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The Quiet Road – A World Without America:

1. Why is Stalin still alive six years after his death by natural causes? Do you know something about America’s role in his death that the rest of us don’t? Or are you just really bad at history (and googling)?

2. You suggest that the world would never have developed a polio vaccine outside America. But you also suggest that the world would be held to ransom by foreign dictators with nuclear weapons. Who developed the nukes if not America? And might they not also have been capable of developing a polio vaccine?

3. Why would Thatcher be meeting with the Austrian president if Austria was merely a Soviet republic?

4. Why would Saddam Hussein be in power in 1999 when it’s well-established that his regime was propped up by… wait for it… America, throughout the 1980s? Wouldn’t a world without America be – by default – a world without Saddam Hussein? Do I need to dig out that photo of Rumsfeld getting all chummy with Hussein to illustrate the point?

5. Finally; wouldn’t a world without America be a world without the world’s largest arms manufacturer and dealer? Wouldn’t that be a safer world? Or does 18 Doughty Street see no connection between guns and people being shot by guns?

Incidentally, I watched 18ToryStreet on Monday, and Iain Dale is still up to his usual tricks of throwing guests off with shoddy interventions and then swiftly ‘moving on’ when the conversation suddenly stops going his way. This makes him a very poor host in my opinion.

Also, his promise to ‘investigate’ comment registration* on his personal site appears to have gone right out the window along with his promise to be a more stringent moderator. It’s almost as if the man refuses to do anything constructive about the situation unless my foot is on his neck.

(*As I’ve pointed out to Iain directly via email, if you’re publishing under Blogger, introducing comment registration still allows for anonymous comments – all one has to do is register with a phoney Blogger account – but it at least strangles those who wish to abuse the current system by making multiple comments under different names.)

Iain has been warned about the type of behaviour he fosters by allowing unregulated comments and actually encouraging trolls and astro-turfers by hiding behind them when it suits his needs.

In fact, an extremely unpleasant troll appeared under his Chris Lightfoot entry the other day. The offending entries stayed in place, unmolested by moderation, for well over 12 hours… until I emailed Iain about it. Iain then deleted the entire exchange (independent castigations and all) instead of deleting only the most offensive entries and reminding his readers of some of the important ground rules he claims to have introduced.


Probably for the same reason he’s all-talk about comment registration… ego.

Just take a look at the sheer number of times Dale, Staines and their pseudo-gross** of acolytes use the number of comments on a blog as a sign of success.

(**As far as I can tell, there’s maybe a dozen of them… each using about a dozen different pseudonyms.)

[Psst! If you’ve ever been a victim of Praguetory’s bullying, you’ll want to read this, comments and all.]

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This is satire, yes?

Please tell me this is satire.

(It is genuinely hard to tell these days. Take this entry on Fox News for example… it could easily be dismissed as satire if it weren’t for certain recent developments. )

UPDATE – Oh. Dear. God.

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Just a quickie for you…

Bullingdon Club: Matching Pairs

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One rule to bind them

Morning, all.

I wasted most of my day yesterday trying to reach the relevant department down at Vauxhall about this, but they seem to be incapable of answering their phone.

So, email it is then…

From: Tim Ireland
To: new.scotland.yard@met.police.uk
Sent: Tuesday, March 06, 2007 9:32 AM
Subject: Possible SOCPA violation

Dear Sirs,

It has come to my attention that an ongoing demonstration is taking place within a designated area, and I suspect that:

1) it may be unauthorised
2) it may have escaped your attention

As you are no doubt aware, it is an offence under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 to organise a demonstration within the designated area if, when the demonstration starts, authorisation for the demonstration has not been given.

I suspect authorisation has not been given in this case, as there is no indication of the usual restrictions.

For instance, you often stipulate a tight timeframe and you have recently restricted long-time protestor Brian Haw to a 3m x 1m area.

The demonstration I speak of has run all day for many days and is even illuminated at night. Also, it is 135m high and 121m wide, which some might regard to be a bit excessive.

I have enclosed some picture links for your reference:

If permission has been sought and granted, please do let me know.

Also, if for some reason an exception has been made in this case, I would very much like to hear the reason(s) why.


Tim Ireland

[For those who came in late: Red Nose Day 2007: Some Legal Advice]

UPDATE (10:00AM) – Email received and forwarded to the Public Order Branch.


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To: Chris Lightfoot

Damn it, Chris!

1. We were supposed to spend more facetime together.

2. I was supposed to pay you back for the many times you offered your help, support, advice and expertise.

3. You were supposed to be acknowledged as a legend in this field long before your untimely death. (For this alone, you deserve a bloody statue.)

I’m going to miss you, and I’m always going to be grateful for what you gave to me individually, and this country as a whole.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to indulge myself with a few tears before channelling this sense of loss into something positive.

Cheers mate.


Chris Lightfoot 1978-2007 | mySociety | NO2ID | Devil’s Kitchen | Chicken Yoghurt | Backword | Blood & Treasure | Freesteel | The UK Today | Flourish | Tom Watson

UPDATE – For those seeking something to make them slightly less depressed, watch Chris on the loose here, here and here.

More for you:

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UPDATE – Heh. I forgot about this.

UPDATE (6 Mar) – More reactions:

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Something tasty to chew on…

You’ll like this… it’s chock-full of meaty chunks and rich in marrowbone jelly:

Guido Fawkes: The Early Years

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Rebekah Wade: Gak Attack!

Cocaine is bad, kids!

The Scum – See the hell you inflict, Kate: Cocaine fiends Kate Moss and Pete Doherty have been invited to Colombia by the country’s government to see the bloody mayhem caused by the drug. Vice President Francisco Santos exclusively told The Sun: “I wish they’d come to see what cocaine is doing to my country. They’d be ashamed.” The invitation comes as The Sun launches a major probe into the scourge of cocaine, here and in South America. Here on Day One, our Chief Feature Writer reports from the drugs front line in Colombia’s rainforest.

The Scum Says – Blood money: All over Britain, from posh dinner parties to dingy pubs, hundreds of thousands of people snorted cocaine at the weekend. For many it becomes an addiction that ruins their lives. Most will think they are immune so long as they stick to “recreational” use of the drug. But every one of the estimated 1.75million who have snorted coke – and who think it is all a harmless bit of fun – should read our chilling report. And they should think again. It is an horrific description of the devastation being wreaked on the people of Colombia, the country that supplies 80 per cent of our cocaine. It shows how the drugs money is financing a terror movement with links to al-Qaeda, creating gangs that murder without a thought and destroying the tropical rain forests, adding to the threat of global warming. As Britain’s top policeman Sir Ian Blair says, people “think the price of a wrap is fifty quid, but someone has died bringing it to the dinner table”. While otherwise law-abiding middle-class users are on a high, ruthless drugs barons cannot stoop low enough to protect the hundreds of millions of pounds flowing from Britain 5,000 miles across the Atlantic. It is nothing short of blood money, donated by people who foolishly regard themselves as respectable.

A major probe, huh? I look forward to Day Two. Perhaps it will contain a special ‘confession’ feature from a regular gakhead such as [obscured on legal advice] entitled “My Cocaine Hell”…


UPDATE (Fri 9 Mar) – Tch. What a let-down. The Scum bailed out after this single follow-up on Tuesday.

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Broadcast Him!

Via The People’s Republic Of Newport comes a link that I know you’re going to have a lot of fun with… GodTube.

Busy. Back soon.

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Enough is enough

I demand the immediate arrest of Earth’s moon.

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SOCPA and Red Nose Day

WARNING: Wearing a red nose in Westminster could get you arrested.

(Please share this important news with your friends.)

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