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Posted by Tim Ireland at September 21, 2011

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For those who are new here and/or otherwise left wondering what the hell is going on…

This latest outburst from Nadine Dorries is a textbook attempt by this MP to spoil a major revelation/disclosure that she knows is coming.

I now have evidence that Nadine Dorries lied about a police investigation that never took place, then abused her position to instigate a police investigation to cover her tracks, and then lied about the nature, details and outcome of that investigation. Among the documents I have secured; a redacted version of the complete Bedfordshire Police report in response to her complaint, and the complaint itself. It’s damning stuff. Absolute dynamite in places. (At one point in her letter of complaint, Dorries makes a series of entirely false claims that she cannot possibly substantiate… in the name of the law firm Carter Ruck!)

It is also worth mentioning that her self-penned no-names accusation in a recent edition of the Daily Mail makes it completely clear that she is trying to use clever wording on her not-a-blog in order to give people the false impression that I was issued with a caution as a result of her complaint (while associating me with recent threats she claims to have received, which is nice):

“One particularly obsessive man recently followed me round with a camera, whipped up online hysteria against me and eventually had to accept a police caution for harassment.” – Nadine Dorries (source)

This is complete lie that Dorries repeatedly publishes and broadcasts knowing exactly how it sets off an active vigilante element; primarily, people who have their own reasons to intimidate me into silence, but are visibly agitated by Dorries’ outbursts.

This leads me to the main reason why I have not yet published the damning evidence that I have mentioned.

A man who I will not name was so caught up in Dorries’ late-May ‘caution’ lies that he made his own complaint to police in the days that followed, called on others to do the same, and then made a threat of violence against me and another man on his own site, under his own name, on the same day he had an appointment with police to discuss his (false) allegations.

Police have not acted on any previous complaint from this man, and they did not act on this latest complaint. But they did take the threat of violence seriously, which is what has led to the scheduled court appearance* that makes it very difficult for me to expose Dorries as a liar without risk of prejudicing an upcoming trial.

(The man involved pleaded ‘not guilty’ because he did not wish to accept… yep, a genuine caution.)

However, as a sign of good faith to the lovely readers and followers who continue to stand by me, I am today publishing the worst thing that police report says about me.

Some of the report impacts on others, so it may not be published by me in its complete (albeit redacted) form, so I just wanted to be clear with folks that I am not hiding anything. That, and I’m curious to see the mountain Dorries will build out of this molehill while I wait to drop a shedload of bedrock on her.

(The redactions in red are mine, and a courtesy to the officer concerned until I have at least attempted to put their comments into context.)

Aha! A master criminal exposed at long last!

I am currently in the process of researching the relevant officer’s account so I might better understand how they came to this conclusion, but if my memory serves me well, this negative impression most likely stems from my mentioning it was Dorries who was actually under investigation for expenses (which was true) when she claimed I was under investigation for stalking (which was not true). I am happy to discuss this in comments, but little else, for reasons I would hope are clear.

I will blog again as soon as I am able. In the meantime, you can find me on Twitter most weekdays. Do follow me, even if only to annoy the biggest liar Parliament.

*UPDATE (09 Nov) – I have been advised that the CPS have discontinued this case mere days ahead of the scheduled court date, so I’ll most likely be going live with the Dorries evidence within the next week.


  1. Adrian Morgan says

    This is disgraceful. For Dorries to call you a “stalker” and to insinuate (with no supporting evidence) that: “Which leads me and others to think that maybe his special hatred is reserved for women” is appalling.

    It makes her no better, and just as deserving of public opprobrium as a woman who falsely cries “rape” – at once underminung all cases of genuine rape (or “stalking” in this instance).

    Does this delusional and vindictive shrew not realise that as an MP, whose wages are paid for by taxpayers and who has a duty to fairly represent members of the public in her constituency, that all her public actions are open to scrutiny. Attempts to get to the root of her half-formed claims (like when she claimed expenses for living in a Cotswold gatehouse) are totally legitimate. Photographing or filming her at a public event, such as at the Flitwick, are par for the course for a public figure who is draining the public purse.

    This is what being a public figure – in politics – is about. Demanding special treatment, like she is some third-rate celebrity, is neither seemly nor responsible behaviour for a Member of Parliament.

    Add to this, her ridiculous claims that Tim “hosts a number of objectionable websites”.

    Has she not seen her OWN website? In today’s day and age, decorating one’s website like a cheap old tart’s boudoir is NOT sexy. It is sad, and faintly revolting.

    A bit like the hideous and hypocritical persona of a self-righteous harpie that Dorries has constructed for herself. Her whole public presentation is like a dried out piece of pink-hued meringue. Crusty on the outside and sickly to the senses.

    And certainly not appropriate for a Member of Parliament, where some sense of decorum is expected.

  2. @JimmyHSands says

    Is it just me or do you think the cop who redacted her name was having a laugh?

    • Tim_Ireland says

      Redactions seemed entirely appropriate; I obtained this data on the basis that it was about me

  3. won't admit it ever says

    Ah Adrian, you have stolen my "thunder" delusional vindictive shrew is my opinion also.
    I think it stuck out a mile that her appearance at the public event at Flitwick proved she had "lost it completely" and she became hysterical when she realised Tim was there and he had a right to be at a "public meeting" I keep in touch with folk from Liverpool who have relation's that knew Dorries Grandparent's and her own parent's and her friends and her very first LIE was—-I was born on a Council Estate. when I read her letter to Mr Lyon's about her somewhere other homes I was ready to write to Cameron .Meanwhile there are many people on Tim's side who know that she is one very dangerous lady and she will fully expect to get away with whatever proof he can show to clear his name once and for all.

  4. @anglica_simons says

    I'm agree with you "Adrian Morgan". its not the way to treat women.

  5. A Walpole says

    Interesting thing about Dorries stalker accusation, it applies more to her than to you (if at all) after all she makes up things about you and you are very good at printing the truth and avoiding the personal, such as her friends husband who has just dumped her!

  6. Adrian_Morgan says

    Note how she also notes that it is not only she herself who thinks your “special hatred is reserved for women”, but “others”.

    Whenever a person has to invoke unnamed others to augment their spite, it is a sure sign they know they are on a losing wicket. It is a derivation of the playground taunts of “everyone hates you”, and in an adult it is artless and vulgar.

    There is another individual, alluded to in the post above, who also uses this rather childish and desperate tactic. The fact that this character is, in reality, a bit of a Billy No-Mates, only acentuates the desperate need to validate personal spite with the validation that “other people share my bigoted hatred, so there!”

    If this was some drunken bag lady or alcoholic accosting pub-goers with trite stories in the hope of being bought a drink, it might me vaguely excusable. But a Member of Parliament, a so-called mature woman?


    Petty, childish, and pathetic. Grow up Dorries and start acting like a pubic representative, not a public spectacle…

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