Nadine Dorries: lies with another man

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Nadine Dorries is in the news again, this time over a relationship with a married man. I’ve no stomach for going over the detail at present, but highlights include the now-standard Dorries tactic of smearing her detractors (in this case, the wife of the married man) and making claims in her defence that appear impossible without the use of a time machine.

There was also this, which caught my eye:

“I don’t lie. I never, ever lie. And I would defy anyone to go back over my blog and point out a single lie to me.” – Nadine Dorries (source)

Challenge accepted.

Nadine Dorries presented some highly dubious evidence to the House in a recent abortion debate, and when I dared to look into her claims about an organisation called Forsaken, she published this on her ‘blog’:

“Already, Forsaken have had the infamous Bloggerheads, Tim Ireland, on the phone this morning. Probing, asking questions about their status, amking the usual inappropriate comments etc. Usual Tim Ireland, agressive ‘I have a right to know all about you’ style.” – Nadine Dorries (source)

Forsaken have confirmed that I did not call/phone them at any time. They have also confirmed that there was nothing improper or inappropriate about any of my emails to them. To give Dorries the benefit of the doubt, her claim may have begun as an error, but once the truth was established and she failed to update, correct or retract her claim, it quickly evolved into a lie, and it remains a lie for as long as it is published without correction or retraction.

There are many other examples of untruths and deceits in this single incident and her wider campaign to smear myself and others as stalkers (major update on this to come soon), but if I’m to be limited to one example, I’d want to choose one she cannot dismiss under the mysterious ‘perception’ exception she alludes to:

“I don’t lie. I never, ever lie. And I would defy anyone to go back over my blog and point out a single lie to me. However, the thing about fact and fiction… is perception.” – Nadine Dorries (source)

She claims she never lies on her blog, and I’ve just shown you an example where she maintains what is clearly a lie on her blog. Will she take any measures to correct it? Unlikely.

Back on deck soon with that major update. Cheers all.

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