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Posted by Tim Ireland at March 14, 2006

Category: Photoshopping

Rapists will be raped. Apparently.

And if you think I’m kidding, check out the subtle message in the 2nd (PDF) of the two posters in this new campaign.

UPDATE – Got onto a bit of a roll with this one. Here’s another and another and another. And another.

Posted by Tim Ireland at February 22, 2006

Category: Flash Music Video, Games and Objects, Photoshopping

I’ve been sitting on this treat for a while, and have just sorted the last tiny little bugs out.

Are you ready?

No, are you really ready?

Very well, then let us proceed:

The Star Wars Photoshopping Project – Special Edition

Turn those speakers up, sit back, and enjoy.


(Cheers to for the music.)

Posted by Tim Ireland at February 14, 2006

Category: Photoshopping

I was busy.

Elmer Season

For those who have been on Mars these past few days

For those who have been on Mars for over 50 years

UPDATE – Liberal Common Sense – Extreme Peppering

UPDATE – A video for you… Hunting Chrashers.

Posted by Tim Ireland at February 6, 2006

Category: Photoshopping

Yes, I could throw some fuel onto the cartoon bonfire, but I really don’t want to… so have some Ruth Kelly Vs. Egg action instead.

Telegraph – Ruth Kelly hit by egg outside court

UPDATE – Beau Bo d’Or on yet another topic

UPDATE – OK, OK… one for the cartoon crowd, but only because it contains Larson.

UPDATE – Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Sun editorial (07 Feb): Ruth Kelly is no great shakes as an education supremo. But that does not excuse the fanatic who pelted her with eggs. Why should any public figure be subject to such humiliation? The actions of Fathers 4 Justice – including threatening to kidnap Tony Blair’s lad, Leo – verge on terrorism.

For those who came in late:
Bloggerheads – Evil plots
Bloggerheads – Leo Blair – hijacked, not kidnapped

Posted by Tim Ireland at January 27, 2006

Category: Photoshopping

Heh. I’m looking at some of the latest Google Image results (they’ve recently started refreshing their Images database much more often) and this is a highlight for me:

Posted by Tim Ireland at January 27, 2006

Category: Photoshopping, Updates

Busy day. May be away.

UPDATE – I did have time to make a pretty picture for you. Oh, and you might like these (best one is No. 8).

UPDATE – Ahahahahahahahaha! War on Terror: The Board Game! Site includes this excellent message from the makers.

Posted by Tim Ireland at January 23, 2006

Category: Photoshopping

Shit/fan interface

Posted to B3ta.

Posted by Tim Ireland at January 19, 2006

Category: Photoshopping

Tony Blair and Jack Straw in the Spanish Inquisition sketch

Posted to B3ta.

Posted by Tim Ireland at January 12, 2006

Category: Photoshopping

Ruth Kelly and Tony Blair

Witness the kiss of death:

BBC – Kelly ‘will keep education job’: Ms Kelly has come under fire over the decision to allow a registered sex offender to work as a PE teacher…. But the prime minister’s official spokesman said the education secretary had Mr Blair’s full support.

More (and I do mean more):

Guardian – Kelly admits more sex offenders in school jobs: Ruth Kelly yesterday admitted that there had been more cases where ministers gave approval for registered sex offenders to work in schools and ordered a review of each decision.

UPDATE – New pic and linkage at B3ta.

UPDATE – It’s the theme that will not die. I’ll be lining up for a job with the Daily Mail next.

Posted by Tim Ireland at January 3, 2006

Category: Photoshopping

Jack Straw

UPDATE – Another Jack Straw photoshop can be found here.

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