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Posted by Tim Ireland at April 17, 2007

Category: Tony 'King Blair

Chicken Yoghurt – Strangely Browne

Still busy. With you shortly.

Posted by Tim Ireland at March 23, 2007

Category: Tony 'King Blair

IndyMedia (UK) – massive westminster security breach – won’t be on mainstream: yesterday afternoon, a lone protester drove her car through the main gates into the westminster compound, her aim to perform a citizen’s arrest on tony blair.

Many talking heads were inside the compound at the time, yet there’s no mention of it in today’s news. Anywhere.

Posted by Tim Ireland at February 21, 2007

Category: It's War! It's Legal! It's Lovely!, Page 3 - News in Briefs, Tony 'King Blair

Page 3Remember, children… there is no right-wing propaganda on Page 3.

Today, the lovely Vikki (18, from Essex) expresses her joy at the news that up to 3,000 troops are due to head home from Iraq by Christmas by saying; “Our boys have done a great job out there, but it’ll be brilliant to see them back home with their loved ones.”

By a strange coincidence, this view totally corresponds with today’s front page news item and editorial:

The Scum Says – Heroes return: Tony Blair will today announce that British troops are coming home from Iraq. By the end of the year, almost half the 7,000 fighting men and women based in Basra should be back with their families. They have fought valiantly and taken many casualties to give the Iraqi people a chance of a decent life free from tyranny. Whatever the fears or doubts over this conflict, these brave soldiers deserve a heroes’ welcome as they return to base.

There is no right-wing propaganda on Page 3.
There is no right-wing propaganda on Page 3.
There is no right-wing propaganda on Page 3.
There is no right-wing propaganda on Page 3.
There is no right-wing propaganda on Page 3.
There is no right-wing propaganda on Page 3.
There is no right-wing propaganda on Page 3.
There is no right-wing propaganda on Page 3.

PS – Well done, Mr Rent-A-Quote.

UPDATE (22 Feb) – Typically, those filthy leftists at the Indy have failed to get the message. Perhaps they don’t read Page 3 because they’re a bunch of queers or something…

Independent – The retreat from Basra
Independent – The Sketch: A load of bunk from the PM’s bunker
Independent – Leading article: A foreign withdrawal for advantage at home

Posted by Tim Ireland at February 15, 2007

Category: Tony 'King Blair

—– Original Message —–
From: “a” []
To: Manic
Sent: Thursday, February 15, 2007 3:44 AM
Subject: Bloggerheads

> Mr. Ireland – You placed a petition on a Number 10 website that the Prime
> Minister “stand on his head and juggle ice cream”.
> It is clear that your intent was to damage this new manifestation of
> democracy. You have no interest in the people having reasonable grievances
> redressed, and would rather smear all petitions with ideas of meaninglessness.
> I am entirely unsurprised, on visiting your site, that you are a far
> leftist. Your creed is based on ignoring what people want, telling them
> what they need, always leads to subjugation of people, and is in the descendent.

Mr ‘A’ – You sent me an anonymous ‘no reply’ email denouncing this action and making all sorts of assumptions regarding my intentions (and my politics).

It is (*ahem*) clear that your intent was to have your little rant without the discomfort of having any of your assertions challenged.

Rest assured that when I finally do subjugate the people of this nation and the shiny new space-age internment camps are in place, you will be the first inmate to be refused access to oxygen.

[Psst! As I said when I first submitted the ‘ice cream’ petition: This petition project has significant value (well done, mysociety)… but it also shows that there is significant value in creating and maintaining your own little corner of Teh Interwebs… where you can (*gasp*) acknowledge party-politics (without, say, committing to it entirely) and create/maintain material that doesn’t have to be cleared by the Labour Party and/or Downing Street first.]

UPDATE (4:24pm) – Huzzah! A reply from our objecting gent! And what odd time-stamps he has…

—– Original Message —–
From: “a” []
To: Manic
Sent: Friday, February 16, 2007 12:19 AM
Subject: Bloggerheads

> All sorts of assumptions about your politics? Your website espouses every
> far leftist idea known to man!
> I would have posted my comments on your forum, but it requires registration
> and I have no intention of giving you any of my information, and receiving
> leftist porn in my email.
> You cheaply ignore my main assertion: your petition is meaningless and
> impossible – it thereby makes the statement that petitions are generally
> meaningless tosh that some nutter has a gripe about, and that the business
> of big leftist government should go on unabated regardless of the desires
> of these lunatics (your little leftist brain is itching, nay twitching to
> agree in some smart-aleccy way! you must give in to it! you must!)

