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16 Mar 2009 – Audio confirmed here as authentic. These are two *actual* recordings of Glen Jenvey speaking to an unknown interviewer, recorded sometime after 05/02/2008, most likely on or about Monday 25/02/2008
02 Mar 2009 – Two alleged recordings of Glen Jenvey speaking to an unknown interviewer, recorded sometime after 05/02/2008



I think it might be best to allow Glen Jenvey to introduce himself, as it’s that kind of post:

Glen Jenvey worked for several military attachés covering terrorist groups, including al-Qaida and their members in Britain. His sting led to the capture of Abu Hamza al-Masri, a major terrorist. Multiple other terrorists were also caught due to his efforts. He has been profiled and interviewed in major media across the globe, including in the US, UK, Russia, India, etc. He co-authored the book “War of the Web” with Jeremy Reynalds. (source)

In January of this year, I alleged that Glen Jenvey had been falsifying evidence of extremism after failing to troll Muslim communities for suitable tabloid fodder.

A moderator of the relevant forum ( declared that the same person who had registered a profile under the name ‘Abu Islam’ [abuislam] (used to falsify evidence of extremism) had also registered a profile under the name ‘Richard Tims’ [r.tims] (used to promote a website that was later discovered to be listed elsewhere as belonging to Mr Jenvey).

Since then, there have been many anonymous contributions seemingly in favour of Mr Jenvey’s position, but nothing verifiable… aside from the statements featured here in this article by the same Jeremy Reynalds:

In an e-mailed statement, Jenvey denied being Abu Islam, adding that some inflammatory posts formerly on the site have now been either removed or manipulated to the forum administrators’ advantage. He said, “Over the years I have monitored both and and their chat rooms. I know they hate me enough to try and discredit me.” (source)

Richard Bartholomew pointed out here and here that none of these statements addressed the identity of ‘Richard Tims’, so – via Jeremy Reynalds – I asked:

Glen Jenvey, do you deny posing as Richard Tims, using the name Richard Tims or knowing anyone by the name of Richard Tims?

This arrived on Saturday:

Hello Tim,

I have been in contact with Mr. Jenvey. He says that he is not Richard Tims, that law enforcement officers are looking into your site’s “hate comments” about him, and that he will be in touch with you soon.

Best regards,

Jeremy Reynalds

It is my understanding that, yes, Glen Jenvey has made a complaint to the police accusing me of hate crime… but I’m trying to be as understanding as possible about that, because it is now clear to me that Mr Jenvey himself is being actively targeted by al-Qaeda.

I know. But bear with me as we go through the evidence…



For now it’s important that you take a moment, as I did, to reflect on the following undeniable facts:

– Glen Jenvey denies being ‘abuislam’

– Glen Jenvey denies being ‘Richard Tims’

– Glen Jenvey feels aggrieved/confident enough to classify my assertions to the contrary to be a criminal act, motivated by hatred.

A gentleman does not make complaints to the police lightly, and I take Mr Jenvey to be a gentleman.

Therefore the onus is on me to revisit the evidence and make more of an effort to appreciate claims that much/all of it has been falsified as part of an extremist plot to discredit a successful independent anti-terrorism operative.

As I revisit this evidence, I will be presenting fresh evidence in the form of audio recordings, and seeking testimony from a British diplomat and a Conservative MP.

For the sake of clarity, I ask you to bear with me as I do all of this while maintaining the position that Glen Jenvey is being singled out for special attention by al-Qaeda operatives determined to destroy his reputation:

EXHIBIT #A – ‘Abu Islam’, ‘Richard Tims’, and The Sun

(This exhibit works best when read out in the voice of Fox Mulder.)

In July and August of 2008, al-Qaeda operatives submit to the following business directories under the name ‘Glen Jenvey’:, 10Directory, DirectoryHulk

They also take the calculated risk of promoting the URL on two websites that Jenvey reads on a regular basis; once on Lionheart, a website he is friendly with, and once on, a site he is monitoring for extremist content.

A month or two later, the same al-Qaeda operatives use the same computer to register a new profile at in the name of ‘abuislam’, and spend close to 3 months patiently ‘trolling’ the group with a series of provocative posts.

