I’m boycotting all products and produce from Israel

Posted by Tim Ireland at January 14, 2009

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I’ll be reading labels and researching brand ownership where possible to make sure I stick to it, too.

Septicisle – Time to boycott Israel: If however the government is unwilling to act… then individually we should be prepared to either boycott Israeli produce or repeatedly demonstrate against what is being done by a supposed democratic state against a people as a whole. We need to be clear that Israel is not an apartheid state, although it is certainly approaching it, that it is not yet instituting a genocide on Gaza, and that comparing Israel to the Nazis is both ahistorical and deeply insulting, even if understandable in the circumstances. We should however be equally clear that as a country its treatment of the Palestinians is now so unbearable that it has placed itself outside the boundaries of civilised nations, and that until it changes its behaviour, we will impose personal sanctions upon it. Israel needs to know that even if other governments are not turning away from it as a result of such murderous cynicism, individuals and their businesses will.

Oh, and check your fruit and veg if you don’t already; it typically comes from all sorts of happy and interesting places, and lots of the stuff lining shelves in supermarkets comes from Israel. You may even wish to consider (ahem) a polite letter-writing campaign.

UPDATE – Attention-seeking not-very-good-lawyer Donal Blaney just Godwinned the thread.

[Psst! Incidentally, as he finally rates a mention here for the first time in months, Blaney’s site carries a quote from ‘Bloggerheads’ that is in fact based on a comment contribution by a since-retired blogger (‘kris’), and nothing that I’ve written. For some reason, Donal finds himself unable to quote from this, the only entry on my site that involves him to any significant degree.]


  1. beaubodor says

    Sainsburys (well my local one at least) seems to be very accomplished at disguising produce origin.With the exception of Jaffa (which applies stickers to individual fruit), you normally have to check the side of the box containing loose fruit/veg. This is the producer’s box *inside* the plastic crate. The crate has a holder for produce details but this is frequently missing.Either Sainsburys does not update or leaves blank the origin details on the ‘shelf’ label.(check sweet potatoes, mangoes and grapefruit carefully .)While M&S label very clearly its abundant Israeli produce, it surprised me the other week that it was importing potatoes! fom Israel.AlsoFrom:http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/7708244.stm..But although the herbs do indeed come from the West Bank, the geographical label does not tell consumers whether they are buying from a Palestinian farmer or from an Israeli settler.Waitrose is one of the British supermarkets selling herbs which they label as coming simply from “the West Bank”.In a statement to the BBC, it confirmed that the imported herbs came from West Bank farms which it described as “Israeli-managed”.

  2. lloydshep says

    Fair enough, Tim. But are you also going to boycott goods from China? From Saudi Arabia? From *America*? Your stand against Israeli goods will have no impact on what is happening in Gaza, and simply looks like a way of making you feel you're doing something. Which is not to be sniffed at (it's more than I'm doing), but don't you find these kind of gestures rather tokenistic and, unless they encompass all the evil regimes of the world, somewhat ethically inconsistent?

  3. Manic says

    Fair comment.I apply pressure where I think it will work. I've been a bit lazy recently with all the change and hope and what-not in the air, but I've been boycotting most* U.S. products for years. At one stage, I even wrote to a major seller of long grain rice to point out that the family has switched to Basmati, as inexpensive sources of that outside of the U.S. were easier to find.Right now, nobody in a position to do anything is saying or doing much about Israel's actions; they're all holding their breath and waiting for a change in U.S. admin, which is pretty much what the buggers in charge of Israel's military forces are counting on.I want to do what little I can. Even though I know it's only a little, I have faith in the impact of this measure. And that impact is increased if you join me and say so.:O)(*Some are simply unavoidable. One can't be fantical about such things, or you risk loss of function in one way or another. Again, pressure is applied where I think it will do the most good.)