I really must apologise for cheaply ignoring his main assertion. The man must feel so cheated after not expecting a bloody reply in the first place!


‘A’, please read the fine print of the petition (under ‘more details from petition creator’) and get back to me… and do include an email address this time; I’m simply dying to send you some leftist pornography!

[I’m not making this up, people… I swear it! Of course, this could be a troll, but if it is, it’s a decidedly jolly one.]

Posted by Tim Ireland at January 15, 2007

Category: It's War! It's Legal! It's Lovely!, Page 3 - News in Briefs, Tony 'King Blair

Huzzah! We’re up and running and ready to roll! Here’s a round-up to get us all started, before the long-promised big’un…

First, there’s some quality reading regarding Blair’s self-serving, blame-seeking speech:

Independent – Shoot the messenger: PM blames media for anti-war mood
Independent – Adrian Hamilton: Blair is up to his tired old tricks again
Obsolete – The continuing last gasps of our very own messiah
BSSC – Repeat until Believable
Blair Watch – Tony’s Defence: Nice of Blair to notice us at last

(Speaking of Blair, Liam Bailey has a few words to say about Tony and his ‘legacy’, and BSSC has a couple of corruption nuggets. More on the latter here.)

Then there’s Bush going it alone:

CNN – Bush: Congress can’t stop troop increase: “I really am not the kind of guy that sits here and says, ‘Oh, gosh, I’m worried about my legacy.’ I’m more worried about making the right decisions to protect the United States of America. See, we’re in a war. People want to come and attack you and attack our country. I understand criticism. But I’ve got a pretty thick hide.”

‘Skull’…. he meant to say ‘skull’. He must have misspoke, because Bush is one of the most thin-skinned leaders alive (FFS, everywhere he goes, he makes sure that everyone who disagrees with him is locked up in a pen a mile down the road) and there’s no way he would lie, right?


The use of the word ‘legacy’ in this context seems very deliberate, though; I think Bush fears that Blair is going a little soft on him.

Moving right along, Ministry of Truth has a warm welcome for a new Tory blogger:

Ministry of Truth – Mystic Nadine: Not to put to fine a point on it, you are talking out of your arse here, Nadine. You really haven’t got a fucking clue what you’re talking about at all, you’re just parroting some made up ‘statistics’ that have been released by your party to promote one of their policies – and all without a single shred of tangible or reliable evidence to back up any one of your claims… Just because the morons in the media will report any old crap you politicos put out doesn’t mean that us people out here in the real worth will believe it, fail to check it or refrain from ripping you a new arsehole when it turns out that your old one, that you’ve been talking out of for years, is obviously completely and utterly clogged with bullshit.


Finally, there are bound to be a few words this morning about The BBD (Bloody Big Database), but for now all I have for you is Nosemonkey’s response and the glorious oddness of the front page of the Independent being in synch with Page 3 of The Sun:

Johann Hari continues this strange pattern here as he dumbs down his own personal opinion for the benefit of viewers of a certain reality show.

UPDATE – Some nice mince-meating of Johann’s arguments here.

Posted by Tim Ireland at January 12, 2007

Category: Tony 'King Blair

Independent – Matthew Norman: While Blair burns, Brown plays his fiddle: It has been in Gordon’s power for years to dispose of this deluded apology for a British Prime Minister. Had he shown the same degree of principle over Iraq as his old enemy Robin Cook, and resigned before the invasion in March 2003, Mr Blair could not have survived the failure to find weapons of mass destruction. Since then, Gordon has had him on the ropes, legs wobbling and brains scrambled, several times. Each time he has stood back, seemingly unable to believe how close to the title he was, and gifted Mr Blair time to recover his wits.

Well said, that man…. and it’s not just Brown who’s looking increasingly piss-weak, it’s every Labour MP, councillor and activist on the books.

