Jimmy Savile and the benefit of hindsight

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Towards the end of his life, a woman with a striking resemblance to Jimmy Savile appeared at his doorstep claiming she was his child. He refused all contact with her, and even after he died she was initially refused access to materials that would allow her to conduct a DNA test.

She began a legal challenge that eventually led to DNA tests commissioned “by executors of Sir Jimmy’s estate” that were “inconclusive” (based on smoked cigars left in his home, apparently, but this detail may be tabloid garnish). She has since dropped the whole matter in line with her mother’s long-standing advice that she “leave it alone”, which shouldn’t surprise anyone given all of the recent revelations and allegations about the man who has become known as one of the most prolific sexual predators of our time.

You are invited to gaze in wonder at this item, where The Sun publish the response from Savile’s “former personal assistant” during the dispute. Full text appears below the scanned article for those of you in the cheap seats.

scan of Sun 19 Dec 2001

Sir Jimmy Savile’s pal says love child tale is ‘lie’
SIR Jimmy Savile’s former personal assistant yesterday rubbished a blonde’s claims that she is his secret daughter.
Janet Cope, 70, said the telly star would never have risked an affair.
And she dismissed Georgina Ray’s claims that the Top Of The Pops legend had a fling with her waitress mum in 1970 as “grotesque.”
She added: “I made all Jim’s arrangements, knew his every movement and who he was friends with.
“I’ve never heard of Georgina Ray or her mum. Jim cared too much about his image. He wouldn’t have risked it for a cheap fling.”
The Sun told last week how Georgina, 40, is calling for DNA tests to prove she is the daughter of Sir Jimmy, who died six weeks ago. The mum of three, from Cannock, Staffs, denies being a gold-digger.

What a difference a year makes, eh?

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