Media Watch Meet-up

Posted by Tim Ireland at August 5, 2011

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A small group of liberal elitists behind The Sun: Tabloid Lies, Mail Watch, Express Watch and other personal attacks on common sense and decency will be meeting for a London-centric Chardonnay-quaffing* session at The Monarch in Camden at 2:30pm on Saturday 6th August, 2011.

Members of the public are invited to attend, provided they are not operating under the constraints of an imaginary legal device.

Those attending may be exposed to furtive whispers about media standards as a spectacle, media-watching as a sport, and other aspects of the vast left wing conspiracy to impose accuracy and accountability on a self-regulated system that’s doing just fine without our incessant meddling.

[*There may be some drinking of popular colas and lager beer, purely for the sake of appearances, should a photo opportunity arise. PS – bring a camera.]

Media Watch Meet-up

6th August 2011
The Monarch in Camden:

Bags will be searched for pie.


  1. Carl Eve says

    Typical of the London-centric elite to hold their meetings inside the M25!

    I'll be there in spirit lads. Have a prawn sandwich for me!

  2. Richard says

    Where's MirrorWatch?

    • Tim_Ireland says

      Don't know. Why haven't you started it yet?

  3. Scotch says

    As I can’t make it for self-inflicted reasons, I’ll be looking out for the live blog. Hey, the Guardian does it for cricket. How many laptops and smartphones are gonna be there?
    Have fun, you freedom-hating liberal elitist commie faggots.

  4. @doktorb says

    Sorry – "common sense and decency" AND the Daily Express? I enjoy this blog, and support you Tim, but can't quite figure out where you are, here. Those three tabloids are put on watch for very good reasons – they are rabble rousing, sensationalist, prejudiced, insulting and vulgar, often attacking without good rhyme, reason or evidence.

    I note you are a very hard opponent of those who attempt to smear your name without hard evidence. The red-tops do it all the time, and get away with it.

    I would rather support more control on what the tabloids pour out than attacking those who want a stronger, better, more mature press.

    • Tim_Ireland says

      Easy enough to figure out where I am: this was sarcasm :O)

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