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Posted by Tim Ireland at March 19, 2008

Category: It's War! It's Legal! It's Lovely!, Video

Just caught a great video from HelpForHeroes on Worth sharing:

Hey Ma – Its Now 5 Years In Iraq

When you’re done with that, check out Justin’s exellent blogswarm post.

UPDATE – A great post on the invasion vote from Septicisle, and a shedload of Iraq-related links from Liberal Conspiracy.

UPDATE – Poons (who is also swarming today) thinks an old video/slide-show of mine Drawing The Line (which is similar in content/approach to ‘Hey Ma’) is worth a mention here, and I agree. I may as well plug Unbelievable and The Roses of Success while I’m about it, too.

UPDATE – This, from Clive. Lots.

Posted by Tim Ireland at March 12, 2008

Category: Video

… but never fear! I pledge that I, your leader, will see you safely through to a better world!


And now, A Walk in the Black Forest.

No… wait… I’m sure we have another record here somewhere. Ah, yes… here ’tis:

Posted by Tim Ireland at March 12, 2008

Category: Video

Perversion for Profit: a 1965 anti-pornography film (NSFW) (via)

(Loving the Obi-tastic caption for the ‘outstanding news reporter’)

Posted by Tim Ireland at March 4, 2008

Category: It's War! It's Legal! It's Lovely!, Teh Interwebs, Video

While we’re waiting for Tom… here’s a US marine throwing a puppy off a cliff (maybe): – Military investigates puppy-throwing video: The US military is investigating a YouTube video that apparently shows a Marine throwing a puppy off a cliff. Major Chris Perrine from the Marine Corps Base Hawaii said the man appears to be based with a unit in the islands. The video has caused an internet backlash after footage of the incident was uploaded onto YouTube – even though it could be fake.

It looks fake to me. Judge for yourself.

Typically, the Sun is outraged (Rebekah Wade has a thing for puppies… and horses).

UPDATE (9pm) – The Times – Puppy-toss video makes Marine figure of hate: A US Marine has become the target of a massive internet hate campaign after a mobile phone video appearing to show him throwing a puppy off a cliff in Iraq became a viral hit… A number of US websites named the perpetrator as David Motari, a 22-year-old from Washington state who has recently returned from Iraq and is based in Hawaii. Mr Motari’s profile on the social networking site Bebo was closed down yesterday. Some sites posted his personal details, phone numbers and even a picture of his car, while other bloggers called for him to be ostracised.

Valleywag expands on the theme.


I’m as appalled as Justin is… but not quite as shocked. The death of an innocent* puppy doesn’t involve any tricky politics, so it’s an easy win.

[*”Tonight on FOX News: the truth about puppies and why they hate America!”]

UPDATE (11:30pm) – I couldn’t sleep, so I made you a picture. Inspired by Justin and posted to B3ta. Enjoy:


UPDATE (11:45pm) – For me the audio is the most suspicious element, and there’s a lot of speculation about the dead/alive status of the dog before it was thrown; that reminds me of this.

And on that note, I retire to bed. Pleasant dreams.

UPDATE (05 Mar): Doggy go ‘boom’ | Doggies go ‘boom’ | Kitty go ‘boom’… just while you’re in the mood. Oh, and for the sake of balance, here is a report of Al-Qaeda killing doggies and here is a report of an abused Iraqi doggy saved by a U.S. Marine.

Also, the comments under the Sun article are worth a browse, not least because of the many, many anti-American sentiments expressed over this.

Tch. Looks like playing to xenophobia wins over pro-Bush/anti-peacenik propaganda every time… at least when puppies are involved. Other highlights include:

“perhaps, just perhaps, that the dog would of died anyway? In the heat, no food, no water, and the marines are not there to puppysit!” – CactusJoe

This just in: the RSPCA is opening a new rescue centre at Beachy Head.

“You know what – What goes around, comes around. They will get their day, and I hope someone posts it on youtube for us all to see!” – xKellyx

Hmmm. Live mob justice on YouTube. An intriguing idea. All we’ll need then is free bread via Teh Interwebs and we’ll be set.

“Did that poor puppy live? If so that marine should pay the vet bill’s and go and throw himself of a cliff before some one else does!” – sweetkaz

Yeah! Right on! *And* he should pay the doctor’s bills if he survives the fall. That’ll learn him.

“Sick!! It would’ve been OK if it was a Iraqi terrorist they were throwing about, but a poor puppy! Sick!” – UltraNationalist

Hm. There’s all sorts of things wrong with that, but – just for starters – the majority of terrorists in Iraq are not from Iraq. JHL has more on the terrorist/puppy angle here.

“Just remember what DOG spells backwards you stupid American Idiots. You will be thrown over the edge in to hell for that.” – flynn04


OK, so some of these may be trolls… but it’s very hard to tell in some neighbourhoods.

UPDATE – OK, so now can we get on with the impeaching? (Image posted to B3ta):

U.S. Marines watching George W. Bush throwing a puppy in Iraq - THIS REALLY HAPPENED, PEOPLE!

Posted by Tim Ireland at February 13, 2008

Category: Flash Music Video, Games and Objects, The Political Weblog Movement, Video

You may recall Nick and Elroy appearing to defend Mr Secret Agent Man on an alternative and rather NSFW version of this Newsnight appearance. These chaps found their way out of a box during an attic-clearing process last year, and they now have a cosy little home (i.e. a brand new box) in my freshly-tidied office.

Nick and Elroy were built by me (along with another puppet that looks a lot like Michael Jackson when you take his sunglasses off) for the first music video I directed/produced for broadcast all the way back in 1995.

That video is now available online. I hope you enjoy it.


White Lines (D & S Remix) – Melle Mel and The Furious Five

Trivia: That’s about 20 Australian dollars worth of icing sugar, just in case you’re wondering. The puppets were built using an old stuffed polar bear and the arms from an atrocious cardigan. The location was decided by a total failure of a battery unit; we were forced to string a series of extension cords together and shoot the external footage in the alley behind the studio.

Posted by Tim Ireland at February 12, 2008

Category: Video

A gem via Mr. Show: The Pre-Taped Call-In Show

Posted by Tim Ireland at February 4, 2008

Category: Video

You are invited to share this video with a creationist. (via)

You are invited to share this video with a Bush supporter. (via)

Actually, things being what they are (NSFW audio), in most cases you’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone.

If you crave more video goodness check out this feature on Barely Political’s productions over at Matt’s.

Posted by Tim Ireland at October 29, 2007

Category: Teh Interwebs, Video

Crazy Indian Video… Buffalaxed! (link via)

The original is Kalluri Vaanil by Prabhu Deva Sundaram. An actual video-based translation complete with links to MP3s (warning:untested) can be found here.

And now, in the interests of cultural balance, I demand that someone immediately produce a non-English translation of Don’t It Make You Feel Good by Stefan Dennis.

Posted by Tim Ireland at October 19, 2007

Category: Video

… and tell it like it is (or, rather, was).

The Chaser’s War on Everything: The Eulogy Song

Video via B3ta. Some lyrics might be considered NSFW. Background on the song and some of the names is here if you need it.

UPDATE – Ooooh, look! Newslettery goodness with yet another treat from Australia.

Posted by Tim Ireland at March 9, 2007

Category: Video

This video found via Devil’s Kitchen isn’t consistently funny/well-done, but it’s worth it for Uncle Fester alone.

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