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Word reaches me via Rachel that:

Mark Thomas is furious about SOCPA and has organised a Lone Demo in Parliament Square whereby as many people as possible apply as individuals to simultaneously demonstrate about anything they like.

The idea is that the police are overloaded with application forms which they have to process and approve, drawing attention to the ridiculous nature of all the red tape and “permissions”. We’re meeting on Thursday the 24th August at 6pm at Charing Cross Police Station to hand in our application forms. People are protesting about all kinds of things from the righteous to the downright silly.

The demo will then take place from 6pm at Parliament Square on Thursday the 31st August. If we can get as many people there as possible it should be really good fun and make a serious and important point.

The form is available for download here (via this page if you have trouble with the direct link).

a megaphoneYou can submit this form by post, but I urge you to add that personal touch by handing it in on Thursday the 24th (see above).

Please note that the application form states that; under s137 of the Act the use of a loudspeaker of any description at any time within the designated area is prohibited.

But please also note that the term ‘loudspeaker’ applies exclusively to *electronic* audio/amplification devices.

Bells, whistles, drums, horns, kazoos and good old-fashioned megaphones (like the one pictured) are not prohibited under this particularly stupid part of a very stupid law.

What do I plan to protest about? Have a guess.

(You simply have to come along, even if it’s only to see me carrying a placard declaring that I’ve had enough of paedo-scum.)

UPDATE (22 Aug) – Given recent developments, I may have to change the subject of my protest.

UPDATE – Ding! It just came to me. I keep forgetting that Tony Blair owes me £2000 for drawing up the specifications for his email service. He has never paid me, and “an official statement from Downing St acknowledging my contribution to the project” has yet to be delivered in lieu of payment.


Yep, here you go… an extract from my form, sent by recorded delivery this afternoon (sadly, I find myself unable to attend the mass hand-in):


Justin’s coming, too… which means that I get to chase my two grand, challenge the SOCPA legislation in a totally legal fashion and spend time with some of my favourite people.

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