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Posted by Tim Ireland at October 15, 2007

Category: Tony 'King Blair

Independent – Blair admits he is shocked by discrimination on the West Bank

Funny… he seemed so sure of himself when making relevant policy in the past. Are we to take it from this that he did so without knowing all of the facts?

Posted by Tim Ireland at August 9, 2007

Category: Tony 'King Blair

If, by this time next week, Gordon Brown is not willing or able to stand on his head and juggle ice cream, he needs to provide a bloody good reason why.


Posted by Tim Ireland at July 25, 2007

Category: Tony 'King Blair

Please check the relevant page for an important update as we come to the end of Alastair Campbell Can Go F**k Himself Fortnight.

Posted by Tim Ireland at July 24, 2007

Category: Tony 'King Blair

Israel: Blair seeks new premises, asks neighbours to make nice
London: Blair secures new premises, asks neighbours to spread ’em

Posted by Tim Ireland at July 10, 2007

Category: Tony 'King Blair

Don’t you think it’s amazing that Alastair Campbell can use exactly the same tricks that helped to deceive this country into a war and still have the MSM eating out of the palm of his hand? FFS, even the BBC are practically begging to give him free airtime.

If you would like to show that the blogosphere can do something that mainstream media cannot and tell Alastair Campbell to go f**k himself in the process, all you need do is:

1. Pledge not to buy the book. After all, nothing really juicy went into it, anything halfway-juicy was taken out of it, and any halfway-decent scraps that are left will be repeated in newspapers anyway.

2. Don’t blog about the book beyond your decision not to blog about it and/or not to bother buying it.

3. Place this handy button to one side of your weblog for the next fortnight so readers know why you’re not blogging about Cherie Blair’s knicker drawer.

Copy and paste the code below to use this button

Copy and paste the code below to use this button on your website or weblog:

UPDATE (25 July) –

For All Participants: It is now two weeks later. Alastair Campbell’s book has been marked down to less than £13 by Tesco and Amazon. Copies are trading on eBay for less than £7. I thank you all for your input (or, rather, the admirable restraint that led to a notable lack of it). Cheers all.

Posted by Tim Ireland at June 29, 2007

Category: Tony 'King Blair

A unexpected post-mortem edition of The Friday Thing just arrived in my Inbox, and what a pleasant surprise it was.

Right there alongside a plug for Goodbye, Tony Blair was an excellent summary of Blair’s legacy…

“Sadly, all of the biographers are agreed that it doesn’t matter how hard you try and spin it, Blair’s legacy will forever hinge upon one thing and one thing only: Iraq. Indeed, Iraq is to Tony Blair very much what those 13 murdered women are to Peter Sutcliffe.”

… and a heart-melting moment reminding me of the many intelligent conversations I have enjoyed with those batting for Blair:

(A REMINDER: it often pays to be gentle with these people… a lot of them simply can’t handle a broken bottle in the rectum without a little foreplay.)

Posted by Tim Ireland at June 28, 2007

Category: Tony 'King Blair

Tch… jobs for Straw and that waste of space Hoon.

What a shame. I was looking forward to backing the PM for a change.

Oh, and did everybody catch the bright idea that struck Lord Goldsmith as the door was hitting him on the arse?

The word ‘chutzpa’ springs to mind… along with another word beginning with ‘c’.

(Psst! David Miliband will now be forced to move his ‘blog’… again. It’s comforting to have a forward-thinking individual in charge of foreign affairs.)

Posted by Tim Ireland at June 26, 2007

Category: Tony 'King Blair

Goodbye, Tony!27 June 2007
11am – 1pm: Downing St / Parliament Square

Tomorrow, sometime after 11am, Tony Blair will be ferried from Downing Street for the last time as Prime Minister, on his way to his last PMQs at the helm (scheduled for 12pm-12:30pm).

Right after I drop off a little present for our departing Prime Minister, I’ll be somewhere between Downing St and Parliament Square to witness this short but momentous journey, and I invite you to join me.

(Please remember that if you do turn up to see the motorcade pass that Tony Blair is sensitive to loud noises.)

After PMQs, Blair will head to Buckingham Palace to hand in his notice… and it’s expected to be all over by 1pm at the latest.

Of course, Gordon Brown will be doing something of marginal interest very shortly after this… something to do with forming a new government this and announcing a new cabinet that… so Westminster is bound to be a very busy/interesting place tomorrow afternoon, and if you’re not ‘from the village’ one of the best places to watch it all unfold is the Red Lion.

27 June 2007
1pm – 6pm: The Red Lion

There will be beer.

There will be comings and goings.

There will be drama and intrigue.

If Brown appoints someone like Jack Straw to his cabinet, there is even likely to be some outrage.

But mostly there will be beer.

Again, I invite you to join me… especially as it’s going to be my last drop of alcohol for a very, very long time.

Cheers all.

Posted by Tim Ireland at June 23, 2007

Category: Tony 'King Blair

Goodbye, Tony Blair is currently the 3rd search result in YouTube for ‘Tony Blair’.

Nothing beats the simple pleasure of a good search result. It’s fun to be calculated as relevant.


Posted by Tim Ireland at June 22, 2007

Category: Tony 'King Blair

Goodbye, Tony Blair features in the latest B3ta newsletter.

Oh, and is it just me, or do people of a rightward-leaning persuasion have trouble appreciating Part II?

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