Jonathan Lord (MP for Woking): Smears

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This is an excerpt of a conversation I had with Jonathan Lord (Conservative MP for Woking ) in December 2010, in a chance meeting at a fundraiser for the children’s charity I volunteer for:

Jonathan Lord – Excerpt #1

There is one clearly-marked edit that involves claims by Dominic Wightman and his associates that I am not inclined to air, even though they are entirely untrue.

The relevant post about the single-bedroom flat that Anne Milton rented so she could put a Guildford address on the ballot paper is here. You may note in the audio that Jonathan Lord is extremely reluctant to talk about the property or even admit to visiting it, when the evidence I have seen suggests that it was used as a drop-in centre for members of his campaign team if it was used at all.

All the details I blogged about her family in this entry were a mocking reference to the stalking smears that had already begun at this stage, and I included them because all of these details were revealed in her own damn campaign literature.

Much like Dorries is now, Anne Milton was then feigning distress about a stalking campaign that didn’t exist when in fact she saw so little risk that she was waving her damn children around in public for political gain… and she was also claiming on the relevant nomination/ballot papers that she/they lived locally when in fact she had simply rented a single bedroom flat. But the idea that I was stalking her was just as absurd as the idea that she and her family lived in this poky little flat in a low-rent neighbourhood. This point may be lost of some people now that the relevant evidence has been deleted from the website, but I have a copy of this document in my archives should anyone wish to challenge me on this point.

In the exchange you can hear in this audio clip, I clearly explain to Jonathan Lord how the accusation of stalking relates to the crime of harassment, and how it is perceived by the majority of people. I also relate to him the details of the single incident that – if distorted – might be (and has been) successfully presented as evidence of stalking/harassment, and yet he still agrees (off the record) that what I did did not amount to harassment.

I was blogging about Anne Milton’s campaign. Jonathan Lord was heading that campaign, and yet said nothing when Anne Milton declared as part of that campaign that I had “stalked her with a website”. He later repeatedly refused to even acknowledge that activists working under him had repeated this smear via a series of anonymous comments/websites.

To this day, he refuses to make a public statement making his position on this clear. Later in the conversation, he even reveals that Anne Milton could not at any stage (then or now) say that I had even libelled her on my site. His only complaint was that my blogging about her was ‘petty’ and ‘relentless’. It was not petty, because later in this conversation he admits there was a point to some of what I had published. I was relentless because these lying bastards would not even address the material on my website when they themselves acknowledged (privately, natch) that I had a point.

For example, I still contend that I had a point when I pointed out that Jonathan Lord should have identified himself as Anne Milton’s campaign manager when he appeared in her literature giving this shining endorsement. And, if you’ll excuse me, isn’t this deceit petty? Aren’t the extraordinary measures Milton, Lord and their activists took to disguise it petty?

We are loving the Amme, we are!

The people accusing me of stalking Milton maintain that I had no point to make and was simply fixated on an innocent woman, and here we come to what’s going to be revealed in the next audio clip.

My major beef with Milton is that she and the Guildford Conservative Association (that Jonathan Lord was Chairman of at the time) turned a blind eye to evidence that local Conservative activists had smeared an innocent man as a paedophile.

The Conservative activist Iain Dale even has the audacity to imply that I imagined all of this as part of the mental illness he repeatedly projects onto me (as he often does with others).

Well, It was real, it happened, I still have the evidence to hand and my next move with Jonathan Lord is to reveal the real reason why he took no discernable action in response to the evidence I presented to him at the time.

(Psst! Also in this same conversation, Lord admits that no internal investigation like the one Mike Chambers described took place; it was more of an informal chat. Some “stern words” in private. Yeah, big deal.)

Meanwhile, now that Jonathan Lord cannot deny knowing how some people use the accusations made by Milton and her activists at the time, I will ask him again why he does not come forward and make his own views on this known.

It is not my fault that he cannot do this now without making it clear that he saw the evidence I presented to him about the smears of paedophilia and took no action, or that he did not actually bother to look at the evidence in the first place (I suspect it is the latter). So while I know it is going to hurt him, he had plenty of opportunities to address any or all of this with minimal fuss long before now and he chose not to.

In fact, he’s digging himself even deeper by remaining silent today, and if he waits any longer it is going to look even worse for him.

FFS, he was standing right there when I was working as a volunteer with local children and it didn’t even occur to him how accusations of stalking (and the more recent accusations of paedophilia aimed at me by other Conservative activists connected to Anne Milton) might undermine that. This poisons any claim he might make that he is and was involved in politics because he is driven by any concern for the community. His true priorities are revealed when he is confronted by this situation and still spends the whole time trying to cover his arse. What a bastard.

Jonathan Lord knows what’s going on and cannot deny it. Further, he knows how these smears put me and my family in danger. And yet I have to go to incredible lengths to have him admit publicly that they are untrue. Perhaps he will regard this concern to be petty. I certainly plan to be relentless about it. If he’s going to complain that I have revealed statements that he wanted to keep off the record, I have a single-word response to that; diddums.

UPDATE – Jonathan Lord turned a blind eye: Jonathan Lord took NO discernable action against Mike Chambers and Dennis Paul when they involved themselves in a smear campaign where an innocent man was branded a paedophile, and he did so for entirely political reasons. Jonathan Lord admits that he did no more than have informal conversations with these two Conservative candidates, in private and entirely off the record, because an election campaign was in progress.

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