The Blair Foundation: a fresh idea in the making

The Independent – Does Tony’s new best friend know something we don’t?: Socialite Martha Greene has fixed parties for Tony and speeches for Cherie. So what’s she up to registering ‘Blair Foundation’ on the web? On 4 November the website domain was registered – by one Martha Greene. It is the clearest sign yet that the Prime Minister plans to set up a body similar to that established by the former US President Bill Clinton.

Here’s what the papers missed, folks;

Martha Greene registered and a month earlier… on 30 September 2006

It wasn’t until 4 November that she registered then – a few days later – and (for some reason, the ‘Tony’ was dropped… I’m guessing for statesman-like branding purposes).

So, what was happening in late September? The Times practically trips over it right at the end of their article…

The Times – Blair starts work on building fortune: At the last Labour party conference, speaking briefly about the foundation, Clinton declared: “I found there was life after politics.” All eyes immediately swivelled across the platform to examine Blair’s expression for any sign of recognition or enthusiasm.

Gah! So close!

Clinton airs the idea publicly on Tuesday the 26th. By the end of the week, a plan is in motion. Enthusiasm? I’ll say!

(Psst! It’s called research, guys. Try it sometime.)

UPDATE – And the first cab off the rank is…! I think it’s time for another meeting about names, Martha.

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On your marks…

Evenin’ all.

I hope to be back on deck in a big way tomorrow afternoon.

I must say, before we begin, that all I appear to have missed (especially on the subject of Iraq) is about a dozen opportunities to say ‘I told you so’.

That said, here’s something that tempted me out of the Batcave a mite earlier than planned…

Do you recall me telling you for the last 1 year, 9 months and 24 days that Anne Milton is a dipstick?

Well, guess what…

Yep! I told you so!

More on this earth-shattering discovery here at the Anne Milton weblog.

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Thank you, everybody!

The thing to note about this year’s carol service is that the police were conspicuously absent. They got noticed hiding last year, and probably didn’t like that… so this year, there were no police anywhere near Parliament Square bar the usual guards at the gates of Parliament.

Until we finished and retired to a nearby pub, of course. Then, mysteriously, police resumed a visible presence.

This is worth noting because they have always maintained a low-key presence at the Mass Lone Demonstrations organised by Mark Thomas.

This year… no presence, at all, during either event.

I’m hoping that one day soon words will be had with the powers that be. SOCPA makes unreasonable demands of the police and more often than not they come out of it looking as stupid as this stupid law… but we all know that the blame lies with selfish bastards who cooked up Section 132 and/or voted it into law because they wanted to shut Brian Haw up (and do away with any pesky feelings of guilt the may feel over the ongoing carnage in the Middle East).

Given that it failed on this front and the police (and our democracy) have been compromised by it (the law fails to define what constitutes a demonstration; this judgment is left to the police), this really needs to pass through Parliament again. Actually, this should have happened already, but Parliament has been kept busy fig-leafing for that nice Mr Blair.

Anyway, enough from me… here’s bloggage from some lovely people who came along and sang their little hearts out in the bitter cold (and enjoyed a bit of bean-spillage about National Service in the pub afterwards):

Rachel North
Disillusioned Kid
Rabbit Strike
Davide Simonetti

(Psst! A quick note from the bean-counters; we raised a modest £85.93 (and 70 euro-cents) for Medical Aid for Iraqi Children.)

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Bugger birthdays… it’s Christmas!

Bloggerheads is now officially 5 years old. On this day each year I normally publish a run-down of what’s been achieved in the last 12 months, but:

1. I’m not in the mood for stat-porn right now
2. I’m really more concerned about what I’m going to be doing for the next 12 months

So… that said, allow me to instead invite you all* to a repeat performance of last year’s carol service:

You are cordially invited to a public carol service in Parliament Square at 7pm on Wednesday the 20th of December 2006.

This inclusive service will contain both Christian and secular verse, and is expected to last no more than an hour.

