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Posted by Tim Ireland at March 17, 2006

Category: Video

Last week, it came to my attention that the American Dream had come true for one little boy with autism. So far so good. Well done, Jason McElwain. Seriously.

But when the nickname ‘J-Mac’ is applied and George W. Bush takes time out to hug the kid in public (“I’ll call you J-Mac, you call me G.W.”)… I’m sorry, but I find it hard not to vomit.

Still, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Ladies and gentlemen, I do believe that I have found next week’s Feel-Good Story Of The Year.

Britney may as well retire now. This kid is going to be a star and nothing is going to stop him.

Posted by Tim Ireland at February 24, 2006

Category: Video

Brokeback to the future

Posted by Tim Ireland at February 13, 2006

Category: Video

Fall down on your knees and worship here. (via)

Posted by Tim Ireland at February 2, 2006

Category: Video

CGI Python for a new generation… this is genius at work, this is. (hehehehe… wait until you hit the ending…)

Posted by Tim Ireland at January 29, 2006

Category: Video

Video tribute to New Orleans.

UPDATE – Oh dear. MP3 and lyrics here.

Posted by Tim Ireland at November 7, 2005

Category: Video

Hey, look what I just tripped over… a very large collection of UK public information films. Knock yourselves out.

Posted by Tim Ireland at October 15, 2005

Category: Video

Enjoy this. And this. And this. Cheers.

Posted by Tim Ireland at July 28, 2005

Category: Video

Such a very big ad.

Posted by Tim Ireland at July 6, 2005

Category: George W. Bush, It's War! It's Legal! It's Lovely!, The War on Stupid, Video

An uncompromising examination and criticism of US foreign policy, according to Barry from down the pub.

(Requires Windows Media or ReallyCrapPlayer. Link via Blogman.)

Posted by Tim Ireland at July 4, 2005

Category: Video

Relationship. Captured. That is all.

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