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Posted by Tim Ireland at April 22, 2005

Category: UK General Election 2005

Weekends are a great time to get off your arse and do something… and we only have two weekends before the election.

Think of something to do and *do* it. This weekend.

Let’s get Iraq on the agenda.

Posted by Tim Ireland at April 22, 2005

Category: It's War! It's Legal! It's Lovely!, Tony 'King Blair, UK General Election 2005

I’d like to begin – if I may – by taking you back a month or so, when Blair likened his relationship with voters to a troubled marriage.

Now, there are several variations of this very old and rather pessimistic joke about marital relations, but the guts of it are as follows:

There are three stages to marital sex…


Posted by Tim Ireland at April 21, 2005

Category: UK General Election 2005

And all you have to do is use one little word.


I want to see some serious Effort and Bloggage on this, folks.

Go. Do. Show.

Also, we’ve had Phase 2 of the Backing Blair posters on hold for a while, but – as The Scum have finally shown their true colours – these new posters are now live. Go get ’em, go use ’em.

Posted by Tim Ireland at April 21, 2005

Category: UK General Election 2005

Folks, I need as many people as possible to starting pointing Google in the direction of

If you already link to the address, please update your links.


Posted by Tim Ireland at April 19, 2005

Category: UK General Election 2005

A busy day for me tomorrow, but there’s some new stuff over at the Anne Milton weblog to tide you over.

Posted by Tim Ireland at April 19, 2005

Category: UK General Election 2005

Take a look at the changes we’ve made and why.

SEE ALSO – Times – Shhh! It’s the Basil Fawlty election: We mocked the recent US elections but at least they enjoyed a debate centred on the single most important issue of the early 21st century: the desire to export Western democracy by force. Over here, we have become a nation of Basil Fawltys. Don’t mention the war, says Tony Blair. I mentioned it just now but think I got away with it, chirps Michael Howard. And what does Charles Kennedy say? Nothing.

(Also in this edition; a bit of Boris.)

Posted by Tim Ireland at April 19, 2005

Category: Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch, UK General Election 2005

The Scum – If you care… VOTE: Music stars were out in force yesterday to back The Sun’s Rock The Vote campaign. Coldplay’s Chris Martin, 28, said our move to get young people to have their say in the General Election was a “great idea.” He added: “I think that by voting you show you care. It’s when politicians don’t think we care that they start doing the craziest things.” He was joined by McFly singer Tom Fletcher, 19. He said: “It’s very important to make your voice heard when decisions are being made about your future.” Blue star Duncan James, 27, said: “Well done, The Sun. I think it’s a fantastic campaign. It’s important young people vote to show they care about what happens to the country.” Pop Idol winner Will Young, 26, also hailed The Sun for its efforts. He said: “We’ve been given the freedom of choice. If you want to be heard and try to make a difference, you must vote.” Soul beauty Beverley Knight, 33, said: “Whatever you do, make sure you vote.” Beverley told Labour supporters at a rally in Birmingham: “You’ve got to do what’s right by exercising what people have fought for.”

The Scum rips off Rock The Vote - logo and allYes, and take a look at the rally she said this at.

1) It’s nice that pop stars are being praised for speaking up. Normally Murdoch goes for their throat if they dare to open their mouths.

2) It’s nice also that The Sun has a new crop of celebrities backing their campaign, so they don’t have to rely on claiming/suggesting that stars like Snoop Dogg and Leonardo DiCaprio are backing their rip-off campaign because they backed the original Rock The Vote, which came from a collective vehemently opposed to Rupert Murdoch and his agenda. If you take a look at the logo they printed yesterday that still appears on their website today, you can see that they’ve even ripped off Rock The Vote’s logo and sloppily slapped a ‘UK’ on it. They even left in that funny little symbol next to the ‘E’ (I’m sure it means something, but for the life of me I can’t figure out what).

I got in touch with Rock The Vote yesterday. They were completely unaware of Rock The Vote UK. I’d imagine they’d now want to take some kind of legal action, but we’ll see what develops. Anyway, let’s get back to The Scum and a final word for today…

The Scum Says – Vote vote vote: Wise words from Coldplay star Chris Martin in our Rock The Vote campaign. Chris warns that it is vital to use your vote because “it’s when politicians don’t think we care that they start doing the craziest things”. He is right. Apathy is the greatest enemy of democracy. Your vote is a precious right for which many have given their lives. Make sure you use it.

I could have sworn that politicians do crazy things even when they know we *do* care – if they can rely on newspapers like The Sun to help them sell a big enough lie.

Posted by Tim Ireland at April 18, 2005

Category: UK General Election 2005

Guardian – Sedgefield aide turns against Blair: An anti-war candidate standing against Tony Blair in Sedgefield won the backing of a senior Labour official in the prime minister’s constituency today. Dave Cattell, a Labour member for 30 years and a member of the executive committee in Sedgefield, announced he was quitting the party to join the campaign staff of independent candidate Reg Keys… His defection came a day after former MI5 officer David Shayler pulled out of the Sedgefield race. Mr Shayler appealed to other parties to withdraw their candidates to give Mr Keys a better chance of deposing Mr Blair.

