Barry Smith on the Occult and the End of Days

Posted by Tim Ireland at January 28, 2013

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The late Barry Smith was a tireless preacher of evangelist/conspiracy rhetoric, and I can tell you now that he sure knew how to spin a yarn and hold an audience.

I have here a special treat for Barry Smith enthusiasts; a 2 hour lecture by Barry that was unavailable online until today:

Barry Smith Lecture: The Occult

You may think that you don’t have the patience to listen to over 120 minutes of fire, brimstone and assorted argle-bargle, but I can assure you there will be plenty of envelope-pushing to pique your interest, pretty much from the outset.

The audio is a bit shaky (the volume was very high and muddy on the VHS source) but from about 90 seconds in you’re going to start to forget about all of that, and be transported by Barry’s many insights and certainties about signs of the Occult, and indications that the End Times are upon us. Enjoy.


  1. Astrology Blog says

    This dude is a fool.

  2. Lloyd says

    You are the fool my friend

    • Jim says

      Well said Lloyd, astology is a fool! Barry Smith never claimed to be a prophet but he was ahead of his time. He warned the world because he wanted to see them escape the Lake of Fire

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