Candles and song sheets will be made available, with donations going to Medical Aid for Iraqi Children.

Please note that if you attend this carol service, it will classify as a spontaneous demonstration (of faith, hope, joy and/or religious tolerance) and there is a possibility that you will be cautioned or arrested under Section 132 of the Serious and Organised Crimes and Police Act (2005).

Click here for more information.

* Paul Staines has not been invited this year. He attended the 2005 carol service and was so keen to be seen in our company that – not unlike the police on the same night – he actually hid from view any time a camera was pointed in his direction. That’s just plain rude.

NOTE – We’re short one trumpet soloist and we also need a couple of reliable marshals. Please get in touch if you can help out.

(Message from Housekeeping: Comments have been disabled during Bloggerheads’ downtime to stop the spammers from having their wicked way with my website. If you need to get in touch, please use email. National Service will be ready for beta-testing shortly. Hang in there.)

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1. The project is called National Service and a teaser page just went live.

2. A closing statement has been published at Backing Blair. It contains a hint or two.

3. I’ve been quietly releasing material to YouTube. Go see.

4. 21st-century political cartooning has just reached the Guardian. Congratulations, Beau Bo D’Or!

5. Here’s something that should keep you busy. My original petition is certain to be rejected as my describing a lying, torturing murdering bastard as a lying, torturing murdering bastard is bound to be classified as ‘a false or defamatory statement’…. so instead I want to see how far I get calling on him to stand on his head and juggle ice-cream. This petition project has significant value (well done, mysociety)… but it also shows that there is significant value in creating and maintaining your own little corner of Teh Interwebs… where you can (*gasp*) acknowledge party-politics (without, say, committing to it entirely) and create/maintain material that doesn’t have to be cleared by the Labour Party and/or Downing Street first.

See you soon(ish), folks.

UPDATE – Hurray! Sign here, please.

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Back to the Batcave

I’m disappearing from view for a time and leaving you only with this message.

With the exception of the beta release of the Labour campaign return, some general housekeeping and an extra video release or two, I’m unlikely to post anything at Bloggerheads from now until 2007.

The British political blogosphere is in a downward spiral at the moment, freshly-‘captained’ as it is by a range of (mostly Tory) newcomers gleefully yelling “Dive!”

Additionally, the Conservative Party and the Labour Party have shown nothing but contempt for the blogging community in their many recent attempts to exploit it, infiltrate it and/or undermine it.

Meanwhile, there are complete dickheads like these local Tories, who see weblogs as a way to spread anonymous smears and/or pass off positive comments that they’ve written about themselves as genuine contributions.

There’s a self-correction aspect involved, but the blogosphere is largely shaped by its population. That population is shaped by perception. If the generally-held perception is that the blogosphere is a place of unregulated dishonesty, obfuscation and party-political attacks, then that is what it will become.

I have a project in mind that’s designed to address this growing problem in a number of ways… and it’s long-overdue.

So I’m going to pop off for a bit and make it happen.

Until then, I leave you in the capable hands of Justin McKeating, Curious Hamster, and the good people at Blair Watch.

If you want to help with the build, nothing could be easier… just send me an email or send me money:

Cheers all.

UPDATE (2nd Nov 2006) – I appear to be in good company:

BBC – Web inventor fears for the future: The British inventor of the internet (Sir Tim Berners-Lee) says he is worried about the way it could be used to spread “misinformation and undemocratic forces”.

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Pardon my cynicism

1. A cash bonus for troops and troops-arriving-safely-home-to-media-event bracketing Our Glorious Leader’s return to the Commons? Let’s just say that it raised an eyebrow.

2. More cack on the floor… Blair’s Blue Peter stunt happily happened to coincide with the launch of a new Downing Street website for young people. Just how long does he plan on staying?

