And Blair will say: now is not the time to go digging up the past…

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Independent – British troops face new charges as bodies of Iraqi civilians are exhumed: Charges against British troops are believed to be imminent following fresh allegations of crimes committed in Iraq, including cases relating to the deaths of civilians. Army investigators have exhumed the bodies of civilians who were allegedly shot dead by soldiers in the British-controlled region of southern Iraq for investigators to perform forensic tests. Their reports are in the final legal stages with the Army Prosecuting Authority. The Independent has uncovered evidence relating to the deaths of six Iraqi civilians whose families claim they were killed by British troops. Two of the cases are being considered by the Army Prosecuting Authority and are expected to result in charges. It is not known whether British troops will face any charges in relation to the other cases but the Government is believed to be considering claims for compensation from the families.

If you read further, you’ll see that compensation for the accidental/unlawful death of a family member goes about as high as 800 squid if you’re an Iraqi.

Obviously compensation levels can’t be higher than this, otherwise Iraqis would be throwing women and children into firefights and under passing tanks in the hope of cashing in.

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