Finally, in January 2009, they hit paydirt; Jenvey sees a thread in which ‘abuislam’ is active and – playing right into the hands of al-Qaeda operatives – bases his entire story on the content posted by ‘abuislam’. This story is then passed on or sold to The Sun, who also decide to focus on the content posted by ‘abuislam’, and even feature a claim based on the ‘abuislam’ posts as their front page headline.

(Alan Sugar later sues The Sun over this front page claim, but there is no telling at this stage if this was down to pure luck or part of al-Qaeda’s brilliantly-conceived plan.)

A moderator at (quite possibly acting on instructions from al-Qaeda) uncovers the carefully-laid trail leading from ‘abuislam’ to ‘Richard Tims’, but does not investigate further and/or uncover the link to Glen Jenvey; this, brilliantly, is left partially – if not entirely – to chance.

This is where I come in and unwittingly aid al-Qaeda by independently uncovering the evidence connecting and Jenvey (that was, if you recall, planted by al-Qaeda operatives some 6 months earlier).

Granted, most of this seems somewhat unlikely at first, but you must remember:

(a) al-Qaeda is a fanatical, well-funded and far-reaching organisation

(b) for Jenvey himself to be behind the ‘Richard Tims’ post, he would also have to be the mastermind of a scheme where he established a website to compete with the story agency that feeds him by creating a website with a near-identical promotional domain name (SWNS attracts punters via, while the site registered under Jenvey’s name made a similar pitch at

(c) for Jenvey himself to be behind the ‘abuislam’ posts, he would have to knowingly and needlessly interfere with the security/publicity of several wealthy and powerful people; an act that makes no sense for a man in Jenvey’s position… with or without the risk of discovery.

Jenvey claims to be in the business of stopping extremism, not creating it or encouraging it. Stirring up any open forum with suggestions that readers take more militant action against specific individuals creates a needless risk that even most amateurs would understand to be beyond the pale, not least because you have no control over who will read and be influenced by your call to action.

But to better appreciate Mr Jenvey’s position, you must also consider the risk of discovery, which comes with the following immediate consequences:

– Alienating the news agency that supplies him with income

– Discrediting him in the eyes of a tabloid newspaper that supplies him with publicity/income

– Creating several wealthy/powerful enemies

But these consequences are only the beginning if al-Qaeda have their way…

EXHIBIT #B – The Wikipedia Edits

Much shorter and easier to appreciate this one; this archived version of a Wikipedia investigation is your doorway to a long list of edits made to Wikipedia seemingly in support of Glen Jenvey.

I say ‘seemingly’ because edits involving profiles for Abu Hamza, James Ujaama, Abu Izzadeen and others paint a picture where Glen Jenvey is repeatedly offering evidence to multiple recipients in security and law enforcement who universally reject it in favour of other evidence if/when matters ever lead to the inside of a court room.

Why would Glen Jenvey undermine his credibility by constantly describing repeated circumstances in which his reliability, the reliability his evidence, and/or the method(s) used to secure it are called into question?

Why would he raise the question (again and again and again) about what exactly might be stopping various authorities from using his evidence?

Also, what could he possibly hope to gain by attacking the PCC by making absurd claims that they are in league with terrorists?

The intention of al-Qaeda is clear and the pattern of their complex strategy now clearer; they seek to damage Jenvey by:

– Undermining his credibility

– Creating circumstances in which his past/methods may be subject to doubt or scrutiny

– Creating enemies within the PCC; an organisation that regulates the industry that supplies him with publicity/income

By now you should be aware of the ingenuity of al-Qaeda’s dastardly plot; Jenvey is fast running out of friends, and he appears to be the sole engineer of his own downfall.

It is about this stage that al-Qaeda strikes with a typically bold move that I hope will eventually lead to the undoing of these evil-doers.

EXHIBIT #C – Alleged recording of Glen Jenvey #1: The Diplomat and The Cousin

First, a word about these two clips:

* These clips are from a longer sample of audio presented to me as being part of an interview conducted with Mr Jenvey sometime in 2008.

* The only statement that I wish to make about the remaining audio at this time is that it exists and it is in my possession.