3. Bastard. He’s only gone and nicked my email specifications. Again.

4. Independent – 655,000: The toll of war in Iraq: The human cost of the war in Iraq could be far higher than previously thought. A new survey says more than 650,000 Iraqis have lost their lives as a consequence of the invasion by the United States and Britain, with an estimated 200,000 violent deaths directly attributable to Allied forces. The new figure is much larger than all previous estimates – more than 20 times higher than President George Bush claimed 11 months ago – and will add considerable weight to the calls of those seeking a withdrawal of troops.

“I don’t consider it a credible report…” says George W. Bush, who would have a hell of a lot more credibility himself if he weren’t keeping his own figures under wraps.

5. Another case of someone being the wrong colour…?

Antagonist – Shhh! Police score anti-terror raid success: It looks like police have undertaken their first successful anti-terror raid of recent times and there’s not a Mosque or a Muslim in sight… The chemicals were found at the home of an apparently lapsed British National Party member, as opposed to the home of a Muslim, so no front page national newspaper headlines for the discovery of the largest haul of chemicals ever found in this country. It could be argued that the chemicals found might be used for a number of purposes other than manufacturing explosives but this wouldn’t explain the press and media silence about the rocket launcher or the NBC suit that were also found in the raids.

Indeed. Especially after Forest Gate when all the tabloids had left to run with was some cash under the floor-boards, and still they ran and ran and ran with that. More here.

6. September 11. It’s why we’re in Iraq. And why you should vote Republican. And you can trust me, because I’m a grieving father of a national hero. (Wheee! Look at ’em go!)

7. Blair Watch – MEPs criticise ‘unhelpful and evasive’ Geoff Hoon in rendition inquiry: Mr Fava also said that Hoon’s replies were as unhelpful as those the MEPs had received previously from the United States… The investigation is continuing however and it seems that certain people are getting worried at what might be uncovered. Claudio Fava and others involved in the inquiry have been getting death threats.

Nice. But let’s get back to that helpful Mr Hoon…

swissinfo – Germany denies secret prison allegations: Members criticised Britain’s minister for Europe, Geoff Hoon, for giving “evasive” answers to their questions about numerous landings in Britain by planes operated by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. “The government has not been very cooperative,” Italian MEP Claudio Fava said, adding Hoon’s replies were as unhelpful as those the MEPs had received previously from the United States. Britain says it has no evidence that the United States has transported terrorist suspects via British airports.

Evasive? Us? Never!

Also, we have every reason to trust the Americans and we certainly haven’t seen any evidence.

Finally, this…

8. While those who leaked the Al Jazeera memo are held on double-secret probation, David Blunkett has admitted that he urged Tony Blair to break international law and bomb al-Jazeera’s Baghdad TV transmitter during the Iraq war and swung in with a tasty justification for the act. Curious, no?

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Speaking of homophobic nitwits…

Take a look at this video of highlights from David Cameron’s conference speech. Go about halfway through (i.e to 2:30 onwards), listen to Cameron declare his support for civil partnerships and then watch the audience react to this.

All done? Good.

OK, I’m about to rock your world. Stand by….

What David Cameron said was this:

“There’s something special about marriage. It’s not about religion. It’s not about morality. It’s about commitment. When you stand up there, in front of your friends and your family, in front of the world, whether it’s in a church or anywhere else, what you’re doing really means something. Pledging yourself to another means doing something brave and important. You are making a commitment. You are publicly saying: it’s not just about me, me me anymore. It is about we – together, the two of us, through thick and thin. That really matters. And by the way, it means something whether you’re a man and a woman, a woman and a woman or a man and another man. That’s why we were right to support civil partnerships, and I’m proud of that.” – David Cameron (transcript and analysis)

The immediate cutaway to the audience shows the wider public that this view is not universally shared or supported by the Conservative rank and file…

… but it also provides our little gathering with something of particular interest, adding valuable context to recent developments.

I shall try to explain through the medium of modern darnce!

No… wait… that won’t work.

