It’s Monday!

Posted by Tim Ireland at August 21, 2006

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Monday, August 21st, 2006
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It’s almost lunchtime!

I haven’t heard anything beyond the usual assurances from Anne Milton’s office that this would be brought to her attention (which only served to remind me why the Anne Milton weblog exists in the first place; I remember well the first time she promised to ‘investigate’ something).

UPDATE (2:44pm) – The only new development so far? The ‘Irish Tim’ weblog has become more overt in its attempt at impersonation, and now includes a pretty shoddy attempt at keyword placement (and a special message about me wasting my time “writing page after page of gash about Dennis Paul and Mike Chambers”). Someone’s feeling confident that they won’t get found out…


  1. Piers says

    If this was a complaint to a company, if you were not getting the response required, you’d go above that person’s head. Have you tried going higher in LSC?

  2. Manic says

    I certainly have. I’ve notified Bill Rammell MP: responsibilities include; “Learning and Skills Council funding, operations and performance”[Psst! If you’ve read the latest edition of Private Eye (No. 1165, Page 9) you might be forgiven for thinking that the LSC likes to ‘settle’ matters ever-so-quietly.]

  3. Piers says

    I’m assuming that “irish_tim” doesn’t read this blog, since they would have surely found out that it’s possible to trace these posts…Also, “jonesy” has deleted his blog…

  4. Manic says

    No, he’s only deleted the link to his blog from his Blogger profile. Blog is still there.Oh, and ‘Irish Tim’ certainly has read recent posts at this blog – that’s what the new message is about.

  5. Piers says

    Yes, just noticed that. Does blogger take time in deleting I wonder?

  6. Manic says

    No; once you delete, it’s gone. For some reason ‘Jonesy’ thought it a good idea to delete that link from his profile.The only purpose this link deletion serves (as far as I can see) is it allows* Dennis Paul to deny that he was aware of the weblog when he published comments from Jonesy on his website…(*But he can’t do this, because I have records of the old profile and the new one, and a few thousand witnesses have watched the old profile change.)

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