Conservatives and the dangerous games they play

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A campaign of harassment began against me soon after I uncovered evidence of the falsification evidence of Muslim extremism involving The Sun newspaper and the office of publicity-hungry Conservative MP Patrick Mercer.

One of the key parties involved is (one hopes was) a political and personal associate of Patrick Mercer and fellow Conservative MP Anne Milton (who I have been very critical of in the past); this person arrived on the scene armed my with home address that they went on to share with a mentally unstable individual, along with the (false) accusation that i was a convicted paedophile.

(When this accusation was published by that individual, an associate of Mercer’s, staff in that MP’s office ignored my every appeal to call it to a halt. Iain Dale was at the time in a unique position to get word directly to Patrick Mercer. He agreed to do this, then did the exact opposite of what was requested, then claimed he had called Mercer, which was a lie. Dale has not gone public with any account that seeks to justify his behaviour in this respect; privately, he shares one of three different excuses which contradict each other; in fact, one is so messed-up, it contradicts itself. Little wonder he refuses to go public with any of it. Tragically, this is not the first time he has stood by and allowed a ‘lefty’ to be smeared as a paedophile when it suited him. Further, this earlier false claim of paedophilia involved close associates of Anne Milton, who she refused to disown at the time.)

This same person went on to smear me as a benefit-scrounging alcoholic, an associate of religious then political extremists and, ultimately, a stalker.

All of the accusations bar the last quickly fell by the wayside, but the accusation of stalking was, seemingly, backed by MPs… those MPs being Patrick Mercer and Anne Milton.

(Both of these MPs have relied on this accusation privately to explain away scnadals involving their respective offices, but they will not test it publicly with a criminal complaint or even civil action. Recently, Anne Milton released a statement suggesting she had not shared this accusation with anyone. But to suggest this is a lie. I have evidence to hand that Anne Milton shared the accusation of stalking with fellow Conservatives behind closed doors.)

As with Nadine Dorries (also a Conservative MP) and Iain Dale (who tried and failed to become a Conservative MP many times), there is NO evidence of ANY of them making a formal, credible complaint to police about anything they claim I have done. Had they made any such complaint, I would’ve become aware of it, as police procedure is to interview the accused party/parties before proceeding with the expense of a full-blown investigation. I know this having been a target of harassment myself; I have never been convicted, investigated, cautioned, or even informally chatted to by police about any criminal behaviour on my part.

But still all of these Conservatives continue with what amounts to a coordinated whisper campaign, sharing accusations that are entirely unsupported by evidence; crucially, when they know this accusation is being published alongside my home address.

At its worst this accusation is presented alongside my home address as follows; that I stalk women and send death threats to MPs.

And it gets worse.

Recently, someone involved in this ongoing campaign of harassment began publishing material targeting my wife, my children, and other members of my extended family.

This has included false accusations aimed at my kids, making specific allegations of criminal behaviour that are not only entirely untrue, but extremely damaging (and, it must be said, upsetting).

While we’re here, I’d just like to say a quick ‘thank you’ to Iain Dale especially for forcing me to go public with this; my family has enough to deal with that the moment, and all we want to do is get on with a very difficult period in our lives. But it’s clear from his past conduct how Iain Dale will portray any further private attempt to alert him to this danger, and he leaves me no choice.

(Last year, Iain Dale went through a disturbing period where he authored long, rambling letters accusing me of repeated libel and stalking that were signed off by a bargain-basement lawyer. In one of these letters Dale made clear his intention to take the concern I had expressed for a man who was on the brink of suicide and present it as a threat of violence against him (and not for the first time). This is not hyperbole; there was an earlier, documented, suicide attempt and police recognised the risk of self-harm and I have reliable witnesses who can confirm that this man was greatly agitated at the time by claims about me that appeared primarily, if not only, on the website of Iain Dale. Iain refused to remove these claims at the time, though much later he deleted some relevant entries/comments from his site – without notation or retraction – in order to protect himself.)

So far this campaign of harassment targeting me has resulted in two police investigations.