Those of us who pay attention to such things will have noticed that political pundits and activists (primarily from the Conservatives) are busily branding anyone from Labour as ‘Nu Labour’ and/or a ‘Blairite’ – and they’re getting away with it on a regular basis, even with accusations that are well wide of the mark. As each day goes by, it gets easier and easier for them… and not just because mud sticks.

This charade has gone on for far too long, and before you start pointing fingers I will remind you that Blair has an excuse; he’s fucking mental.

I’m not sure at what level I’ll be participating in the 2007 local government elections (all I’m certain of is that it’s my public duty to warn the locals about two Tory activists* who have a track record of wasting taxpayers’ money in pursuit of personal and political vendettas), but I do know that the Tories hope to make significant gains on the back of distrust fostered by the debacle in Iraq while downplaying their ‘all for it’ role in that same debacle.

[*Psst! Locals and regulars may be entertained to learn that Dennis Paul (The Man Incapable Of Honest Debate) is planning his own vidcast feature in the mould of Webcameron (the ‘new’ media jaunt that was eventually forced to publicise itself with a misleading and decidedly old-fashioned personal attack masked with multiple layers of faux-outrage). He plans to call it… wait for it… ‘Den-Paul-Vision’. No, I’m not kidding.]

And yet Blair still plans to hang on for dear life all the way up to these elections (and probably one day past them) just so he can stagger past a meaningless milestone. It’s a bloody gift for Cameron and, as I’ve already mentioned, his activists are busy ho-ho-hoeing the ground right now.

Labour peeps, you have been warned… just as you were warned of the lies about WMD:

People don’t vote for leaders on the basis of their ability to play the victim, and if you’re counting on the voters having short memories, I should point out that the Conservatives are counting on this, too… and this time around, they may end up with the propaganda advantage (especially if Blair’s funding fiddle costs you your war chest).

[Psst! Another sidebar for regulars… those of you who remember who Adrian McMenamin may be interested in a quick peek at yet another lonely ‘legacy’ site.]

[Housekeeping: I’ve been promising some blazing guns, but some technical issues have to be addressed first… I don’t want to go off half-cocked like some people I could mention.]

Posted by Tim Ireland at January 7, 2007

Category: Tony 'King Blair

The Independent – Does Tony’s new best friend know something we don’t?: Socialite Martha Greene has fixed parties for Tony and speeches for Cherie. So what’s she up to registering ‘Blair Foundation’ on the web? On 4 November the website domain was registered – by one Martha Greene. It is the clearest sign yet that the Prime Minister plans to set up a body similar to that established by the former US President Bill Clinton.

Here’s what the papers missed, folks;

Martha Greene registered and a month earlier… on 30 September 2006

It wasn’t until 4 November that she registered then – a few days later – and (for some reason, the ‘Tony’ was dropped… I’m guessing for statesman-like branding purposes).

So, what was happening in late September? The Times practically trips over it right at the end of their article…

The Times – Blair starts work on building fortune: At the last Labour party conference, speaking briefly about the foundation, Clinton declared: “I found there was life after politics.” All eyes immediately swivelled across the platform to examine Blair’s expression for any sign of recognition or enthusiasm.

Gah! So close!

Clinton airs the idea publicly on Tuesday the 26th. By the end of the week, a plan is in motion. Enthusiasm? I’ll say!

(Psst! It’s called research, guys. Try it sometime.)

UPDATE – And the first cab off the rank is…! I think it’s time for another meeting about names, Martha.

Posted by Tim Ireland at October 12, 2006

Category: Tony 'King Blair

1. A cash bonus for troops and troops-arriving-safely-home-to-media-event bracketing Our Glorious Leader’s return to the Commons? Let’s just say that it raised an eyebrow.

2. More cack on the floor… Blair’s Blue Peter stunt happily happened to coincide with the launch of a new Downing Street website for young people. Just how long does he plan on staying?

3. Bastard. He’s only gone and nicked my email specifications. Again.

4. Independent – 655,000: The toll of war in Iraq: The human cost of the war in Iraq could be far higher than previously thought. A new survey says more than 650,000 Iraqis have lost their lives as a consequence of the invasion by the United States and Britain, with an estimated 200,000 violent deaths directly attributable to Allied forces. The new figure is much larger than all previous estimates – more than 20 times higher than President George Bush claimed 11 months ago – and will add considerable weight to the calls of those seeking a withdrawal of troops.

