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Posted by Tim Ireland at June 28, 2005

Category: Video

King Kong – the trailer!

While you’re in a ‘big and hairy’ mood, Anna Nolan (you may remember her from BB1) has been doing a series of (ahem) interesting documentaries for BBC3 including this one on furries (it’s 40Mb; wide-pipers only). You can read more about furries here, but do watch your step after that.

Finally, my mouse hovers, my mind considers… Google Video Viewer.

Posted by Tim Ireland at June 10, 2005

Category: Video

Two glorious links from Film Rotation (both Quicktime, and pretty hefty):

A tribute to Superman. Erm, make that Super*men*….

All the ‘best’ bits from the Star Wars Holiday Special.

Posted by Tim Ireland at May 17, 2005

Category: Video

Common sense entered the project about halfway through Take 2Google cache of the page that started this whole mess.

There’s another download link available here.


FFS, they should be court-martialled for lack of compression alone.

UPDATE – (20:00) Both links now dead. And at 56Mb, I’m not surpised.

*Compression* is what you need fellas. No need to (harmlessly) bring down the MOD network (for a laugh). Try *compression*..

UPDATE – The BBC have an excerpt on this page.

UPDATE – Here you go… lots of download options here.

UPDATE – Picture posted to B3ta.

UPDATE (24/05) – You may cry now. (4.5Mb WMV file) Online marketing types may wish to check out the slightly NSFW website this is promoting to see how they source their promotional stuff. Then you may cry again.

Posted by Tim Ireland at May 13, 2005

Category: Video

To avoid disappointment, start here. You’ll groan most of the way through, but there are some laughs.

Now, if you haven’t had the pleasure before, you’ll want to experience Pink 5 and Pink Five Strikes Back in order to prepare yourself for Return of Pink Five, which is, like, totally coming soon.

(Links via BlogMonkey.)

PS – While you (ahem) wait for this to load, you may want to travel to an alternate universe. (Latter link via the latest B3ta newsletter.)

Posted by Tim Ireland at May 2, 2005

Category: Video

The final scene from Se7en, performed by stuffed animals.

Posted by Tim Ireland at April 11, 2005

Category: Video

Via the latest B3ta newsletter:

America We Stand As One

UPDATE – Ahahahahahahahaha! It gets betterer and betterer.

Posted by Tim Ireland at February 16, 2005

Category: Video

Amazon is hosting the new Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy trailer. Enjoy.

Posted by Tim Ireland at February 4, 2005

Category: Christ..., Video

Oh. My. God. (12.6Mb WMV file)

UPDATE – Ooh, look… here’s the site of the guy who made it (link via BoingBoing).

Posted by Tim Ireland at January 26, 2005

Category: Video

Being an enemy of George W. Bush makes me a friend to terrorists everywhere, so of course I was greatly amused when I first saw the ‘suicide bomber’ ad that may or may not have been made for VW that first appeared around the 15th of this month. In fact, I laughed so hard I forgot to blog it. But I’ll leave the funny/not debate to others. I’m going elsewhere on this and I want to start with a rough timeline of headlines:

18 Jan: VW’s ad is spoof on terror
19 Jan: Volkswagen distances itself from suicide bomber viral ad
20 Jan: Volkswagen denies offensive viral marketing
20 Jan: Volkswagen planning to take legal action
24 Jan: VW threatens suit over bogus suicide bomber ad

24 Jan: Media Daily News – Volkswagen Fights Viral Infection: Lee and Dan, a London-based Independent agency, has taken credit for the spot, which treads the line between edgy and offensive, but the U.K. agency has not yet publicly stated who – if anyone – funded the spot – which has high production values and appears to be professionally made. VW vehemently denies having anything to do with the effort. “Volkswagen dissociates itself absolutely from a hoax advertisement that has recently been accessible via the Internet,” a VW spokesperson said. “Neither Volkswagen nor any agency acting on behalf of Volkswagen was involved in any way with the creation, production, or distribution of this material.”

