(Karaoke) – Lyrics to ‘The Love Boat’ Theme (‘The A-Team’ version)

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A classic ‘it fell out of the side of my head’ song. I heard the words ‘The A-Team’ sung to ‘The Love Boat’ in my head for reasons I struggle to explain, and a few minutes later this song existed.

And now it is yours to enjoy. Lyrics below the fold.

LYRICS – The Love Boat Theme (The A-Team version) by Tim Ireland

(Sung to ‘The Love Boat’ by Charles Fox and Paul Williams)

There’s no war any more
Just an endless chase
Towards friendly shores

Won’t face any pain
B.A. won’t have to fly
Murdock won’t be insane

The A-Team
Hannibal’s hatching another plan
The A-Team
Somewhere they’re
sticking it
to the man

Four bold soldiers of fortune,
A mercenary team for hire

Won’t hurt anyone
They will flip your jeep
It won’t harm you none

But love
They will kill you with

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