

  3. Hmmn says

    Also remember this on her blog?

    "On Monday, I am being interviewed by one of the UK's top feature writers for a national newspaper. In that interview I hope I will be able to expand on some of the issues written about today.

    I am delighted to have been offered the interview. I respect the intellect and integrity of the interviewer and feel comfortable in the knowledge that the truth will always out and sense and sensibility will always rule the day."

    This was clearly about the Jan Moir interview so hoist be her own petard.

  4. mshumphreycushion says

    "Sue Cullen is absolutely not disabled"… "Ms Cullen also once tweeted that she was on disability benefit" " She stormed around the hall after me, shouted a great deal and even followed me outside, pacing up and down whilst I chatted to constituents" " An operation on both feet for arthritis? Let’s put aside that surgeons never operate on both feet at the same time. This is a medical breakthrough. Hips and knees, yes, now feet! Amazing. Twitter followers conned again"

    I could go on… Ms Dorries you are a liar, period.

  5. @gingerbenji says

    Despite all the animosity Dorries has towards you I think it's very sporting of her to make a personal appearance in the Wonder Woman video. Her mumblings are much more lucid than normal.

  6. @GaspardWinckler says

    And let us not forget that "I wont be making any further comments" ( – dated Friday 7 Jan) was followed within days with a 900-word article in a national newspaper under her byline…

  7. won'tadmititever says

    Interested readers should read Dorries blog's starting 2005 ( laugh no archives available) would make many people wake up to Lies and erratic comment's . Also just how MANY times Dorries has tried to ruin a fellow MP or a journalist. Sally Bercow must have forgotten Dorries tried to "Bring The Speaker Down" ( didn't get other MPs behind her though) isn't Sally now wishing the "New Lovers Well" ? I detest hypocrisy.

  8. @scotchtwit says

    ND BBC Question Time December 2010: "No MP should ever abstain".

    ND has never voted on Asylum System policy (2005 – 2007, possible 4 votes).

    ND has never voted on Transparency of Parliament (2007 – 2009, possible 10 votes).

    ND has never voted on Removal of Hereditary Peers (2007, possible 1 vote).

    That makes 15 times doing what no MP should ever do.


  9. won'tadmititever says

    God help this John Butler when he discovers and he will eventually that she is "erratic" that she has a temper that she actually believes her own lies, and that I find is of real concern. That she loves clothes least her blogs used to be full of what she paid for items she wears. That she has been married twice and that she is always in the media.
    If I recall she named herself in the sleaze email saga. She was NOT named that I recall but somehow she just can't resist to ANNOUNCE to every Tom, Dick and JOHN ha ha. That suddenly she knew at Christmas that they were now in a relationship albeit early stages. Does she take us all for FOOLS ? Whether Mrs Butler has a problem or not which was a nice excuse to tell the media and run the poor woman into the ground. Dorries could have just let them sort out their marriage quietly as it is Dorries in her usual style is a parasite feeding off what she can get from others and gobbles anyone up who might get in her way. She is a Taker and uses people then discards them

  10. won'tadmititever says

    I am convinced this woman is unstable and I know she does tell lies.
    What can the public do I ask myself to help show this woman up for what she really is ?
    I hope all readers who can look back and see how she has twisted the truth and it is so obvious from 2010 that she way lying about being stalked that now people will apply to Cameron to do something about this MP.

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