Ed Miliband, Nadine Dorries, and office burglary etiquette

Posted by Tim Ireland at March 19, 2012

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There’s been rather a lot of fuss in recent days about an apparent break-in at Ed Miliband’s Commons offices. Police are investigating and speculation is rife.

Personally, I think everybody should calm down and take a leaf out of the Holy Book of Dorries.

Nadine Dorries claims that almost exactly the same thing happened at her constituency residence in 2010; she says she returned to her constituency home to discover that the front door had been removed from its hinges. She further claimed that nothing was actually missing from the house and the only thing the intruder(s) appeared to be interested in were her office filing cabinets, which had all been opened and rifled through.

This was in early 2010, just prior to a general election, and it took place at a time when Nadine Dorries’ paperwork was of particular interest to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards… but did Dorries make a fuss and call the police? No, she did not. She did take the time to report several critics and a political opponent of ‘stalking’ her, but obviously that was/is a far greater and more legitimate concern than any piddling paperwork that might have been viewed or stolen by unknown burglars (even if Dorries’ incursion does sound far more professional than Miliband’s ‘forced door’ incident.).

I’m equally confident that if Dorries ever mentioned it to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, it was only in passing; perhaps as a possible explanation for her inability to produce paperwork supporting her expenses claims.

Because, as we all know, Nadine Dorries is not one to make a fuss unnecessarily.


  1. paul says

    Very droll. Dorries’ break-in was a professional hit, via insiders, of that there is no doubt. Ed Milliband’s was also a professional hit made to look a bit clumsy and amateurish.

  2. Anna Kissed says

    Did Dorries make an 'Insurance' claim on the alleged 'door off it's hinges'? If so, I wonder what she claimed was the cause of this unfortunate mishap.

    • Tim_Ireland says

      I got the impression from the original story teller that there was no apparent damage left after this incident which almost certainly happened.

  3. Jimmy says

    This is clearly libelous. Nadine has released CCTV footage of the break in. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYaOo23q5Cc&fe

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