“I don’t consider it a credible report…” says George W. Bush, who would have a hell of a lot more credibility himself if he weren’t keeping his own figures under wraps.

5. Another case of someone being the wrong colour…?

Antagonist – Shhh! Police score anti-terror raid success: It looks like police have undertaken their first successful anti-terror raid of recent times and there’s not a Mosque or a Muslim in sight… The chemicals were found at the home of an apparently lapsed British National Party member, as opposed to the home of a Muslim, so no front page national newspaper headlines for the discovery of the largest haul of chemicals ever found in this country. It could be argued that the chemicals found might be used for a number of purposes other than manufacturing explosives but this wouldn’t explain the press and media silence about the rocket launcher or the NBC suit that were also found in the raids.

Indeed. Especially after Forest Gate when all the tabloids had left to run with was some cash under the floor-boards, and still they ran and ran and ran with that. More here.

6. September 11. It’s why we’re in Iraq. And why you should vote Republican. And you can trust me, because I’m a grieving father of a national hero. (Wheee! Look at ’em go!)

7. Blair Watch – MEPs criticise ‘unhelpful and evasive’ Geoff Hoon in rendition inquiry: Mr Fava also said that Hoon’s replies were as unhelpful as those the MEPs had received previously from the United States… The investigation is continuing however and it seems that certain people are getting worried at what might be uncovered. Claudio Fava and others involved in the inquiry have been getting death threats.

Nice. But let’s get back to that helpful Mr Hoon…

swissinfo – Germany denies secret prison allegations: Members criticised Britain’s minister for Europe, Geoff Hoon, for giving “evasive” answers to their questions about numerous landings in Britain by planes operated by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. “The government has not been very cooperative,” Italian MEP Claudio Fava said, adding Hoon’s replies were as unhelpful as those the MEPs had received previously from the United States. Britain says it has no evidence that the United States has transported terrorist suspects via British airports.

Evasive? Us? Never!

Also, we have every reason to trust the Americans and we certainly haven’t seen any evidence.

Finally, this…

8. While those who leaked the Al Jazeera memo are held on double-secret probation, David Blunkett has admitted that he urged Tony Blair to break international law and bomb al-Jazeera’s Baghdad TV transmitter during the Iraq war and swung in with a tasty justification for the act. Curious, no?

Posted by Tim Ireland at October 9, 2006

Category: Tony 'King Blair

Independent – Campbell unspun: Spin-doctor reveals battle with depression: Alastair Campbell, one of the chief architects of New Labour and Tony Blair’s trusted communications chief, has revealed for the first time the depths of his struggle with depression – and how he suffered bouts throughout his time working at Downing Street.

Y’know… I’d have a lot more sympathy for the guy if he weren’t responsible for repeated use of the off-the-record “he/she is mentally unbalanced” brief against anyone who falls out with Tony Blair. Yet in this further article he actually has the cheek to claim that he’s concerned about ‘the portrayal of mental illness, especially in the media’… there’s a nice reinforcement of his version of history here, too:

Independent – Exclusive: Campbell on the couch: The whole period of the Hutton inquiry and the tragic death of Dr David Kelly put him under intense strain, which he describes as the “worst period”. “I did feel if the inquiry had gone against us that it would have been grim, really bad. Part of me was thinking about that a lot. Again it was one of those episodes where things spiralled out of control. “Let’s be brutally frank: if it had gone against us… it wasn’t just me who was out of a job, it was Tony. It was a phenomenal pressure. The blood they smelled was mine. “I felt completely confident in relation to the facts. But during the whole period it was a nightmare. And also you are thinking, ‘There’s this guy for whom it’s been such a nightmare he’s killed himself’. The day he died was without doubt the worst day. It was about the sadness that someone felt driven to do this.”

Spare me.

Campbell was out to fuck Gilligan and he fucked him. A man died as a result. Perhaps Alastair Campbell’s path to recovery can begin with accepting some small amount of responsibility for that.

After all, Blair let slip last year that the name was deliberately disclosed (more).

Posted by Tim Ireland at October 3, 2006

Category: Tony 'King Blair

As you might expect, The Scum have gone completely OTT on this story.

Here’s my view.

PS – OMG… they weren’t kidding! Tony Blair appears on Blue Peter this afternoon. I hope they’ve beefed up security in their garden…

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