OK, let’s go with poetry instead…


Did you see the guy in the blue shirt and tie?
Did you see him not clapping and perhaps wonder why?

He saw he was monitored. What did he do?
He adjusted his face (and his tie a bit, too).

Did he clap? Not at all. Not even for show.
He made his mind up a long time ago:

“Gay men are sick! They’re paedophiles, too!”
(But it’s rare that he’ll openly share this view.)

Who is this guy in the blue shirt and tie?
He got my attention; you’re wondering why…

He speaks for Anne Milton, (mostly from his rear-end);
He’s our Michael Chambers (or ‘Mike’ to his friends).

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Prepare the sick-bags

There’s a lot about the Mark Foley / Congressional page scandal that requires scrutiny and discussion, starting with the initial post on this weblog that led to a series of responses (1, 2, 3) that led to the initial ABC report and the more explicit revelations that followed.

[Note – If you have a weak stomach, you may choose to stop reading this post right now and instead restrict your scrutiny to the electronic messages themselves. Here’s one link and here’s another.]

For reasons that I hope would be obvious, I do not agree with the way these claims were initially aired. Some leeway may be allowed if – over the years – approaches to various official bodies proved fruitless (and here’s something else these two paedo-claim blogs have in common from different perspectives; the institutional cover-up) but what appears to be widespread inside-knowledge of this abuse does make one wonder if this well-timed discovery is truly serendipitous. There is every possibility that members of both parties allowed a serial offender to continue on his merry way just so they could gain/maintain a political advantage.

Scrutiny. Discussion. Required.

It’s important to acknowledge this because – when taken at face value – some (stress on some) of the following seems like fair and just behaviour. But there is far more to this than just face value… and part of the Big Problem here is that too many people take what they are fed at face value.

Take a look at the online version of the initial ABC report. As part of the conversation-culture many of us are trying to foster, it allows comments. Read those comments and see how willingly this trust is abused in a co-ordinated attempt to shut down the story.

I’ve already said that the origins deserve scrutiny, but – if you have the patience – you also need to look at the TANG-emboldened right-wing bloggers as they journey from scrutiny to claims of a liberal-media/Democrat ‘set-up’ inside a mere 36 hours: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Meanwhile, a man central to this scandal who deserves a *lot* of scrutiny manages to avoid it by using children as a human shield.

Soon after this, Matt Drudge, an ‘anti-establishment’ figure who is – in reality – a willing tool of the current administration (i.e. Guido in 4 years if he gets his way) assures the public that it is a set-up, and that the victims of this abuse are gagging for it (transcript here and excellent editorial here).

Soon after that, Rush Limbaugh (someone else with a large audience resulting from his pandering to the lowest common denominator) also cries ‘set-up’ and makes the boldest of a series of claims that liberals are the true hypocrites here, as they’re long-time proponents of man-boy love.

By this time, the airwaves and tabloids are full of focus on Foley’s status as Teh Gay, and the ‘liberal hypocrisy’ message is slammed home again and again because liberals argue for gay rights and – as we all know – being gay automatically makes you a paedophile.

What deserves particular attention is that this ‘debate’ is what will shape the upcoming mid-term elections, *not* this staggering loss of freedom in the name of ‘security’ or the Bush administration’s staggering failure to address security in any real or responsible sense.

But… there’s some disgraceful conduct here; taken individually or collectively, these many deceits and the large audiences that are prone to them reveal something rotten at the heart of democracy, media and the blogosphere (i.e. the kind of rot that allows the powers that be to get away with all sorts of crimes against humanity).

This also deserves your attention… if you can stomach it.

UPDATE – How strange. Rebekah ‘Red Mist’ Wade – scourge of paedophiles the world over – has decided not to feature this scandal in the Sun newspaper. At all. 12 days after the story exploded, and there hasn’t been so much as a passing mention.

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Boy, it’s a good thing the Tories hired an ‘expert’…

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