Posted by Tim Ireland at April 18, 2005

Category: UK General Election 2005

ITV – Opinion polls put Labour in front

Guardian – Opinion polls suggest Labour lead

Bloomberg – Blair Leads Conservatives in Five Out of Five Polls

Now, a few interesting nuggets for you…

Independent – Revealed: Blair deal to hand power to Brown: Under Mr Blair, Labour’s lead remains unchanged since our last poll, just before the election campaign began. If Mr Brown were leader, Labour would go up to 45 per cent, the Conservatives down to 31 per cent and the Liberal Democrats to 16 per cent; 26 per cent of Lib Dem voters say they would switch to Labour if the Chancellor took over.

(I love the ‘deal’ that’s presented here, BTW – where Blair goes but New Labour stays.)

Guardian – War: the great unknown among election issues: In this election, the war is everywhere and nowhere. Officially, it’s nowhere. Last week’s Guardian poll showed a measly 3% of voters citing the Iraq conflict as the main factor in determining their choice. Neither the government nor the opposition talk about it much. In contrast with recent elections in Spain and the United States, the two main parties were on the same side over Iraq. So while Jose Maria Aznar and George Bush were pounded by their electoral challengers over the conflict, Tony Blair enjoys a free pass from his chief rival, Michael Howard. Iraq is not exactly the lead item in any of the main party manifestos. And yet, take a look at the Conservatives’ latest cinema ad. It shows a grainy shot of Mr Blair with Mr Bush, and there is no mistaking the memory that image is meant to evoke. Talk to the candidates themselves, of whatever stripe, and many will testify that Iraq is raised on the doorstep more often, and with greater intensity, than those headline poll figures would suggest.

The UK Today – Begging: Received a very entertaining telephone call from the Labour Party last night… She seemed pleasantly surprised when I said that I’d love to make a significantly larger donation, but her voice fell when I informed her that any such donation was dependant on Tony Blair standing down before polling day. Apparantly I wasn’t the first person to impose such a condition, and I doubt that I’ll be the last.

Europhobia – Tactical Voting: Lest we forget, the best the Tories managed in today’s polls was 1 point behind Labour. But the way the first past the post system and the current make-up of the constituencies work, even if they get an equal share of the popular vote, Labour will still be returned with a majority. The best the Tories have managed to do in the polls so far was a one-off aberration which saw them 5 points ahead about two weeks ago. That’s 7 points less than they need to safely form a government. So can we now please shut up with the scare tactics?

Posted by Tim Ireland at April 18, 2005

Category: Page 3 - News in Briefs, Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch, UK General Election 2005

Sheer gallThe Scum – Rock The Vote UK: In January the world watched in awe as eight million Iraqis braved terrorist slaughter to take part in the country’s first general election for a lifetime. In some parts of the ravaged country, turnout was a staggering 90 per cent. Women in tears were determined to have their first-ever say in the greatest event in the democratic calendar. Yet in Britain on May 5, millions will stay home and watch EastEnders or go to the pub rather than decide how – and by whom – their nation is governed. Today The Sun is launching a Rock The Vote campaign to get our readers and every other able-bodied person out on the big day to say who they want in Parliament. Our drive, which mirrors a similar US initiative, is backed by a host of celebrities including rock’s Justin Hawkins and Noel Gallagher, soccer’s Sir Alex Ferguson and athletics’ Dame Kelly Holmes… Tony Blair last night backed The Sun’s Rock the Vote campaign. “The vote is a very precious thing,” he said. “It’s easy for people to be cynical. Easy, but wrong. On May 5 every single voter has the same power in their hands. They should use it.”

Let’s just ignore the fact that it’s easy to be cynical and vote, and move on, shall we?

Take a look at how this is introduced; with the unquestionable glory of democracy brought to Iraq via the miracle of precision bombing. Then take a look at the original Rock The Vote and the core issue it addresses.

Then – even if you disregard snide asides about “George Galloway’s unrespectable Respect” – you need no more than a quick ponder on who benefits most from an increased turnout to see what this hijack is all about.

Apathy isn’t the problem the instigators of this event; activism is. What they want to do is get out a ‘duh’ vote on their terms and associate it with a movement that openly challenged their version of reality.

Yes, let’s reach the youth and empower them.

Hey kids! I just used the word ’empower’… and you know what that means, don’t you? Yes, it’s time for tits!

Today Nikkala (23, from Middlesex) hopes readers will heed The Sun’s Rock The Vote campaign. She says: “If we don’t use our right to vote, the country heads for apathy. Get out there and cast your vote.”

I think there’s scope for a competing event. Brian Eno is my starting point. Emailing in 5, 4, 3, 2…

UPDATE – Brian has bunked off to Canada. Working on other contacts…

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