The first investigation went nowhere mainly because both Patrick Mercer and Iain Dale withheld their cooperation. It would have stood a far greater chance of success had police been made aware of the role played by the (hopefully former) associate of Patrick Mercer and Anne Milton much earlier, but while Dale refuses to discuss what he said to Mercer when he eventually did contact him, Mercer obviously became hostile from this point on, and refused to share information or even alert me to the role played by a man he suspected was involved and knew to be thoroughly unscrupulous.

The second investigation failed for lack of evidence (see: anonymous web accounts), and it would now appear that not only did Nadine Dorries lie about one police investigation, but also that she knowingly withheld relevant evidence relating to another (i.e. an email where one of the parties involved appears to have indentified themselves and admitted to specific acts of harassment). She refuses to share this evidence, even today.

Had I the resources (i.e. money), I would be able to pursue civil action that would greatly minimise the threat to me, and my family.

Had I the smallest amount of cooperation from Iain Dale and Nadine Dorries especially, even today, I would be able to pursue criminal action that would greatly minimise the threat to me, my family, and the public at large.

To close, we pass over to Iain Dale, who contradicts his behaviour with the following statement, made yesterday in his excruciating attempts to defend Andy Coulson:

“I would never, ever defend anyone – no matter how strong the tribal loyalty is – if I thought they were guilty of a criminal act… in the end, if you believe someone is being traduced unfairly, and you don’t speak out, what sort of person are you?” – Iain Dale

A seemingly strong defence of his position, but when I try to email Iain Dale about this matter, he will pretend never to have received notification(s) about the specific danger to me and others resulting from the false accusations he has used to shield himself from mere criticism. He has even pretended not to have seen evidence that has been passed on through his cut-price lawyer.

I tried to call him the other day; he laughed in my face and hung up. On an earlier call where I again raised this issue, he told me to “fuck off”.

My children are being targeted with false accusations of criminal behaviour. My children.

Dale is aware of this latest development. He cannot pretend otherwise. Yet still he continues to rely on this dangerous whispering campaign,. He even dares to portray my attempts to combat it or contact him about it as evidence of stalking (privately, of course).

When exactly will these people recognise that this political game of theirs has gone too far? If they sincerely believe they have been harassed, why have they not taken action? They don’t face the same barriers that I do, especially because the criticisms they describe as ‘attacks’ and ‘stalking’ were all published under my name. None of them are so short of resources that they can’t afford civil action, and if what they claimed or implied was anywhere near the truth, they would have no problems initiating a criminal investigation.

But none of them have taken a single, credible step down this path. Instead, they knowingly rely on the action of small group of Conservative-aligned cyber-vigilantes who intimidate me on their behalf.

If you believe someone is being traduced unfairly, and you don’t speak out, what sort of person are you? The answer as far as I am concerned is; a Conservative*.

[*If you’re a Tory and you think that’s unfair, then (a) take a public stand against it, you’ll be among the first, and (b) also consider this: I have taken the matter of the published accusations of paedophilia as far as I can with Google without resorting to expensive litigation; at the top of the ramparts is a woman who has personally refused to address the matter of the multiple false claims of paedophilia that only Google can remove from their servers. This same person also refuses to acknowledge extended delays in the removal of my home address from and YouTube accounts, and will not even investigate my being impersonated using another service of theirs; Gmail. This person is the Vice President of Public Policy & Communications at Google. Her name is Rachel Whetstone, and she is the former Political Secretary to former Conservative leader, Michael Howard. Her partner is Steve Hilton, the director of strategy for David Cameron. Cameron’s office is also aware of most if not all of this, but they refuse to discuss it. If there’s no conspiracy, this appears to expose a particularly unsettling subset of the Conservative mindset and I challenge anyone to defend it.]

UPDATE (08 Sep) – Iain Dale responds at last… 1 year, 5 months and 20 days after he initially claimed to make a call that never happened and later lied about. Now he has finally graced us with his presence and answered questions he’s been dodging for over a year, it emerges that instead of calling Mercer directly, as he agreed to do, he called the office that he knew wasn’t passing messages my on… and didn’t even ask them to pass his message on! Further, by his own account, he did not even mention (never mind stress) that I was being smeared as a paedophile by Jenvey at the time, which was the point of the entire call. Unbelievable. No wonder he didn’t want to discuss the details.

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