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Busy, busy, busy

I have one video on the loose and two more on the workbench. I have a pile of raw footage to look through today and a shedload of writing to do besides, but here’s a quick something for those who … Continue reading

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Five items

1. Like most people, I’m watching this nest of ants that David Davis has kicked over (latest). Murdoch’s scramble to and from the fight shows that he can’t afford to be seen diddling our democracy, and – candidate or no … Continue reading

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Five quick items

1. Nadine Dorries is telling porkies again. Oh, and did everyone watch the sun come up this morning? It came as a hell of a surprise, let me tell you. 2. Richard Bartholomew offers an excellent post on UK libel … Continue reading

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Busy day today

Must dash to London and organise bits and bobs for Operation Manticore. There will be a delay in the answering of comments and email. But if you need someone to chat to I’m sure the Tories will send you a … Continue reading

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Work, work, work, work, work! Sorry, folks. Here you go… enjoy Rhetorically Speaking ripping Nadine Dorries’ ’20 reasons’ to shreds while you wait. (5 quid says someone at CCHQ had Nads on a very tight leash until after recent elections.)

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10 great years in Britain

(checks watch) Yep, there it is…. 3:30 in the afternoon on the 2nd of May. I have now officially been in your beautiful United Kingdom for a decade. [SFX: 747 landing (ext.)] [Musical Montage: Tim arrives as a penniless waif, … Continue reading

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How dare you tell me what to do?!

1. National Service is going ahead, but I can’t sit around forever waiting for the money situation to get better, so, with Clive’s help, I’ve built a little cash machine to help things along. That’ll be with you shortly. 2. … Continue reading

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Lukewarm linkylove

Hello, Jherad… and welcome to my blogroll. :o) (Psst! Don’t feel too special. Ian and mou have also been added under ‘associates’ ‘small band of little acolytes’…)

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Grab bag

Busy day today. I’m going to pass you over to some other bloggers/items for a bit: 1. Septicisle – Scum-watch: Harassing the evil Islamic terrorist Abdul Muneem Patel: As Sun journalists obviously don’t have anything better to do, they’ve taken … Continue reading

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March Statporn

Server logs show approx. 71,000 ‘unique’ visitors to the site. Google Analytics says 25,016 Absolute Unique Visitors involving the main weblog alone. Server logs show approx. 400,000 page views site-wide, but only approx. 168,000 involved real people (the remainder being … Continue reading

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