* These clips have been trimmed, but not edited in any way to rearrange or distort their original content/context.

[MINI-UPDATE – Yes, the audio is ‘real’ in that it was really sent into me and was really claimed to be a genuine audio recording of Jenvey and an unnamed interviewer. The audio is not something that I made up or invented for a laugh; it is instead a real thing that some people might choose to laugh at.]

* I have added the sub-titles (and a video background of the cave in which I imagine an al-Qaeda operative would operate) but the audio is 100% original, as delivered, fresh from the dead drop.

* I would like to stress that it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever for someone in Mr Jenvey’s position to be so candid in any interview, never mind a recorded one.

* Rather than subject these recordings to voice-print analysis (or even mere naked-ear comparison to other known audio of Jenvey) I instead choose to believe that this audio has been fabricated somehow by al-Qaeda operatives.

With that in mind, we arrive at the first audio file and the data therein:

Alleged recording of Glen Jenvey #1: The Diplomat and The Cousin from Tim Ireland on Vimeo.

Audio Transcript:

‘Jenvey’: I was… I basically… I basically uncovered all the films. With…. a university professor whose cousin, Sherard, is the British Ambassador to Afghanistan, but at that stage was the British Ambassador to Saudi Arabia. If I don’t think the cops are taking me seriously… or not acting on information given over to them or MI5… we bypass them and I will use one of my number of diplomatic contacts… or it will go to Sherard. And if that fails, I then go to the press.

The process described here deserves summary; when the police do not regard certain evidence to be useful/usable for some reason, they will be bypassed and high-placed contacts within our diplomatic corps will be put to work to see if justice can’t be meted out by some other means. If those avenues fail, it will be time for trial by media.

I’m sure you can imagine how such a claim – were it to be attributed to Mr Jenvey – would isolate him politically.

But unlike other claims made in Jenvey’s name, this claim does not involve a security outfit with a policy of never making public statements; instead, this claim is made about a public figure.

For the first time, it is possible to cast light upon the shadowy claims that surround Mr Jenvey:

To: Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles
From: Tim Ireland
Subject: ‘Glen Jenvey’ audio

Sir Sherard,

I have been presented with audio that purports to be part of an interview with terror expert Glen Jenvey. The authenticity of this audio has yet to be fully established and I feel it only fair to warn you that some people – Jenvey included – suspect an extremist plot to discredit him:

As you are named in the audio file, you’re in an excellent position to make a judgement about its reliability/accuracy, and I’d be most grateful if you could answer the following questions:

– Have you in the past and/or do you at the present time have an information/intelligence-sharing relationship with terror expert Glen Jenvey, either directly or via an intermediary?

– If so, would you regard the arrangements described in the first audio file to be a fair/reliable description of your relationship with Mr Jenvey?

– Just on the off-chance; are you aware of this cousin person, and – if so – may we have his/her name?

– What are your thoughts on the likelihood that this audio evidence has been fabricated (possibly by al-Qaeda operatives)?

I’m happy to publish any response you may have, so please reply soonest.


Tim Ireland

OK, that should clear things up pretty quickly on audio file #1. Watch for updates.

Moving on…

EXHIBIT #D – Alleged recording of Glen Jenvey #2: Richard Tims and Some Guy Called Mike

This second clip is longer, but it will reward those patient enough to listen to it in its entirety:

Alleged recording of Glen Jenvey #2: Richard Tims and Some Guy Called Mike from Tim Ireland on Vimeo.

Audio Transcript:

‘Jenvey’: I’ve been a bit cheeky. I can’t get onto actual, um… Hotmail at the moment, yeh? But… my old friend, Omar Bakri Mohammad…

Interviewer: Who’s not in this country at the moment, is he?

‘Jenvey’: No… (he) loves speaking to journalists.

Interviewer: All right.

‘Jenvey’: Right, so we find (inaudible)… [searches for file/folder]… Um… Can’t find it. Anyhow, Bakri’s… Ah! Here it is. [locates file/folder] Now, this is me… I phoned Bakri…

Interviewer: Yeah

‘Jenvey’: … on a mobile phone. Spoke to him… about Abu Izzadeen

Interviewer: Mm-hm

‘Jenvey’: Saying that I felt that… if the police had this so-called evidence for so long

Interviewer: Mmm-hm

‘Jenvey’: Um… on your computer…

Interviewer (reading): “Mr Richard Tims”

‘Jenvey’: That’s my… one of my false names.