26 Jan: VW to sue Polo bomb ad duo: Both Lee and Dan have apologised for the film, which they said had a 40,000 (pound) budget, but have refused to identify themselves or explain how it was funded. But in a new development, has tracked down the director of the spoof advert, Stuart Fryer, 35. Breaking his silence for the first time, he said he was horrified by the reaction to the ad and had only ever meant it to be used on a showreel and never seen by the public. He disputed Lee and Dan’s estimate of its 40,000 (pound) cost, saying the cost had been “more like 400 (pounds)”. “If it cost that much I would like to know where the money went,” Mr Fryer said. “It was made in my spare time. It’s remarkable what you can do for such a low budget.”

As Snopes points out: Companies often try to obscure the connections between themselves and their viral ads, sometimes claiming that promotions were “unauthorized” or “accidentally released.” Though this technique may be effective in generating publicity, it can also backfire: If someone does indeed produce an unauthorized viral ad that creates negative publicity for the business it supposedly promotes, how can a company prove they weren’t behind it? This is the dilemma currently faced by Volkswagen regarding a viral ad seemingly calculated to offend as many human beings as possible.

The 40K figure initially read to me as part of a PR plug for Lee and Dan’s services; as in: ‘yes, we made the ad – and this is what it costs to make one of your own’… but that funding question had been bouncing around since the 40K figure was revealed by them. That the director broke his silence to do something so important as to refute this figure and present a ridiculously low one in its place strikes me as suspicious.

Some folks at World Net Daily and Ad Rag have similar doubts about the actual distance between this ad and VW or its agency DDB. In fact, in the latter link, you’ll find an interesting comment by Caffeine Goddess: “I’ve been thinking, it’s not really that far fetched that VW did think of making this as a viral ad. In October 2003, they had that Bollocks ad that was created for TV but because of the language, they ran it as a viral instead. Also by BMP DDB, London.

The Goddess continues with this wry observation today: “Looks like VW is still promising to sue the VW polo suicide ad creators. Strange that VW can’t find them. Especially if they created the ad to show to their ad agency- someone, somewhere must have a business card they left behind.”

Hehehe. Well said.

Oh, and the last names of Lee and Dan that seem so elusive? It took me about 2 minutes to track down the name Dan Brooks.

UPDATE – Lee and Dan were also behind, which appears to have been withdrawn for some unknown reason (leaving only unprotected directories behind). Here’s Google’s cache. There’s nowt to see; I just find it curious that this site was removed this week.

UPDATE – You can see one of the slug clips on Lee and Dan’s site. If you feel you must.

UPDATE – And what is it with the semi-private-showreel-only-meant-to-be-seen-by-a-select-few line of bull? These people deal in viral videos for a living. What did they expect would happen after they published it on their own website?

UPDATE – Via Site-9 WeblogVolkswagen Disavows Suicide Bomb Ad; Viral Marketing Firm Connected

UPDATE (1st Feb) – CNN – Makers of VW bomber film come clean: Volkswagen said in a statement it had received sworn statements from the two creators – Dan Brooks and Lee Ford – acknowledging that they made the ad but had not intended for it to be distributed.

1. Makers of viral videos publish a video on their website and don’t expect it to be distributed? Puh-lease!
2. With all the time, money and sensitive negotiations that went into the new Gene Kelly ad (you can see it here) I’m not suprised tha VW were so willing to throw Dan and Lee to the wolves. Or perhaps the hamsters. After all, all VW did was *threaten* to sue unless the boys ‘withdrew’ the ad (good luck collecting all those versions saved to hard drives around the planet; soon to appear at a mirror location near you) and made a statement that VW and DDB had nothing to do with it.
3. I’m not buying it.

Posted by Tim Ireland at January 10, 2005

Category: Video

I have no idea what this promotional video for is trying to say.

Even knowing that a keta is a small salmon of inferior value (which in the autumn runs up all the larger rivers between San Francisco and Kamchatka) is of very little help.

Oh well.

Warning: the following video contains concepts and images that are unsuitable for children and possibly upsetting to some adults…

Posting this means that I hate dogs. It certainly doesn’t mean that I think the show Punk’d is a total waste of space and a negative influence on society. In fact, I think posting this makes me a fan of Punk’d. As well as a hater of dogs.

Is it over yet? I can’t look…

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