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What he said

Snip a few bits of this and you have the reason why I’m so involved in politics. In fact, you probably wouldn’t have caught me within a mile of Westminster without it: Independent – Two words sum up why I … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Tony Blair: Farewell Video and Pardons

OK folks, here’s that video I’ve been promising you for the past umpteen weeks: Goodbye, Tony Blair Please be aware that this is by no means my final word on Blair. I plan to keep my vow to pursue him … Continue reading

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A timely reminder: please keep your awe in check…

[Edit: Heh. I just spotted the year.] /privatejoke

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So who’s in Blair’s farewell video?

Blair’s farewell video is almost finished and the final touches are being added today and tomorrow. I plan to go live on Monday morning. To tide you over until then, here’s some background to the video, a run-down of the … Continue reading

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Blair’s farewell video will be with you on Monday morning. If I have it in me, I’ll try to post some preview material before then.

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That farewell video I’m working on? It’s ‘finished’… but just sailed right into an unexpected Part II. Bear with me.

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Hoping for much?

Independent – Mark Steel: Don’t mention the war (or anything else): That’s a splendid achievement by the Labour Party to assemble such a bunch of candidates for the deputy leadership. Because nowhere else could you gather together six different people, … Continue reading

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The retaining wall

Independent – Two guilty of trying to leak details of Blair’s talks with Bush: Tony Blair’s ill-fated war with Iraq claimed two more victims yesterday when a civil servant and an MP’s researcher were convicted of disclosing details of a … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Tony

My Way (The Blair Version) I really should be thinking about a farewell gift myself, but this will do for now.

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Celebrating 10 years of the Downing Street Echo

It’s [almost] 10 years to the day since Tony Blair first walked into Downing Street with the help of that lovely man Rupert Murdoch. And here is today’s news: Independent – Blair’s bloody legacy: Iraq: On the 10th anniversary of … Continue reading

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