Interviewer: That’s you, is it? OK.

‘Jenvey’: Unlike… I know MI5 do not use reporters… um… and… they don’t pose as press

Interviewer: Mmm

‘Jenvey’: However, I’m freelance so I pose as anyone… to get what I what.

Interviewer: OK

‘Jenvey’: This is Bakri making a statement.

Interviewer (reading): “To Mr…”

Interviewer: for the record…

Interviewer (reading): “To Mr Richard Tims”… <- a long emailed statement follows -> “… best regards, Sheikh Omar Bakri”

Interviewer: That’s what he said to you?

‘Jenvey’: Oh, yeah.

Interviewer: When was that?

Interviewer (reading): “5th February 2008”

‘Jenvey’: So basically, he’s saying they found <- interruption: he informs housemate of pasta status -> he’s saying that the police found it at his home in 2006.

Interviewer: Yeah.

‘Jenvey’: I gave the tape… originally to the police in 2005.

Interviewer: OK

‘Jenvey’: Mike went to the MI5 in two thousand and… I think he went in 2006… ‘cos I arranged a meeting

Interviewer: Mm

‘Jenvey’: Um… for Mike to go and visit MI5 and hand over tapes.

The first thing that strikes most people about this audio clip is the ‘Richard Tims’ admission, but even more worrying is the claim about a freelance spy posing as a journalist.

The involvement of real or fake journalists in the intelligence game is frowned upon in media circles for reasons that should be obvious.

Again, you should be able to see another aspect of al-Qaeda’s cunning plan that’s specifically designed to render Jenvey utterly friendless in the industry that sustains him.

Mr Jenvey works as both a spy and a journalist; this makes the charge that he would pose as one while acting as the other that much more believable.

(And note also the returning narrative of unused evidence – this time involving a mysterious go-between, ‘Mike’ – all of which appears designed to queer the deal with his intelligence contacts.)

Happily, we have to hand a trustworthy man who is familiar with both the spying and reporting aspects of Jenvey’s career, and he should be able to clear Jenvey’s name at a stroke:

To: Patrick Mercer, MP (Con.)
From: Tim Ireland
Subject: ‘Glen Jenvey’ audio

Dear Patrick,

I have been presented with audio that purports to be part of an interview with terror expert Glen Jenvey. The authenticity of this audio has yet to be fully established and I feel it only fair to warn you that some people – Jenvey included – suspect an extremist plot to discredit him:

You are known in media circles as a straight-talking man who is familiar with Jenvey’s intelligence-gathering capabilities and his work as a journalist. You are therefore in a good position to make a judgement about this audio file and its reliability/accuracy, and I’d be most grateful if you could answer the following questions:

– Have you in the past ever known Mr Glen Jenvey to not only work as a journalist and a spy, but also to pose as one while acting as the other?

– If so, would you regard the arrangements described in the first audio file to be a fair/reliable description of Mr Jenvey’s typical approach?

– Are there any reasons that you are personally aware of that might make evidence presented by Mr Jenvey somehow unsuitable for use inside of a courtroom?

– Just on the off-chance; are you aware of this ‘Mike’ person, and – if so – may we have his/her surname?

– What are your thoughts on the likelihood that this audio evidence has been fabricated (possibly by al-Qaeda operatives)?

I’m happy to publish any statement you may have, so please reply soonest.


Tim Ireland

So, pretty soon that should sort me for an answer to audio file #2.



I have no doubt that this audio evidence is the hollow mockery of an empty sham, and that Jenvey will be proved to be entirely innocent of any wrong-doing.

After all, we know al-Qaeda is capable of worse… and the alternative to the ‘set up’ scenario is such an unthinkable political nightmare for all concerned that one dare not spell it out.

No way in hell are we going to find out that elements of our security, diplomatic, parliamentary and media channels have all been under the influence of a dim-witted, ego-driven and woefully indiscreet wannabe doofus.