  4. Guy Gooberman says

    I'm slightly with Lloyd Shep on this one, however, Septicisle has already assured me that I've been boycotting Hamas for some time, so that's a relief.

  5. tyger says

    Hmmmm.I actually carry my Nikon around in a Kata backpack. Kata do two things: pro-level photography and video bags, and the body armour used by the IDF…

  6. Manic says

    So your backpack repels rocks…?

  7. Guy Gooberman says

    For the record, I posted this over at Donal's deeply offensive post, in case it never sees the light of day:"Oh you have got to be kidding!What an offensive, petty and ridiculous accusation to make, you've taken a call for a boycott by Tim, which you'll note I don't agree with and have connected it with the Nazis.Get yourself under control, really, this is the kind of 2+2=5 blogging that gives us all a bad name."

  8. jailhouselawyer says

    I am livid with Blaney. Banker! I'm dyslexic but it does not exist apparently, if it did the B should be substituted with a W. Total tosspot. I have left a comment on his site but the coward has comment moderation on. I have equated him with Schillings.If Israel is hell bent on destroying terrorists, why is it killing innocent Palestinian women and children and attacking the UN?I am a lawyer. Blaney is what I flush down the toilet each morning and that is not urine.

  9. Justin says

    All you need to know about Blaney is right here:http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=mGaH0hHnNPQ

  10. Manic says

    Daniel: Futile, but appreciated.JHL: Saying that all or certain Israelis no longer have a right to life probably wasn't the smartest move, though.Justin: His appalling views aside, like many of his right wing non-blogging chums, Blaney appears totally reliant on the misrepresentation or distortion of his opponent's position to gain advantage. I bet he hears the word 'objection' a lot.

  11. Bartholomew says

    How did that "FCS Bootboys" song go again?

  12. jailhouselawyer says

    "JHL: Saying that all or certain Israelis no longer have a right to life probably wasn't the smartest move, though".I don't recall saying this at all.My view is contained in Article 2(1) of the Convention: "Everyone's right to life shall be protected by law".The Israelis are conveniently ignoring this with their massacre of the innocents.My view is that the state of Israel has no right to exist. This is based on the Jews claiming that in the Bible God promised them land.I note in Blaney's comments that he is twisting what I have said and claiming I have said something that I have not.

  13. Manic says

    In his defence; "They have a right to life no more" is a hell of a typo or poorly-phrased statement (full passage appears below for the sake of the archive)Not at all in his defence; he didn't spot it until it was pointed out to him, and initially went after you with the usual axe-related nonsense.["You have the morals of Schillings. Represent anybody for money. The Israelis have no entitlement to any land given to them by the British, and a Tory at that! Being Jewish is a religion not effing estate agents! They have a right to life no more. If they want land, let America give them a chunk of Alaska. They are not the victims but the aggressors." – Extract from JHL's comment at Blaney's site]

  14. jailhouselawyer says

    "but no more than that" is what should have followed. I was drunk (not making excuses)at the time and angry and posted in haste. Even poorly phrased, it isn't bad, and certainly can be taken out of context. Still, Blaney inserted his own words to fit what he wanted to say I said.As you know, Knacker of the Yard is seeking to interview me under caution as a result of someone alleging my blog contains racist content. (I trust Princes Harry and Charles were also interviewed under caution?). It is disturbing when I was not told what is supposedly causing offence or who lodged the complaint. Personally, I tend to give less credence to anonymous.

  15. spark up says

    i'm with the guys here who say that boycotting is ineffective. if you snub the produce of every country whose government has murdered innocent people, you'll soon go hungry – unless you've a very extensive back garden. however, i do respect your choice – only you can know what feels right to you. all in all, i'd reckon your words are your sharpest weapons.having said this, i've read the donal blaney post! your call for a boycott obviously worked a treat on him! if the israelis reacted like blaney, you'd have them flying the white flag in no time! kristallnacht was not a boycott, but pillage – and the jews in germany were not murdering civilians.

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