(Karaoke) Lyrics to the ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’ version of ‘The Edge of Reality’

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Steve Austin was forced to do work as a secret agent and he clearly resented it, but the government would often remind him that he owed them 6 million dollars… after their plane fell out of the sky and they rebuilt him using experimental bionic parts.

That never made sense to me. The first thing I would do with my bionic right arm is punch a certain secret government agency right in the face before leaving a Steve-Austin-shaped hole in the wall.

Lyrics below the fold.

LYRICS – ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’ by Tim Ireland

(Sung to ‘The Edge of Reality’, as performed by Elvis Presley)

Oh I can hear Steve Austin running
Faster than humans can

He is the cyborg of the future
The Six Million Dollar Man

I heard them say
‘We can make him better,
Science says we can’

‘A better, stronger, faster Steven’
The Six Million Dollar Man

Oh the Six Million Dollar Man
He runs fast as autos can
And has a bionic right arm
Oh the Six Million Dollar Man
His butt has a turbo fan
His pants an electric alarm

‘Gentle-men, we can rebuild him.’
‘Atomic legs and hand’

And oh my lord, they just took his eyeball!
He’s the Six Million Dollar Man!!

Oh the Six Million Dollar Man
He crashed when it all began
Technology cost him his soul
Oh the Six Million Dollar Man
His brains are a custard flan
He woke up and lost all control

Oh Steve escaped from the lab at midnight
This wasn’t in the plan!

If he returns, he may destroy us
The Six Million Dollar Man!

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