(knocks on wood)

Oh, and before I forget…



To: Jeremy Reynalds
From: Tim Ireland
Subject: ‘Glen Jenvey’ audio

Hi Jeremy.

I’ve recently come around to your way of thinking on this, and I was wondering if Glen wouldn’t mind making a brief statement about the likely authenticity of the following recordings:

I’m happy to publish any statement he may have, so please reply soonest.


Tim Ireland



To follow. Let’s roll.

UPDATE (3:30pm) – All public-facing phone (and fax) lines to the British Embassy in Kabul are “not accepting calls at present”. I am making every effort to reach Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles by other means.

UPDATE (3:45pm) – Valid email address for Sir Sherard found. Message sent. Problem solved.

UPDATE (03 Mar, midday) – Patrick Mercer’s office isn’t entirely sure if they wish to comment on evidence that hasn’t been fully authenticated. No word from Sir Sherard’s office yet. Meanwile, Glen Jenvey is taking a very long time to decide if this audio is authentic or not.

UPDATE (10pm) – I just finished a short exchange of emails with Mr Jenvey, and I have been promised further correspondence later tomorrow. Still no word on the audio’s authenticity.


  1. septicisle says

    Christ, looks like we were wrong about Jenvey after all. al-Qaida are even more interested in personal vendettas than we could possibly have imagined.

  2. Manic says

    Any one of us could be next; that is why it is in our collective interest to suspect everyone.

  3. Cairene Shoe Fancier says

    Good point. I shall now go and pre-emptively place myself under suspicion. One can't be too careful these days…

  4. Ummah says

    LOL fantastic piece tim!

  5. Manic says

    Quiet, you. I'm onto your little game.(suspects)

  6. Ummah says

    Ok i've just read this several times this post againAre those recordings actually real? Like someone sent them to you?That sure does sound like Jenvey if you hear his youtube videos it shows the same

  7. Manic says

    The audio arrived with a *claim* that it is authentic, so in that sense, yes the audio was sent in to me, and yes the audio is real.But it can't possibly really genuinely be Mr Jenvey bragging about his contacts and exploits in these clips, because no-one capable of operating a computer is that stupid.

  8. Ummah says

    Oh ok at first I thought this was a spoof lol!Well considering how Jenvey has fallen over in the past few weeks with Wikipedia entries, curse of the great apostrophes and what not, I wouldn't be surprised if that really was Jenvey falling over againThis should be interesting.

  9. Ummah says

    what would have been awesome is that for the background put some sort of "Channel 4 Fonejacker" style scene! LOL!

  10. mikkimoose says

    He is right about the "hate crime" bit at least.This is one of the many ridiculous laws bequeathed to us by New Labour. From the page you link:"Our definition of a hate crime:Any incident, which constitutes a criminal offence, which is perceived by the victim or any other person as being motivated by prejudice or hate"He perceives that you hate him, ergo it's a hate crime.Nice job linking up Richard Tims to him again.

  11. Guy Gooberman says

    Not wanting to puff your ego but this is why you are the premier UK blogger Tim.Excellent piece, can I give you an award?Peace.

  12. Manic says

    Keep your looks and I might let you play me in the biopic.

  13. Ummah says

    Theres talk that may go after Glen Jenvey themselves with legal action once the Sun and Alan Sugar have finished.. There is an article on their main website (Click The Sun lies) most stuff is referenced to

  14. Manic says

    Thanks for the

  15. Paul.Ferrari says

    Great piece Tim – this is why I love reading your Blog.Keep it up.

  16. Sim-O says

    Excellent work, Tim.The way you were going for Glen in previous posts, you had me wondering if Al Quaeda had infiltrated Bloggerheads. ;-)

  17. BenSix says

    I don't think that you've quite grasped the full extent of Al Qaeda's depravity, Tim. So wide is their reach and so sickening their intent that they've somehow hypnotised poor, innocent Mr Jenvey and had him sock-puppet while under their spell.

  18. Manic says

    "I don't think that you've quite grasped the full extent of Al Qaeda's depravity, Tim."I really, really trying to, BenSix.

  19. Rachel North London says

    Round of applause, Tim.PS. My mole says you are spot on, but I must protect my sources.

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